Week of Jan. 1 – 5 United States History

Welcome Back for Spring 2018

Important information

Syllabus:  USH syllabus Spring 18-25v9wah

Pacing Guide:  United States History Important Dates S18-1bapl7g

Jan. 1 / Monday :  NO SCHOOL

Jan. 2 / Tuesday:  NO SCHOOL

Jan. 3 / Wednesday NO SCHOOL

Jan. 4/ Thursday

  • seating chart / attendance
  • Placement forms
  • Go over Syllabus & expectations
  • Notes:  start notes – see note packet given in class (all power points will be posted on the blog as well) – Exploration
  • “Pre test Activity”

Jan. 5 / Friday

  • Warm Up #1:  Who writes History?  Explain
  • Notes:  Colonization
  • Activity:
  • Review Questions:  5 questions, multiple choice, review of previous days notes etc.


Power Point Notes for this Unit of Colonization – Constitution







Forming a New Nation-vwv7z4

Week of December 11, 2017

Important Dates:

Wednesday 12/13:  Test/Quiz Make Up day

Thursday 12/14:  Any make up assignments are due / WWI-WWII Test (replace lowest score, can’t hurt you) – all NOTES

Dec. 19 & 20th:  “Final Exam Days” – Cold War through Modern America UNIT test.

Preview Test: Cold War-present day unit test f17-22nbz53


I will update you on EOC scores as soon as I get them!!!

Monday:  NO SCHOOL – Snow Day

Tuesday:  Miracle / Work make up

Wednesday:  Test / Quiz make up day / US History movie

Thursday:  WWI – WWII Test (see above note) / US History movie

Friday:  Grade update (plan is to have everything updated at that point) / US History movie


Important Dates:

Lab Days 12/13 & 12/18

Charity Presentations during “finals”- 19th (you can turn in on Dec. 18th which is our last lab day)


charity rubric-1svkffi

Monday:  No School – Snow Day

Tuesday:  News Update – Last one of the year

Wednesday:  Lab Day

Thursday:  Simpsons (from Friday of snow) / TBA

Friday:  CNN10 / Simpsons

Week of Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, 2017

EOC is December 6&7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20% of your TOTAL GRADE

EOC study guide is due December 8th at the start of class.  Be sure to take advantage of this xtra credit quiz grade.  We have and will be going over certain selections during class throughout the week.


I get here at 7:40 each morning but plan on being here around 7:30 on Thursday to answer questions.  If you have a need ASK, make it known to me what you need and I’ll be glad to make arrangements to meet with you.

EOC advice:

Resources to use (per Mrs. Dickmann’s Blog)


Do your study guide – If it’s not on study guide, don’t waste your time with it.

Read your notes as if its a book.

usatestprep is a very good tool to use.  ALL of YOU have an account.  I will be posting practice tests for you soon.

Visit my EOC section on the left hand side.  I have posted a practice test with answer sheet to check yourself.  It’s not the exact test, but pretty good practice.

Don’t wait until December 5th to study!  Should have already started, test is close to 80 questions (about 40 a day).

Use the resources on the blog.  CHECK OUT THE EOC SECTION ON THE LEFT SIDE.

Notes for this week (pace)

Monday:  WWII – America during WWII

World War II-11xhtdt

america during wwii-29e5tn9


Tuesday:  Cold War

cold war-1o4d7jy

Wednesday:  Cold War Conflicts – Kennedy & Johnson

Cold War Conflicts-uglbwx

Kennedy and Johnson-1e5hmcf

Thursday:  Civil Rights –  Nixon & 1970’s

Civil Rights-1f6bid1


Friday:  Modern America – Present Day

Modern America-1tx1z5r


Present Day America-1t9jagt

Sports Topic Presentations:  11/29 & 30

Next topic is Charitable Organizations (“final” presentation) – December 19th – those who choose NOT to present will loose 15 points on their total.  This is a “normal” presentation grade.

