Starting Distance Learning: Basic Info to start the semester


we will have a ZOOM backup plan for TUESDAY 8/18

Just to get us started, here are a few items that will be discussed the 1st day as well as you to be able to refer to as the semester progresses.

Syllabussyllabus ush 19-20(word document) – please keep in mind that Syllabus can change as far as our EOC is concerned.  As of right now we have one but…

syllabus ush 19-20(pdf)

Pacing GuideIMPORTANT DATES F20 (word document)


Remind:  Be sure to download the remind app if you already haven’t.  I will be sending out a remind email soon so you can join the class via email.  I don’t want to put it on the blog due to anyone can see it and join.

CTLS LEARN login info


text this code to 81010


Harrison-Virtual-Learning-Plan 8.14.2020  (click on this for CTLS learning plan

Week 1  August 17 – 21, 2020

8/17 Monday (no actual “notes” instruction today, all general info in case someone gets lost)

  1. Intros
  2. Go over syllabus
    1. syllabus ush 19-20
  3. Go over pacing guide
  4. Go over expectations etc.
  5. Lay out digital learning rules and expectations
  6. Where to’s and how to’s  (BLOG!!!!)

8/18 Tuesday

  1. WU 1:  Settling  13Colonies
    1. WU1 – settling 13 colonies
  2. Notes:  Development of American Colonies
    1. Exploration & Colonization20
    2. video link:  (copy and paste/youtube) – narrated notes
    3. Note outlines for the entire UNIT.  Pdf and Word form.  Not required but is a tool for you if you like to use it.  Can print (it’s a lot) or type in as a word document
      1. Exploration and Colonization outline 20 (word)
      2. Exploration and Colonization outline 20 (pdf)
  3. Actv: Colonization – Revolution Vocab.  (Due by Friday 3:00)
    1. Colonization – Revol Const Vocab 20 (word)
    2. Colonization – Revol Const Vocab 20(pdf)

8/19 Wednesday

  • Help Day – NO INSTRUCTION – Department Meeting
  • EVERY Wednesday is a day for you to ask questions, get help etc.  Essentially a work day for you.
  • Office hours posted on the syllabus
  • please email me if there is a need and I will connect with you.

** Work on your vocabulary, it’s due by 3:00 Friday

8/20 Thursday

  1. WU2:   Crops
    1. WU2 – crops
  2. Notes:  Types of Charters
  3. Actv:

8/21 Friday

  1. WU3:  Regional  Symbolism
    1. WU3 – regional symbolism
  2. Notes:  Southern Colonies
  3. Actv:
  4. Colonization – Revolution Vocab is due today by 3:00

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