Week of Sept. 16-20: HONORS United States History

Important Dates

*** We WILL do our presentations on FRIDAY!!!!***

your time has been extended due to me being out.  NO EXCUSES on why you don’t have it etc.  Take care of it


9/16 Monday

  1. work on any missing work you have, including what you were out for Friday

9/17 Tuesday

  1. Notes, be sure to go to notes on the blog (here) and write out and fill in notes.  I plan on finishing the war by Thursday.  I need you to have your notes filled out before you come to class so that we can move quicker and ask questions etc.
    1. need you to have at least up through Gettysburg done
  2. Battle Chart – hang on too, will do a walk by check on Wednesday

9/18 Wednesday

  1. Notes 1:  Civil War
    1. Civil War19
  2. political cartoon – Election of 1864
  3. Notes 2:  Civil War / maybe start Reconstruction
  4. Check the battle chart
  5. Gettysburg Essay
    1. GETTYSBURG – use this link to go back and watch videos if you choose

9/19 Thursday

  1. Notes:  Reconstruction
    1. reconstruction-qu5wu4
    2. The End of Reconstruction-1imnely
  2. Presentations

9/20 Friday

  1. Gettysburg Essay in class

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