Week of August 1st / 1st week of Fall ’16

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Welcome to Fall Semester of 2016 to Harrison High School and U.S. History.  Below this intro you will see a link for the syllabus for this semester.  There will not be a paper copy.  This is your source for the syllabus and information.  Each item will be discussed and gone through on the 1st day of school.  You are responsible for the content of this syllabus just like the student handbook etc.


US history syllabus 115-16  (this is the same for 2016-17 – I just need to rename it)

This week:

We will start lecture day 1.  Each student will be provided with an outline of fill-in-the blank notes that match the power points.

We will also do what we can as far as activities until we receive our text books.  Computer lab and videos will be involved.

below are the power points for the 1st Unit of Colonization – Revolution

EXPLORATION – taxes print notes


Colonial Life in America

French and Indian War

Revolution begins – Washington’s new govt outline

American Revolution outline

week of 4/25/16


EOC informationEnd of Coarse Test is May 12 & 13.   EOC is 20% of your TOTAL average!!!!!

  • EOC study guide was handed out 4/25 in class.  Study Guide includes questions per standard, broken down by standard as well as a copy of ALL the standards as well.
  • usatestprep has been going on ALL semester long.  You may, and should, continue to use this as a resource to help you prepare and practice.
  • EOC “notecard” notes.  Are done the last 10 minutes of class 3x a week.  (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)  The last 10-15 minutes of class.
  • EOC practice questions.  Starting this week we will also be doing review questions taken from the “Passing the Georgia U.S. History End of Course Test” book.  We will answer and then discuss the questions.  You will keep the copies.
  • I have set aside every WEDNESDAY until the test for review and or Q&A.  7:30 a.m. in room 9122.
  • We will do 2 Practice EOC’s (May 6, and May 10).
  • Video of the EOC power point was posted last week. (scroll down to see it)

week of 4/11


4/12 Tuesday:  We are taking a Mid Term.  The MT can replace your lowest test score.  This is primarily used to see where you are as far as retaining information.  This score will also be used for recommendations for extra review etc. in preparation for the EOC.

4/13 Wednesday:  Notes WWI, America Story of Us, Kahoot

4/14 Thursday:  Notes WWI, lab – usatestprep

4/15 Friday:  Notes 1920’s, people chart


Next Test is 4/28:  WWI – WWII



Sports presentations 4/27 – remember you MUST have contact and contact info about your sports career / occupation.

Lab days:  4/12, 4/14

4/11:  News day

4/12:  lab / concussions

4/13:  concussions and technology discussion

4/14:  Lab / politics

4/15:  CNN student , Simpsons

week of 3/21/16: brief version



TEST is moved to FRIDAY 3/25/16 —  West, Industry, Reform (Gilded Age)

3/21:  Notes, Men Who Built America

3/22:  Notes, Visual Vocab, Review Questions

3/23:  Notes, Preview Test, Men Who Built America

3/24:  Notes, Review for test

3/25:  15 min. Q&A — Unit Test, Vocab


Expansion of Industry

Politics, Immigration, Women’s Reform Halloween

The Gilded Age

The West

CURRENT ISSUES BANNER  next debate topic:  ABORTION 3/30 Thursday

New Unit:  SPORTS (occupations)

3/21:  News Update

3/22:  Lab – Sports vocab

3/23:  Start new presentation topic, Abortion debate prep

3/24:  Lab – Pay of College Athletes

3/25:  Simpsons, CNN Student

Week of 3/14/16


Upcoming Dates:  3/24/16 is the Gilded Age / West-Industry Test

Midterm Exam:  3/30/16 – replaces lowest test score – details to come

3/14:  Review Day

3/15:  Civil War – Reconstruction Test,  West-Industry Vocab

3/16:  Start new unit, notes/study guide handed out after test

3/17:  notes, people chart, kahoot

3/18:  notes, usatestprep



3/14:  news update

3/15:  lab day

3/16:  lab day

3/17:  paranormal presentations

3/18:  paranormal presentations

week of 3/7/16



Vocab Quiz on Civil War – Reconstruction is Tuesday (originally last Thursday)

CW-Recon Test is scheduled for Thursday but may change to Friday.  If we do not have all our info in by Thursday we will test on Tuesday of next week instead.

Tuesday is Preview Test

scroll down to last week for the notes for this unit, they are still posted



Paranormal presentations are set for the 17th (next Thursday)

Lab days this week are Monday and Friday

Abortion is our next debate/discussion.

week of 2/22/16


Vocab Quiz is Tuesday!!!! (this is make up from the Friday before the break)  Jackson – Manifest Destiny Unit test is Thursday.

IMG_1492Jackson – Manifest Destiny Test

  • * study Notes, Study Guide, and Preview Test
  • *  Notes are finished.  We will review both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
  • *  2nd pd. has a reward day coming up on Friday due to making a class average of 80% on the last unit test.



Lab Days for usa test prep are 3/3 and 3/7

2/22:  Finish manifest destiny notes, preview test, section review

2/23:  review actv., presidents video, review questions

2/24:  review day, preview test, study guide, America Story of Us????tba

2/25:  Test – Jackson – Manifest Destiny, civil war – reconstruction vocab.

2/26:  Notes, people chart


Notes for the upcoming unit

Heading towards Division

War Breaks Out

Civil War outline


The End of Reconstruction



starting a new unit this week.

2/22:  news update

2/23:  lab – gun control issues

2/24:  start new and unveil the new topic actv.

2/25:  lab if neededed / debate

2/26:  may move gun debate to this day, tba

week of 2/8/16


this weeks window


Past windows (new feature I’m trying to do each week)




Next test is 2/25,   Next vocab quiz is Friday 2/12

usatestprep lab day is 2/9


this week:  Jackson – Manifest Destiny

Industry and Transportaion

Jackson Years

Religion and Reform

Manifest Destiny


Monday:  News Update

Tuesday:  conspiracy work / lab day / vocab quiz

Wednesday: discussion / conspiracy work

Thursday:  lab day

Friday:  Presentation day

Week of 2/1/16


Test on NEW NATION is THURSDAY of this week, new unit begins on Friday.

this units notes are still on last week’s post

Monday:  Preview Test day

Tuesday:  finish notes and review

Wednesday:  Review Day, study guide, preview test, people chart

Thursday:  Test / vocab Day

Friday:  start the Jackson – Manifest Destiny Unit



Conspiracy Theories

Monday:  News Update Day

Tuesday:  discussion and topic work

Wednesday:  lab day

Thursday:  discussion and topic work

Friday:  CNN student, Simpsons, Vocab Quiz

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