Week of 8/24 – 28/2020: United States History

Important Dates:

Essay 1 due 9/1

Vocab Quiz:  9/4

Unit test:  9/11


8/24 Monday


  1. WU4:  Jamestown
    1. WU4 – Jamestown
  2. Notes:  Mid Atlantic Colonies
    1. https://youtu.be/4Ym7iOwgVcQ      (COPY AND PASTE IN BROWSER)  – we stopped today at the slide talking about the French
  3. Assigned Essay 1 – Due  9/1  by3:00
    1. Read the directions on the sheet!
    2. Essay 1 African Americans in the Am Rev
  4. Assigned People Chart
    1. fill in the chart like you are doing vocab but its people.  Ask yourself what is so important about this person?  What role or impact do they play in our unit. etc.  Due 9/27 by 3:00
    2. col-const people chart 20

8/25 Tuesday  (2nd pd is on seperate backup zoom meeting, check remind and parent emails.  3rd pd I will send out remind note once we get to 3rd pd etc.)

  1. WU5:  Ship-It  is  #5,not   6.  Was  named  incorrectly
    1. 2nd and 3rd, we will do 2 warm ups today
    2. WU6-Ship
  2. Notes:  Colonial Society
  3. Actv:  Colonial Map – NO MAP TODAY due to catching up 2nd and 3rd pds from zoom outage yesterday
  4. Work on people chart and essay

8/26 Wednesday

  • NO LIVE classes
  • work day / Q&A if needed

8/27 Thursday

  1. WU6:  Ambush
    1. https://youtu.be/WeGdHTRz-bg    (video link to Last of Mahicans scene)
    2. WU6 – ambush
  2. Notes:  Colonial Society  /  French and Indian War
    1. voiced over notes/video link    https://youtu.be/dAtZ11_EVaI
    2. French and Indian war20
  3. People Chart Due by 3:00
  4. Actv:  Visual Vocab – due tomorrow by 3:00
    1. use your vocab list (20 words, there are 24 spots, so you will have 4 blank)
    2. you may draw in the images or copy and paste.  Be sure to reduce the size of the image so it fits in the box and doesn’t mess up the whole chart size etc.)
    3. visual vocabulary-24nooue

8/28 Friday

  1. WU7:  Stamp Act
    1. wu7 – stamp act
  2. Notes:  French and Indian War / taxation and causes of American Revolution
    1. French and Indian war20
  3. Join or Die Snake Cartoon  (WE  WILL  DO   THE   SNAKE  CARTOON  MONDAY  AS  WARM  UP)
    1. Snake – Aug 27 2020 – 11-47 AM
  4. Visual Vocab due by 3:00 – use rest of class time if needed to work on visual vocab.

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