Week of Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, 2017

EOC is December 6&7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20% of your TOTAL GRADE

EOC study guide is due December 8th at the start of class.  Be sure to take advantage of this xtra credit quiz grade.  We have and will be going over certain selections during class throughout the week.


I get here at 7:40 each morning but plan on being here around 7:30 on Thursday to answer questions.  If you have a need ASK, make it known to me what you need and I’ll be glad to make arrangements to meet with you.

EOC advice:

Resources to use (per Mrs. Dickmann’s Blog)


Do your study guide – If it’s not on study guide, don’t waste your time with it.

Read your notes as if its a book.

usatestprep is a very good tool to use.  ALL of YOU have an account.  I will be posting practice tests for you soon.

Visit my EOC section on the left hand side.  I have posted a practice test with answer sheet to check yourself.  It’s not the exact test, but pretty good practice.

Don’t wait until December 5th to study!  Should have already started, test is close to 80 questions (about 40 a day).

Use the resources on the blog.  CHECK OUT THE EOC SECTION ON THE LEFT SIDE.

Notes for this week (pace)

Monday:  WWII – America during WWII

World War II-11xhtdt

america during wwii-29e5tn9


Tuesday:  Cold War

cold war-1o4d7jy

Wednesday:  Cold War Conflicts – Kennedy & Johnson

Cold War Conflicts-uglbwx

Kennedy and Johnson-1e5hmcf

Thursday:  Civil Rights –  Nixon & 1970’s

Civil Rights-1f6bid1


Friday:  Modern America – Present Day

Modern America-1tx1z5r


Present Day America-1t9jagt

Sports Topic Presentations:  11/29 & 30

Next topic is Charitable Organizations (“final” presentation) – December 19th – those who choose NOT to present will loose 15 points on their total.  This is a “normal” presentation grade.

Monday:  News Update

Tuesday:  lab day – for research only

Wednesday:  Presentations

Thursday:  Presentations

Friday:  CNN10 / Simpsons / Intro to Charitable Organizations Research projects

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