Olympic Dates

6 & 7: Friday, April 20

Dodgen afternoon Olympic events during regular connections time.

6 & 7: TBA 

(AM) Walton track & field events

(PM) Capture the football and tug of war.

8th : TBA

Regular Schedule





Welcome to the 4th Quarter

Below is the schedule for the 4th Quarter:


Ivers – Health

Room 125- Tuesday & Thursday

Gym/Swole – Monday & Friday

Gym – Wednesday

Weiser – Gym

White – Gym

Daniel – Gym


Students in Health should always have P.E clothes at school as plans sometimes change.


8th Grade Human Growth and Development

8th grade students will participate in Human Growth and Development presentation during his or her connection classes, January 11 and 12, 2017. The presentation will be conducted by Cobb County Commission on Children and Youth. The objective of this presentation is to educate, equip and empower the students to avoid risky behavior to increase their chances of succeeding academically and in life.

Students need to turn in the form below to their 1st connections teacher before the 11th.  Students who do not turn in the form, will not be able to participate.


8th HGD-2htd4r8


Welcome to the 2nd Quarter


PE/Health Schedule:

Ms. White – Gym

Coach Daniel – Gym

Coach Weiser – Gym/Swole – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

– Room 125 – Monday & Thursday

Coach Ivers – Gym/Swole – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

– Room 125 – Tuesday & Friday


P.E/Health Dress code:
Athletic shoes
Athletic shorts(any color)
Grey or white background t-shirt



Welcome to the 1st Quarter

The P.E staff would like to welcome all the students to another great year at Dodgen Middle School.

Students will dress out everyday in P.E and students in Health will dress out 3 days a week.

Each student will receive a locker in the locker room that they will keep all year.

P.E/Health Dress code:

Athletic shoes

Athletic shorts(any color)

Grey or white background t-shirt

Class Schedule for the 1st Quarter:

Weiser- P.E in the Gym everyday.

White- P.E in the Gym everyday.

Ivers- Health: Gym/Fitness room Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday / Room 125 Tuesday & Friday

Daniel – Health: Gym/Fitness room Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday/ Room 125 Monday & Thursday