October 11, 2018

Quiz tomorrow

Due tomorrow- electromagnetic spectrum drawing and your Big Bang CER

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!!!!

HELP- We need 2 inch styrofoam balls for a lab.  If you can send some in for the class, it would be greatly appreciated.  We also need skewers (wooden) for a lab.  We would love to have some donated to the class. Thanks for your support. Lynn Sussman

October 10, 2018

Quiz on Friday- good pages to study 14, 18, 19,27, 28, 29, 32-35, 36, and 37





Remember you have two items due Friday- Electromagnetic Spectrum drawing

and the Big Bang CER

Remember to order a yearbook

Remember for Halloween dress up day on October 31 please bring a $1 for Relay for Life


October 9, 2018

There will be a quiz on Friday It will cover bits and pieces of Unit 1 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.  It is basically pages 14-37.  If you have been listening in class, you should be fine.

Due Friday

  1. Electromagnetic spectrum drawing
  2. Big Bang CER
  3. page 37- This will be done in your book
  4. Page 19- This will be done in your book

Have a super Monday evening!!!!!



October 3, 2018


a quizlet made by a student that you can use


another quizlet

The test is Friday!!!!!!

Do not forget your have work due by Friday!!!!!!

You all are awesome!!!!!

Remember the dance with a permission slip on Thursday

Please buy a yearbook- It is so fun to have a yearbook at the end of school



October 2, 2018

Study for your test on Friday

Remember all work is due on Friday- The due work is posted on the board in the classroom

We had  a quiz today

Website for the electromagnetic spectrum


Please attend the dance on Thursday- Return the permission slip to your homeroom teacher

Do not forget to order a yearbook

Have a great evening!!!!

For our next unit