Ellis Island

5th Grade will have a simulation of immigrants entering America through Ellis Island on Friday, September 6.  Information was sent home in this week’s Tuesday Tracker.  Every child needs to return the bottom portion of the yellow sheet by this Friday with a parent’s signature, the country your child will be representing, and the food item that will be contributed.  As a reminder, students should:

Choose a southern or eastern European country to represent.  (Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, France, Germany, Poland, Austria-Hungary, or Italy)

Dress in the manner that an immigrant from this country would dress during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Bring a food dish from the particular county the student is representing OR the country your family is from. Bring enough for 20 people to sample in a disposable container with a serving utensil.

Bring fake money from the European country they are representing (may be printed off the computer or drawn)

Parents, we encourage you to help your child learn about a European country from which many people immigrated during the turn of the century.  This is an opportunity to discover trends in clothing and food for immigrants to this country during this time period.  This is to be a fun and creative activity, not an expensive one!

Let me know if you have any questions!