Week before Thanksgiving Break reminders!!!!

Midterm:  Wednesday – can replace your lowest test score assuming it’s better than your lowest score.

  • 58 EOC questions (taken from an old EOC that has been “released”)
  • you will receive your own copy for review / practice.
  • EOC is Dec. 6&7
  • EOC is 20% of your TOTAL grade – counts as your “final”
  • EOC study Guide is due start of class on Dec. 8 for xtra credit quiz grade.

EOC – HOYA BLOCK Review Power Point:  Hoya block eoc review-2nkhm5g

We will set a date for WWI-WWII Test some time after the break.










Sports Presentations:  Nov. 29&30

Lab days:  11/9, 11/16, 11/28

Reminders:  Make sure your Rubrics have elements of “showing your work”.  They must show me how you want to be graded (in detail) on the items you are turning in as well as the items you will be covering.

Monday:  News Update

Tuesday:  Concussion Movie – response questions provided

Wednesday:  finish movie – rubric check and hand back – discussion

Thursday:  LAB DAY – entire period is for you to work on your project with your partner.

Rubric:  Rubric Fromat Sheet – sports-2f2mbul

Friday:  CNN 10 / Concussion – Technology discussion or “When Sports in no longer about sports” / Simpsons

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