Week of 2/1/16


Test on NEW NATION is THURSDAY of this week, new unit begins on Friday.

this units notes are still on last week’s post

Monday:  Preview Test day

Tuesday:  finish notes and review

Wednesday:  Review Day, study guide, preview test, people chart

Thursday:  Test / vocab Day

Friday:  start the Jackson – Manifest Destiny Unit



Conspiracy Theories

Monday:  News Update Day

Tuesday:  discussion and topic work

Wednesday:  lab day

Thursday:  discussion and topic work

Friday:  CNN student, Simpsons, Vocab Quiz

Week of 1/25/16


Next Test is Feb. 4 on New Nation.

Next Voc. Quiz is Jan. 28 on New Nation

We have started a new unit.  this unit is NEW NATION

1/25:  People Chart, Forming a New Nation

1/26:  Government Model packet, Washington’s new govt.

1/27:  visual vocab, New Nation Foreign Policy

1/28:  Vocab Quiz, turn in Govt. packet,  Jefferson

1/29:  Kahoot, Map skills, Jefferson , War of 1812


Note power points for this unit:

Forming a New Nation

Washington’s New Government

New Nation

Jeffersonian Democracy

War of 1812



we have just started a new topic:  CONSPIRACY THEORIES

  • we will be looking at more recent topics that can be considered Current Issues.

1/25:  News Updates

1/26:  Conspiracy notes & vocab

1/27:  Presidential candidates lab, group organization, Conspiracy II notes

1/28:  Gun control set up for discussion, group actv. for Conspiracy

1/29:  Simpsons, CNN student


dates tba asap!

United States History / Current Issues week of 1/11/16


We have had to make a few adjustments on our plan.  We will test on Wednesday after we return to school next week.  We will in fact have a vocab quiz on colonization – revolution on Thursday of this week.

below are the power point notes:



Colonial Life in America

French and Indian War

American Revolution

American Revolution in the south


We are currently in the beginning stages of the topic of Genocide.  We will be also build up information to have a discussion on Gun Control.  See calendar for dates.

Presentation topics:  Conspiracy Theories, Sports, Genocide, The Paranormal, TBA

Debate topics:  Foreign Policy, Abortion, Gun Control, Feminism/Women’s issues


week of 11/16-20/15 & week of 11/30 – 12/4/15


Notes to wrap up the semester, each student has been provided with a fill in the blank outline.

Monday:  Cold War – Cold War conflict

Tuesday:  Kennedy – Johnson – Civil Rights

Wednesday:  Nixon – 1970’s

Thursday:  Modern America – Present Day America

Friday:  full on Review

EOC review Dates:  Location is room 9122, time:  is 7:30 a.m. – Only time I’m available to do them

Dec. 1 – standards 1-5

Dec. 2 – standards 6-10

Dec. 3 – standards 11-15

Dec. 4 – standards 16-20

Dec. 7 – standards 21-25


EOC is December 7-8, 80 questions total, 1-40 on 12/7, 41-80 12/8

Study guides were given out on November 5th.  You can find on the blog as well


video of review notes:


Charity presentations 12/2

information and rubric concerning the Final Presentation will come after we complete the Charity topic.


Vocab Quiz:  11/19

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving food day 11/18 – everyone has been assigned items to bring

week of 11/9 – 13/15


This week we began to review and prepare for the EOC on Dec. 7&8.  Reminder, the EOC is 20% of your TOTAL grade.  This class is also required for GRADUATION, so you will want to do well and prepare.  Here is the link to usatestprep.  Please use this as a tool to help you prepare!!!!



