Week of Sept 16-20, 2019: United States History

Important Dates

due to an unforeseen issue, I will be out Monday and Tuesday.  We are planning on taking our Test on TUESDAY 10/1.  See the weeks info in order to prepare for your test.

9/16 Monday

  1. Finish any work you or or were out for on Friday

9/17 Tuesday

  1. Be sure to look at the notes here on the blog.  Need you to fill in your outlines ahead of time so we can move a little quicker when I see you again on Wednesday
    1. Civil War19
  2. Battle Chart – work on today, keep and I will do a walk by check tomorrow.  Want you to use it to study from
  3. See my “what to study” notes on the board as a guide
  4. Preview Test – answer on your own paper, use letter answers only New Republic f18
    1. answer key: 

9/18 Wednesday

  1. Notes 1:  Civil War
  2. Political Cartoon:  Election of 1864
  3. Actv:
  4. Notes 2:  Finish Civil War if needed / maybe start Reconstruction

9/19 Thursday

  1. Notes:  Reconstruction – will test to wherever we get too
  2. go over study guide
  3. go over Preview Test


  1. 15 min. Q&A time
  2. Unit Test:  New Republic – Reconstruction
  3. Vocab 1:  Industry / West / Immigration

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