Monday:  News Update

Tuesday:  lab day – for research only

Wednesday:  Presentations

Thursday:  Presentations

Friday:  CNN10 / Simpsons / Intro to Charitable Organizations Research projects

Week before Thanksgiving Break reminders!!!!

Midterm:  Wednesday – can replace your lowest test score assuming it’s better than your lowest score.

  • 58 EOC questions (taken from an old EOC that has been “released”)
  • you will receive your own copy for review / practice.
  • EOC is Dec. 6&7
  • EOC is 20% of your TOTAL grade – counts as your “final”
  • EOC study Guide is due start of class on Dec. 8 for xtra credit quiz grade.

EOC – HOYA BLOCK Review Power Point:  Hoya block eoc review-2nkhm5g

We will set a date for WWI-WWII Test some time after the break.










Sports Presentations:  Nov. 29&30

Lab days:  11/9, 11/16, 11/28

Reminders:  Make sure your Rubrics have elements of “showing your work”.  They must show me how you want to be graded (in detail) on the items you are turning in as well as the items you will be covering.

Monday:  News Update

Tuesday:  Concussion Movie – response questions provided

Wednesday:  finish movie – rubric check and hand back – discussion

Thursday:  LAB DAY – entire period is for you to work on your project with your partner.

Rubric:  Rubric Fromat Sheet – sports-2f2mbul

Friday:  CNN 10 / Concussion – Technology discussion or “When Sports in no longer about sports” / Simpsons

Weeks of 10/30 – 11/10/17

Important Dates: for the unit of Imperialism – Progressives

11/9 Vocab Quiz

11/10 Imperialism Notes Quiz

11/15 “Midterm” – replace LOWEST test score.  Explained in class

11/16 WWI-II Test (tba – depends on how we are doing on time etc.)


Monday:  Notes:  Gilded Age / Preview Test / Carnegie Article

Tuesday: Review / Presidents Video / Go over Preview Test / Go over Study Guide

Wednesday:  Q&A / Unit Test:  Industry – West / Imperialism – Progressive Vocab

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Imperialism / People Chart

Friday:  WU / Notes:  Imperialism / Visual Vocab / Review ?’s


SSUSH12 Evaluate how westward expansion impacted the Plains Indians and fulfilled
Manifest Destiny.
a. Examine the construction of the transcontinental railroad including the use of immigrant
b. Evaluate how the growth of the western population and innovations in farming and
ranching impacted Plains Indians.
c. Explain the Plains Indians’ resistance to western expansion of the United States and the
consequences of their resistance.

SSUSH13 Evaluate efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.
a. Describe the influence of muckrakers on affecting change by bringing attention to social
b. Examine and explain the roles of women in reform movements.
c. Connect the decision of Plessy v. Ferguson to the expansion of Jim Crow laws and the
formation of the NAACP.
d. Describe Progressive legislative actions including empowerment of the voter, labor laws,
and the conservation movement.

Monday: WU check / Notes:  Square Deal / Imperialism Chart

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Square Deal / Literacy Test Activity – writing assignment

Wednesday:  WU / Notes:  Progressive Presidents / Progressives Chart

Thursday:  Vocab Quiz WU / Notes:  Progressive Presidents / Colonization Review Day

Friday:  Notes Quiz / Presidents Video:  Progressives  /  Political Cartoon Activity – progressive issues

Unit Notes


Square Deal roosevelt notes-2g25jii

SSUSH14 Explain America’s evolving relationship with the world at the turn of the
twentieth century.
a. Describe how the Spanish-American War, war in the Philippines, and territorial expansion
led to the debate over American imperialism.
b. Examine U.S. involvement in Latin America, as reflected by the Roosevelt Corollary to the
Monroe Doctrine and the creation of the Panama Canal.


Important Dates: Sports Presentations Nov. 29&30

lab days:  Nov. 9, 16, 28 (limited lab time this month)


Monday:  Paranormal Presentations due / Haunted Atlanta Video

Tuesday: Presentation Day / Halloween food day

Wednesday: Presentation Day

Thursday:  Finish Presentations if needed / News update:  CNN-FOX

Friday:  WU / discussion / CNN10 Nov. 2&3 / Simpsons / Discussion


Next Topic is SPORTS.  We will be looking at a wide range of issues in the Sports topic.  Social Influences, Protests, Title 9, Pay for play, Drugs, Race issues etc.