Upcoming:  Essay due 11/11,  Vocab Quiz 11/13, Unit Test (WWI-WWII) 11/19

here are the notes for this unit:

The Great War

The 1920’s

The Great Depression

The New Deal

Causes of WWII

World War II



Starting a new project topic:  Charitable Organizations due 12/2

rubric this week

upcoming:  11/17 Charity Vocab Quiz,  11/18 Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving – remember your items, 12/2 Presentations

Week of 11/2 – 6/15


Monday:  Public Speaking excercise (bring in your object)

Tuesday:  Presentations= Paranormal

Wednesday:  Presentations = Paranormal

Thursday:  Lab, CNN student – news oriented lab

Friday:  Simpsons, new topic starter activity



this week:

Monday:  Populist – Imperialism Preview Test, notes:  Sq. Deal / Roosevelt – Essay (due Wednesday) – section review

Tuesday:  Notes:  Progressive Presidents, Presidents video, go over Jackson Test – go over homework

Wednesday:  REVIEW DAY

Thursday:  Populist – Imperialism Test, WWI-WWII vocab

Friday:  Notes:  WWI, WWI-WWII people chart, Kahoot

notes from the unit:

Popululism notes


Square Deal roosevelt notes

Progressive Presidents


Week of 10/26-30/15


Lab days this week are:  10/27 and 10/29

Paranormal Presentations are Nov. 3&4

Friday 10/30:  Is Halloween Day.  Bring in your Halloween themed foods.  We will be looking at the history of Halloween.




Monday:  Notes, Populists – Ameirca Story of Us – finish vocab

Tuesday:  notes, Imperialism – people chart – review

Wednesday: notes, Imperialism & Progressives – foreign policy essay

Thursday:  Vocab Quiz, notes, Roosevelt, Presidents video

Friday:  notes, Roosevelt & Progressive Presidents, section review

week of 10/19 – 23/15


This Week:

starting our Paranormal topic

November 3-4 is our presentation date

Vocab Quiz is Oct. 23 (Friday)

Halloween themed “food day” is going to be Nov. 30.  more information to come



MIDTERM EXAM IS FRIDAY OCT. 23 –  MT will replace your lowest test score!  It can only help you so be ready.

here is the link to the video for review on youtube, copy and paste into your browser the address below


here is the pdf version:  EOCT11


All this week we will be reviewing after NOTES!!!!!!

Week of 10/12 – 16/15


Next topic:  Paranormal (never done before, should be really cool and fun!)

Monday:  News Update Day

Tuesday:  Lab Day – Paranormal vocabulary – topic starter activity

Wednesday:  Paranormal notes, Famous hauntings, video

Thursday:  Lab Day – Democrat Candiate research, paranormal actv.

Friday:  Simpsons – Tree house of horror, CNN student.



Next Dates to know:  MIDTERM EXAM ( 10/22) – MT will replace your lowest test score.  This can only help you.  This is a good opportunity to rebound or build in some “insurance”.  Take it serious


Monday:  Civil War test fix, Notes, finish Glory, people chart

Tuesday: notes, Jim Crowe law actv.  Presidents video (Johnson – Hayes),

Wednesday:  Ind-West visual Vocab, notes

Thursday: Industry – West Vocab Quiz, notes, Political cartoon, Opening the West map

Friday: notes, America Story of Us, Carnegie Article, Guidled Age Chart

week of 10/5-9/15


Monday 10/5:  News Update , discuss Oregon shooting

Tuesday 10/6:  Lab day – finish your presentations etc., CNN student tba

Wednesday 10/7:  Presentation Day – Technology

Thursday 10/8:  Presentation Day – Technology

Friday 10/9:  Simpsons, CNN student, Intro next presentation topic

** no vocab or topic quiz this unit.  Break kinda messed us up so we are just going to move on for now.



Monday 10/5:  Notes, Preview Test – Civil War – Reconstruction, Horace Greely Essay

Tuesday 10/6:  Finish Civil War notes and start Reconstruction, Political Cartoons of Reconstruction

Wednesday 10/7: Notes, Finish Reconstruction, Review Day:  go over people chart, vocab quiz, study guide, preview test

Thursday 10/8:  TEST – Civil War – Reconstruction, Vocab:  West – Industry & Immigration

Friday 10/9:  Notes, West-I&I people chart.  Horace Greely Letter essay due

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