Week of December 11, 2017

Important Dates:

Wednesday 12/13:  Test/Quiz Make Up day

Thursday 12/14:  Any make up assignments are due / WWI-WWII Test (replace lowest score, can’t hurt you) – all NOTES

Dec. 19 & 20th:  “Final Exam Days” – Cold War through Modern America UNIT test.

Preview Test: Cold War-present day unit test f17-22nbz53


I will update you on EOC scores as soon as I get them!!!

Monday:  NO SCHOOL – Snow Day

Tuesday:  Miracle / Work make up

Wednesday:  Test / Quiz make up day / US History movie

Thursday:  WWI – WWII Test (see above note) / US History movie

Friday:  Grade update (plan is to have everything updated at that point) / US History movie


Important Dates:

Lab Days 12/13 & 12/18

Charity Presentations during “finals”- 19th (you can turn in on Dec. 18th which is our last lab day)


charity rubric-1svkffi

Monday:  No School – Snow Day

Tuesday:  News Update – Last one of the year

Wednesday:  Lab Day

Thursday:  Simpsons (from Friday of snow) / TBA

Friday:  CNN10 / Simpsons