Quarter 4

Reading Foundation

The students should be able to read 200+ sight words, and know the spelling/sound correspondences for common digraphs, final –e, and ALL common vowel teams representing long vowel sounds.

Reading Fluency

To be on grade level at the end of this quarter, the student should be reading at level I.

Reading Comprehension

The students should be able to compare and contrast two texts on the same topic, make connections, and compare and distinguish between information provided by pictures or by words.


The students should be able to write all genres of writing using transition words, correct capitalization and punctuation, utilize the word wall for spelling support, and write phonetically to spell untaught words.  They should also use frequently occurring conjunctions in writing.

Speaking and Listening

The students should independently follow agreed upon rules for discussion, build on others talk in conversations, and ask questions to clear up any confusions about the discussion.


The students should be able to add/subtract within 20, compare numbers (>,<,=), solve addition and subtraction word problems within 20, interpret collected data, compose 2-D & 3-D shapes, build & draw shapes with defining attributes, and partition shapes in halves & fourths.

Social Studies

The students should be able to tell about the contributions and character traits of George Washington Carver and Ruby Bridges.


The students should be able to discuss the basic needs & parts of plants and identify the basic needs of an animal.