Week of December 10th – 14th: United States History

Important Dates:

U.S. History Cumulative TestDecember 20th and 21st (1st and 2nd pds. are the 20th and 3rd pd. is the 21st)

You have already taken your “Final” it was the EOC (20%).  You will be taking a unit test that is cumulative on “exam day”.  The test is 74 questions.

U.S. History Cumulative Test info

  • there is / will be a quizlet on Mrs. Dickmann’s blog (look under support services)
  • study items sheet (given out on December 7th
  • I’m available for answering questions just about any time.


Our plan for the time remaining is to watch U.S. History oriented movies.  There will be an activity (for a grade) that will be included.

Test preparation is up to you.  Of course I will answer questions etc.

Will post EOC scores as soon as I get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!