Weeks of 10/30 – 11/10/17

Important Dates: for the unit of Imperialism – Progressives

11/9 Vocab Quiz

11/10 Imperialism Notes Quiz

11/15 “Midterm” – replace LOWEST test score.  Explained in class

11/16 WWI-II Test (tba – depends on how we are doing on time etc.)


Monday:  Notes:  Gilded Age / Preview Test / Carnegie Article

Tuesday: Review / Presidents Video / Go over Preview Test / Go over Study Guide

Wednesday:  Q&A / Unit Test:  Industry – West / Imperialism – Progressive Vocab

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Imperialism / People Chart

Friday:  WU / Notes:  Imperialism / Visual Vocab / Review ?’s


SSUSH12 Evaluate how westward expansion impacted the Plains Indians and fulfilled
Manifest Destiny.
a. Examine the construction of the transcontinental railroad including the use of immigrant
b. Evaluate how the growth of the western population and innovations in farming and
ranching impacted Plains Indians.
c. Explain the Plains Indians’ resistance to western expansion of the United States and the
consequences of their resistance.

SSUSH13 Evaluate efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.
a. Describe the influence of muckrakers on affecting change by bringing attention to social
b. Examine and explain the roles of women in reform movements.
c. Connect the decision of Plessy v. Ferguson to the expansion of Jim Crow laws and the
formation of the NAACP.
d. Describe Progressive legislative actions including empowerment of the voter, labor laws,
and the conservation movement.

Monday: WU check / Notes:  Square Deal / Imperialism Chart

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Square Deal / Literacy Test Activity – writing assignment

Wednesday:  WU / Notes:  Progressive Presidents / Progressives Chart

Thursday:  Vocab Quiz WU / Notes:  Progressive Presidents / Colonization Review Day

Friday:  Notes Quiz / Presidents Video:  Progressives  /  Political Cartoon Activity – progressive issues

Unit Notes


Square Deal roosevelt notes-2g25jii

SSUSH14 Explain America’s evolving relationship with the world at the turn of the
twentieth century.
a. Describe how the Spanish-American War, war in the Philippines, and territorial expansion
led to the debate over American imperialism.
b. Examine U.S. involvement in Latin America, as reflected by the Roosevelt Corollary to the
Monroe Doctrine and the creation of the Panama Canal.


Important Dates: Sports Presentations Nov. 29&30

lab days:  Nov. 9, 16, 28 (limited lab time this month)


Monday:  Paranormal Presentations due / Haunted Atlanta Video

Tuesday: Presentation Day / Halloween food day

Wednesday: Presentation Day

Thursday:  Finish Presentations if needed / News update:  CNN-FOX

Friday:  WU / discussion / CNN10 Nov. 2&3 / Simpsons / Discussion


Next Topic is SPORTS.  We will be looking at a wide range of issues in the Sports topic.  Social Influences, Protests, Title 9, Pay for play, Drugs, Race issues etc.


Monday:  News Update day / FOX – CNN

Tuesday:  No School – election day

Wednesday:  WU / Discussion / Sports topic selection – starter activity – Free write

Thursday:  Lab Day – Sports Vocab / Sports topics

Friday:  WU / Discussion / CNN10 Nov. 9&10 / Simpsons

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