Monday:  News Update day / FOX – CNN

Tuesday:  No School – election day

Wednesday:  WU / Discussion / Sports topic selection – starter activity – Free write

Thursday:  Lab Day – Sports Vocab / Sports topics

Friday:  WU / Discussion / CNN10 Nov. 9&10 / Simpsons

Week of 10/23/17

important dates:

Vocab Quiz is Thursday of this week

Unit test is Tuesday of next week

Notes for this unit:

Expansion of Industry-2gcv11c

Innovations in Farming 17-1ewx8dd

Politics, Immigration, Women’s Reform-1br97dr

Rail Road Industry 17-1k0w9im

The Gilded Age-x4tzkz

The West 17-1ywhmgs

Labor Movement F17-1dpz4ua

Monday: Notes:  Immigration / finish Men Who Built America

Tuesday: WU / Notes:  Reform Presidents / Visual Vocab / Political Cartoon / Review ?’s

Wednesday: WU / Notes:  Women’s Reform /

Thursday: 10 min review / Vocab Quiz / Notes:  West

Friday: WU / Notes:  Gilded Age /


Presentations are Monday and Tuesday of next week!

don’t forget your food items for our Halloween presentations

Monday:  News Update Fox / CNN

Tuesday:  Paranormal Free Write due  / Open lab day

Wednesday:  WU / discussion /

Thursday:  WU / discussion / Group discussion and reporting on current topics – “pair and share”

Friday:  CNN10 / Simpsons

Week of October 16, 2017

Important Dates

West, Industry, Progressives Vocab Quiz:  10/26

West, Industry, Progressives Unit Test:  10/31

Monday:  WU / Notes: Populists (Farmers and the RR) / Vocab = Progressives / Review Questions

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Labor Unions & Industry / DBQ (in class structure) / Review Questions

Wednesday:  WU / Notes: Rail Roads (impact on Native Americans)  & Technology / People Chart= Industry & West / Part 2 of the DBQ activity

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Captains of Industry / The Men Who Built America series / People Chart= Progressives

Friday:  WU / Notes: Progressives / The Men Who Built America / finish up and People Chart items

  • Power Points will be posted asap.  I am in the process of altering the notes to fit the NEW Georgia Standards.  There is some shuffling, replacing, adding, and dropping going on.  Please be patient


SSUSH11 Examine connections between the rise of big business, the growth of labor unions, and technological innovations.

SSUSH12 Evaluate how westward expansion impacted the Plains Indians and fulfilled Manifest Destiny.

SSUSH13 Evaluate efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.

Important Dates:

Paranormal Vocab Quiz 10/20

Paranormal Presentations 10/30-31

Food Day 10/31 (see the sign up sheet)

Monday: News Updates – Fox and CNN

Tuesday: WU / Discussion / Political Cartoons activity

Wednesday: WU / Discussion / History of Halloween

Thursday: WU / Discussion / Lab Day (was able to grab another day)

Friday: CNN10 (Oct. 19 & 20 / Simpsons

Week of October 9th

TEST UPDATE:  We will NOT test on Thursday due to early release, we WILL test on FRIDAY instead

Mon:  WU / Notes:  Civil War / Battle Chart / Preview Test

Tues:  WU / Go over battle chart / Notes:  Reconstruction / America Story of Us

Wed:  PSAT Day / only 3rd will meet / xtra credit opportunity

Thurs:  Notes:  Reconstruction / Review / Industry, Imperialism Vocab

Fri:  15 min. Q&A / Civil War-Reconstruction Test


Mon:  News Update

Tues:  WU / Simpsons / Free Write / actv. tba

Wed:  will not meet

Thurs:  Lab Day – Paranormal and Paranormal research time

Fri:  CNN 10 / Simpsons

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