Digital US History: Post Spring Break Plan

Just trying to get ahead of things a little.  More detail will be added as needed.  I will be emailing parents about the plan as well.  Below is the pacing guide, notes, and political cartoons for the Modern Era Unit.  It does not look like we are doing an EOC, but, Once I am 100% sure, I will let you know and make changes as needed.

Pacing guide

Notes for Modern Era

Modern Era Outline and study guide

  • in progress, will post when finished with it

Assignments for Modern Era

Political Cartoons – Modern Era

usatestprep , look for messages on your usatestprep account


Distance Learning: week of March 23

It’s understood that you may be doing US History last because there are other deadlines in other classes.  Just be SURE that you get your USH work done too!  Don’t confuse relaxed deadlines with “I don’t have to do this”.

Emerging as a World Power (EWP) People charts and New Deal Chart has been added!

  • I have NOT added any new assignments
  • If I add anything for the week I will do it below these notations.  I don’t plan on adding assignments, just maybe some resources and updates.
  • Be sure to use and complete usatestprep assignments.
  • PLEASE, email myself, Mrs. Dickmann, and or Mr. Taylor if you need ANYTHING!!!

Please guys! practice social distancing.  No U S History work parties!!!!!  Seriously, be smart please


here are some of the work that we did before we let out.  In case you need to make it up.

  • IWI vocab 1,2, and visual vocab
  • IWI people chart (prt 1 is 1-20, prt 2 is 21-40)
  • Frontier Essay
    • Men Who Built America ESSAY
    • People on/from video and research if needed
      • Tecumseh / William Henry Harrison / Andrew Jackson / Davey Crockett / James K. Polk / David Freemont / Kit Carson
    • Essay options for writing the essay if you do not have your paper
      • type it out (double space, 12 font, 1 page
      • if on paper, normal space (single) 1 1/2 pages
      • you can scan or type, send to me via email

U.S. History Movie ideas / suggestions

Below is a link to a pdf that I have put together of some movie and or TV series shows that may interest you.  NONE of these are assignments, but if you are interested and watching something that may help you with US History, here are some that I would recommend while we are practicing some SOCIAL DISTANCING.

IWI movie suggestions

US history movies cont

  • also, “Hell on Wheels”  AMC series about the Transcontinental Rail Road

School Closing Instruction: United States History

**** An email was sent out from Coach Storey explaining the process of how we are going to handle work, tests, quizzes etc.  I am going ahead and posting the pacing for notes and activities.  This is a work at your own pace, but keep in mind this is what we would be doing if we were in class.  More will be added as I complete digital copies etc.  Below the pacing will also be a list of items for you to download and work on.  Items will be due upon return and could change based upon when we can return.****


  • Copy and paste the link.  Follow the direction / links, past the link in your browser.  You may need your office 365 info.
  • Section Reviews
    • Chapter 14 Assessment (# 1-6) pg. 405 – online text does NOT list page numbers
    • Chapter 15 Assessment (#1-8) pg. 435


click on the image to see a bigger/clearer image

please note:  there are 2 parts to people chart, also I left off the 1920’s from pacing guide.  Be sure to look at the Roaring ’20’s notes

usatestprep info:

Be sure to check your messages etc. on usatestprep.  In class you took a picture of you login etc.  Be sure you have joined “my class” to be sure you get credit and assignments.

if you need to create a new login and creation information is:


newton 91

  • there is no set date for due date.  Both assignments will be due upon return to school
  • you can try as many times as possible to get credit.  Just be sure you finish and again, a member of “my class”

for usatestprep help:  text @67f2ca to 81010


IWI Unit

Emerging as a World Power Unit

Homework / Activities


Political Cartoons

Next Unit:  Emerging as a World Power (EWP)

Week of March 9 – 13, United States History

Important Dates:

Thursday 3/12 Touchstone 2:  New Republic – Reconstruction

Vocab Quiz, IWI 3/19

Test:  IWI 3/26

Monday 3/9

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Expansion of Industry
    1. Expansion of Industry-2guh2r1
  4. People Chart (1-20)
    1. people chart iwi 18

Tuesday 3/10

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Gilded Age
    1. The-Gilded-Age-19
  4. People Chart (21-40) due today

Wednesday 3/11 – Early Release Day –

  1. WU check – turn into red crate
  2. Section review
    1. pg. 347 (1-12)

Thursday 3/12

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Innovation in Farming and Effect on Native Americans
    1. Innovations-in-Farming-19
  4. Touchstone 2

Friday 3/13

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Rail Road Indsutry
    1. Rail-Road-Industry-19
  4. Visual Vocab
    1. IWI Visual Vocab

Week of March 2, 2020: United States History

Important Dates

THURSDAY March 5th:  New Republic – Reconstruction Unit Test

feel free to use Mrs. Dickmann’s blog for review as well

Monday 3/2

  1. Notes:  Civil War (need to go a little longer)
    1. Civil War19
  2. Preview Test:  NR-Recon (answer key at the end of the test below)
    1. New-Republic PREVIEW test 20

Tuesday 3/3

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Reconstruction
    1. reconstruction-qu5wu4
  4. Review
    1. people chart
    2. maps “to knows”
    3. preview test answers
    4. Battle chart

Wednesday 3/4

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:  Reconstruction
    1. The End of Reconstruction-1imnely
  4. Review
    1. Study Guide (SG’s will be checked BEFORE class starts)

Thursday 3/5

  1. 15 min Q&A
  2. Unit Test:  New Republic – Reconstruction
  3. Vocab:  Industry, West, Immigration
    1. iwi vocab f18

Friday 3/6

  1. WU
  2. discuss
  3. Notes:
  4. Vocab 2:  IWI