Week of Jan. 8th United States History

Jan. 9/Tuesday

  • WU2:  Jamestown
  • Notes:  Finish Colonization & start Colonial Life
  • scheduled to go get books
  • actv:  Colonization Vocab1

Jan. 10 / Wednesday

  • WU3: pg. 67 (map skills 2&3)
  • Notes:  Colonial Life
  • Actv:  Colonization People Chart – due today is the plan (tba)
  • Review ?’s if time allows

Jan. 11 / Thursday

Jan. 12 / Friday

  • F&I War Article – doing this today, adjustment from yesterday.  See above if you need article.
  • Colonies and Post F&I War Map Activity
  • America Story of Us:  Rebels II & start Revolution

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