Follow the link to check out a Kincaid portable garden update. The school year may be over but the STEM Lab and Ms. Marchelle are still busy.

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National Geographic for Kids

This week I would like everyone to visit a website called NationalGeographic for Kids. Ask your parents what they remember about National Geographic as a kid and they’ll probably mention the amazing photos or the bright yellow magazine color. I remember it as a gateway to the world. Through their magazines I was able to see Europe, Africa and Antarctica.
Now they have a website for kids that has videos, articles, games and more. It’s free to access and you can learn about people, animals and places all over the world. Take a look at it this week. It’s a great virtual way to leave your home and learn something new.

Choose Your Character…

This week I want you to find a way to design a self-portrait. The only way you cannot do it is ON paper. You can use paper, or Lego’s, or Playdoh, or food, or Minecraft, or a drawing program on a device, or any other creative way to make your self portrait. It can be flat (2D) or it can be like a statue (3D). It’s up to you. When you have completed your portrait please go to the Enrichment Flip Grid and share your work there.  You can submit a photo or a video in the comments of my video challenge. 

Have fun and be creative!

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Added pots for a few more plants for Kincaid’s Portable Garden. Napa Cabbage, Broccolini, Bok Choy, Bell Pepper, Beets and Roma Tomatoes. #celebratekincaid #stemcobb #gardeningisnotcancelled

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