End of Semester US History

Important Dates:

May 21st: 1st & 2nd pd. Exams

May 22nd:  3rd & 4th pd. Exams

We will be watching US History related films to fill in for the week and half that we have left together.  There ARE and WILL BE assignments that correspond with each film.  We have been grinding all semester.  All information is in and all your study guides are complete!


During Exams:  We will be taking a UNIT test that is cumulative.  Test is roughly 75 questions and counts as a UNIT test.  the 20% EOC is your true final exam.  Below is a handout that has been given in class that is for preparation of the last unit test.

Items to review that are on the last test:

United States History Cumulative Test study items-2ibf7yz