April 20, 2018

Quiz today on the Solar System book

Due today- Itty Bitty book on comets, meteors, and asteroids and Solar System booklet

I will still need to see your DR packet on Wednesday during the test.

No work will be accepted after Wednesday the 25th

Test on the 25th on the solar system

Next unit is Stars and galaxies

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

April 19, 2018

Sorry I have not posted the last few days. I have been home sick but I have kept in contact with school.

Quiz tomorrow on the Solar System book you made. You can use the book during the quiz.  It is due at the end of the quiz.

The itty bitty book has been due- Please turn it in tomorrow if not already.

Your test is Wednesday April 25th. The directed Reading is due that day.

You also have a red study guide to complete to get ready for the test.

You all are wonderful students. thanks for all your hard work.

See you tomorrow. Ms Sussman

PS. The Kona ice truck is coming for our extended Fresh Air Friday. You can bring 4 or 5 dollars. It is optional.



April 9, 2018

Preparation for Milestone testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Due next week

  1. Solar System booklet
  2. Itty bitty book on Comets, meteors, and asteroids
  3. DR packet on the planets

Please sleep well, eat a good breakfast, and come prepared for a wonderful day

All the best!!!!! Ms. Sussman


March 30, 2018

Next week is a good week to relax and enjoy your family.

Please do not do any science and do not worry about school work.

Come back rested and ready for milestones.

You all are very special to me and I will be thinking of you all.

Take care!!! See you on April 9th. Ms Sussman

March 28, 2018

Test today on Earth, Sun, and Moon- grades will be in the computer on Thursday

Solar System puzzle

3 and 4- summary connect due before break

5, 6, and 7- Directed reading due before break

Have a great Thursday and Friday. I am looking forward to Spring break and I know all of you are happy to have some time off. You all are very special to me. Ms. Sussman