US History – week of 9/14-18/15

Unit currently on:  Jackson – Manifest Destiny

this week:

9/14:  Jack.-MD Preview Test, notes:  Religion and Reform

9/15: Notes:  Religion and Reform / Manifest Destiny

* 7:30 am in room 9122 is the Colonization – Dec. of Indp. retake test (earn up to 75%)

9/16:  Notes: Manifest Destiny, Review Day !!!!!

study guide:  Jackson – manifest destiny f11

9/17:  TEST DAY / Civil War – Reconstruction Vocabulary

9/18: Notes:  Heading towards Division,  CW-Recon. People Chart

Current Issues Week of 9/14 – 18/15

We are currently in the Technology / Medical advancement Unit (research topic)

Presentation date is 10/1/15


this week:

9/14:  Lab Day (changed due to availability of the lab) vocabulary

9/15:  News Update Day (Fox vs. CNN)

9/16:  Notes:  Medical Advancement, Round table discussion (actv. to follow), CNN student

9/17:  Debate day!  Topic:  Abortion (changed from Gun Control due to class interest)

9/18:  Simpsons,  Rearch topic work

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