Week of Jan. 1 – 5 United States History

Welcome Back for Spring 2018

Important information

Syllabus:  USH syllabus Spring 18-25v9wah

Pacing Guide:  United States History Important Dates S18-1bapl7g

Jan. 1 / Monday :  NO SCHOOL

Jan. 2 / Tuesday:  NO SCHOOL

Jan. 3 / Wednesday NO SCHOOL

Jan. 4/ Thursday

  • seating chart / attendance
  • Placement forms
  • Go over Syllabus & expectations
  • Notes:  start notes – see note packet given in class (all power points will be posted on the blog as well) – Exploration
  • “Pre test Activity”

Jan. 5 / Friday

  • Warm Up #1:  Who writes History?  Explain
  • Notes:  Colonization
  • Activity:
  • Review Questions:  5 questions, multiple choice, review of previous days notes etc.


Power Point Notes for this Unit of Colonization – Constitution







Forming a New Nation-vwv7z4

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