January 3 PL Day

Dearest Colleagues,


Thank you for attending my session on 1/3/2020. I can not link all of my documents here due to copyright issues, but feel free to email me and I will gladly share with you.


Here is the link for the powerpoint HERE

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Sixth Grade Test Corrections and Remediation

Good Afternoon! Students took the Summative Assessment for Weather/Climate. Students who scored less than 70% were given remediation work based on what they got wrong on the test. They were also given test correction sheets, also available here: TestCorrectionsTemplateFREEBIE


Remediation pages: Students need to follow the remediation list

Wind pages 275-279, 345
Air Pressure 276, 251
Land and Sea Breezes 282-283
Layers of the Atmosphere 248-253
Heat Transfer 264-269
Hurricane Formations 310-311