Post Spring Break items USH

Due Dates:  1st usatestprep is due April 14 / 2nd usatestprep is due May 1 – check your usatestprep account

work you are turning in, get to me ASAP – so I can get it in for you

here is what I emailed out on Monday April 13________________________

Alright guys, hope everyone is doing ok and feeling good!

Here is what I can tell you as of now.

* If you like your grade as it shows right now you can keep it. – some already have, but if you are staying where you are, I would like to know so I can cut down my communication list and communicate with those I need to instead of everyone.

* ANY – missing work, you can still turn in

* future assignments you are turning in:  Seeing that not everyone will continue turning in assignments.  Take a picture, scan, whichever and email ME the assignment.  Once I see them and go through it, I will update the grades.

* I will be grading items and updating still between 10:00-12:00 each day except Friday.  Friday is supposed to be a teacher communication / work day for us

* I will be adding all the assignments coming (which I’ve already posted on the blog) into the grade book, they will be blank for you until they are submitted and graded. (if this applies to you of course)

* We WILL be having a FINAL.  Don’t know yet how we will be scoring it.  I have to get with Coach Meese (other on level US History teacher), so we can be on the same page.  He teaches Government as well and they are trying to figure out their mess right now.

Hope this helps, let me know what I can do for you and if you don’t mind, send me a message of what your intentions are


please go BACK through older posts to see notes / assignments etc.  Nothing has changed.

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