Please guys! practice social distancing.  No U S History work parties!!!!!  Seriously, be smart please


here are some of the work that we did before we let out.  In case you need to make it up.

  • IWI vocab 1,2, and visual vocab
  • IWI people chart (prt 1 is 1-20, prt 2 is 21-40)
  • Frontier Essay
    • Men Who Built America ESSAY
    • People on/from video and research if needed
      • Tecumseh / William Henry Harrison / Andrew Jackson / Davey Crockett / James K. Polk / David Freemont / Kit Carson
    • Essay options for writing the essay if you do not have your paper
      • type it out (double space, 12 font, 1 page
      • if on paper, normal space (single) 1 1/2 pages
      • you can scan or type, send to me via email

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