EOC Changes!

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We will no longer be giving an EOC in the AP Language course.  We will be sending home an updated portion of the syllabus that will show this change that has recently been mandated by the county.  A different test will be given to the students in place of the EOC that will count for 20% of the grade.  Students may exempt this test if they have missed 3 or fewer excused days from school  The same policy is followed for this class as other non-EOC classes.

Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you!

As we finish up the year…

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We are so close to the end of the semester, and I can see it in the empty Kleenex boxes and cough drop wrappers left in the room.  We have entered into the “tired, worn-out, beat-up, want to give up” stage of school.  However, I know that you can push through  the month of December like a champion!  With only Machiavelli, Dante and Shakespeare left to enjoy, I have a feeling we can still keep our heads in the game for a few more weeks.

Keep an eye on Synergy.  We don’t have too many grades left to enter, but I simply want you to stay on track.

Let me know if you need anything. Use remind.  It’s quicker!

Honors World Reminders

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As we are wrapping up the final chapters of Frankenstein, please note that we have a variety of assignments coming up, as well. You will not only be taking TWO tests for the novel (standard test and vocab test), but also a final criminal profile and tissue box Gothic/Romantic summary.  So much to do!  Stay focused.

Nov. 5th – No school for students.

Thanksgiving break is around the corner.  Get a flu shot.  Stay healthy! Let’s make these next weeks count!

AP Reminders

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Frederick Douglass tests are in and we will be moving in to the final novel of the semester, The Great Gatsby.  Please keep up with the parallel reading each evening.  Waiting until the last minute to read the novel only create angst and stress, so plan accordingly.

AP classroom is really starting to show some patterns in growth…and some patterns that need to be altered.  Please put in the time and effort necessary to provide an accurate account of your AP reading comprehension knowledge.

With only five weeks until the EOC, we need to stay focused!  I know you can do it!

October Reminders for Honors World Literature

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Congratulations on finishing the research paper and three full units of study in the Springboard workbook.  We are now completely shifting gears.  After a quick unit of study regarding archetypes in literature, we will be heading into the classic novel, Frankenstein.  The most challenging part of the novel, according to former students, is the high level of vocabulary.  Be ready to study these words!  Beyond this one reading challenge, Frankenstein is the perfect Gothic novel for the month of October.

You will have two tests for this novel.  One test will be for the content and reading comprehension of the text.  The other test will be strictly vocabulary.  Multiple formative quizzes and assignments will be given along the way, as well.

In other news…

Homecoming – October 4th (game)  October 5th (dance)

PSAT – October 16th (Wednesday) Be aware of an alternate schedule.


October Reminders for AP Language

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Break is officially over, and we are back to finish up the final 11 weeks of the semester. We will finish up the argument unit the first week of October, move in to the analysis unit, read Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, complete multiple AP Classroom online assignments, and continue to improve our basic skills for the EOC test at the end of the semester.

The AP Classroom online work is practice for all of you, but it is an excellent indicator for how well you may do on the multiple choice section of the AP test.  You will get out of it what you put into it.

Continue to work hard this semester!

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Socratic seminars and timed writing and online practice…oh my! We are well into the argument unit, and you are all showing me great progress! We will finish our final arguments when we come back from September Break, and then analysis will be in the horizon.

Please make sure you are keeping up with the parallel readings. September’s American Literature piece was The Crucible. Frederick Douglass awaits us in October.

The online AP classroom practice work is necessary for the overall improvement of your multiple choice reading comprehension skills. Please do not blow off these assignments until the last minute. Take time to work through the passages. Your EOC, SAT and ACT scores will thank you later!

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My! My! Can you believe we are at the end of the six weeks! September break is upon us, and that means two things. We will be finishing the research paper and then taking the final over units 1,2,5 and research. We will have a full review day prior to the test, but I would suggest reviewing some of the stories from units 1 and 2 prior to the class review day.

The research paper process has been a little grueling at times, but I am proud of all that you are doing to master this style of writing.

Keep up the good work! October will be here in no time! Maybe we will get a day under 90 degrees, too!

September Reminders for Honors World Lit

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Now that you have completed the reading passages and quiz over Unit 1 and 2 in Springboard, we are moving into the research unit (Unit 5 of Springboard.)  You will be reading a number of non-fiction pieces from the workbook, watching multiple video clips and longer segments of documentary film, and writing a short 2-3 page research paper.  You will complete an annotated bibliography and a works cited page with your research paper.

While much of the work will be completed in class, you will be required to do some of your preliminary writing at home.  The TQEET format will be used for the research paper.

When we are finished with the research paper and Unit 5, there will be a final test over Units 1,2, 5 and research methods.  This will be considered the mid-term evaluation for the course, as the end of year test is a comprehensive final.