Week of Nov. 26th – United States History

Important Dates

Thursday is Modern America Unit Test

EOC is December 5th and 6th (visit the EOC section on my blog) – The dates and testing locations are old but the INFORMATION is the SAME!!! (notes etc. – there is a video power point if you would like to hear notes)

in the EOC section there is “practice” tests as well as an answer key.  Outlines / power points of review is also located there.  You have an usatestprep account, USE IT!!!


Outside of Class Review opportunities:

Mr. Lisco’s room (308)

Morning’s 7:15-8:15 and after school 3:35-4:35

11/27:  Domain 1

11/28:  Domain 2

11/29:  Domain 3

11/30:  Domain 4

12/3:  Domain 5

12/4:  Overview of Domains 1-5


  1. WU8
  2. Discuss
  3. Colonization – Constitution Review Notes
    1. Colonization – Constitution reteach-1pc1k60


  1. preview test
    1. answer key (note that the numbers were messed up on the original, this is “AS IS”) – click on image to enlarge
    3. preview test:  modern america preview test-2fqpron
  2. modern america cartoons


  1. review study guide
  2. Q&A for Modern America


  1. Modern America Test
  2. EOC vocab 1
    1. both sets of vocab:  eoc voc-22l8025


  1. EOC review
  2. EOC vocab 2

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