Units 1 and 2: Understanding Cultural Identity

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The Springboard workbook contains the vast majority of the material we will be learning the first six weeks of school.  We will be looking at how cultural identity impacts our understanding of literature, how our experiences shape who we are, and how our views of the world are ever-changing with more knowledge of others.

AP Language Unit 1 – Argument

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Our first focus for the semester is a mix of introductory information, baseline understandings of the AP test/requirements, and an introduction to some American Literature pieces.

Students are focusing on the argument, rhetoric, and syntactical strategies.  Practice of timed multiple choice, AP terminology, timed writing, and Socratic discussion will dominate the first six weeks of class.


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We are focusing on Units 1 and 2 in the Springboard workbook.  Please make sure you are keeping up with the material in the book and the writing we are doing to supplement the units.  While we do go to the lab for most assignments, you must learn to use your time effectively and efficiently in order to get the work done on time.

Each student was given two late passes for the semester.  Students may use these passes to turn in work one day late without penalty.  Once those passes are gone, that’s it.  All late work will then be penalized at 50% off, as written in the syllabus that was sent home the first week of school.

The Springboard test will be the first week of February, which is coming up rather quickly.  We will then move into the research paper and Unit 5 of the text.

If you have questions. please use remind or e-mail me for help.

Welcome Back!

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Please click on either the AP Language tab or the Honors World Literature tab.  You will receive general information about both classes over the course of the semester.

Please note:  When you sign up for REMIND, you have access to me during the weekdays from 7:30 am until well into the evening.  I am even available on most weekends.  If you have questions that you need answered regarding an assignment we have in class, or if you know you are going to be absent for class and want to schedule a make-up date, using REMIND is the best way to contact me.

I do not use my blog for more than general updates.  If you need handouts, help with your work or have immediate questions, you will need to use remind or e-mail.