Science Fair News!

Congratulations to our Kindergarten Pirates who took on the challenge of the Science Fair Project!  This project is a huge commitment and challenge.  We had five Science Fair entries from our room!  Cami Brown, Alexander Braswell, Max Hua, Tharunika Kumar and Shaurya Yardan.  They were all wonderful!

Tharunika received a 6th place award for Teasley Elementary out of all grade levels!  This qualified her to attend the Cobb/Paulding Science Fair.  Tharunika’s project then went up against Kindergarten entries from Cobb and Paulding, and received a 2nd place award for the Kindergarten level represented.

Congratulations to Tharunika and all our Scientists in Kindergarten this year!  


Germs are everywhere!  Kindergarten learned all about keeping healthy and preventing the spread of germs.  We also learned how germs are spread from one person to another.  Covering our mouths when sneezing or coughing is important.  Also to wash our hands or using hand sanitizer will help us from spreading the germs that are on our hands to our friends.  We discovered that eating healthy foods and getting exercise with help our bodies stay strong and healthy.


Our Five Senses: Taste Experiment!

We finished up our five senses unit.  Porter was such a good support tasting a sour gummy worm!  Everyone got the chance to touch it, observe it and finally get to taste the gummy worm.  We shared some wonderful adjectives to describe our gummy word.

Sight:  red and blue color, stripes

Touch:  Gooey, rough, stretchy

Taste:  Sour, Sweet, icky,

No Snow, Snow Day!

We had our first snow on Tuesday, January 29.  We learned that a weather reporter relies on special tools to make a prediction, and sometimes those predictions are not accurate.  Many people believe in silly snow rituals that will promote snowy weather that have been passed down through generations.  Porter and her sister shared some snow day activities that is suppose to guarantee snowy weather.

 First put ice cubes in the toilet! Porter shared that they put the ice cubes in all their toilets.

Next these cuties put their PJ’s on backwards!

And finally she put a frozen soon under her pillow!  I wonder why all Porter’s hard work didn’t work?  Mmmmm did you do your snow ritual?

Cami sent in a picture of what she did on her snow day.  She was at a friend’s house making a yummy lunch!


Glad you girls had a fun no snow, snow day! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.


Celebrating our Diversity

Our class learned all about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.   He taught us that we can have a dream, and can achieve it with hard work and persistence!  We did several activities to learn about how we are all different and yet alike.  One of our activities we compared a brown egg and a white egg.  They looked a little different, but when we cracked them open we discovered that they were exactly alike inside. I loved it when Alexander made the connection to last week’s lesson about snow flakes.  They are all made of ice and snow, but each one is beautifully different.


Then we worked on a Good Character, Bad Character Sort!  Students chose an egg that had a good or bad character trait in it.  They had to decide which it was and place under the correct label.

Finally we learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, I Have a Dream speech.  Everyone was excited about their drawings of Dr. King and reflecting on their own dreams for our world.


Fire Safety Presentation

We were so excited to have a special visitor come to share with us about fire safety.  We learned about having a family plan in case of a fire.  To practice this plan to be sure that everyone knows what to do and where to go.  Fiona was chosen to show us the STOP, DROP and ROLL technique  in case our clothes catch on fire.

We were able to see her in her fire suit. We learned about how the fire fighter breathes with a special oxygen mask.  Most of all we learned never to be afraid of the fighter in their uniform if we ever have to need them.

100 Day Fun


Happy 100 days of Kindergarten!  We had a great day that started with a Kindergarten Parade to show of our 100 day t-shirts.  So many fun designs!


During our center time we built with 100 cups, 100 cards, colored 100 shapes and wrote 100 hundred words! It was a great day!

We would love also like to say a special THANK YOU to our classroom volunteer, Ms Gail Brinkman, for helping a couple of students to create their 100 day T-Shirt!



  • Image result for valentine clip art free

We will be making our very own special Valentine mailbox (bag)  in class.  Students are asked to bring in a Valentine for each child in the class.  They will deliver them the morning of February 14th.  These Valentines can be purchased ones or very special hand made valentine.  Please have your child address the valentine as well as sign it.  We will be reading these special message in the afternoon.

Class List

Olivia                                      Tharunika                 Dylan

Porter                                      Leah                          Yordan

Liam                                        Kennedy                   Connor

Alexander                               Max                           Shaurya

Logan                                      Nirvaan   

Cami                                        Fiona

Nikitha                                     Fireh



Attention Teasley Tigers!

Don’t forget that this Friday is International Night. We’ll be celebrating the diversity of our school with food, music, and dancing.  In honor of International Night, we’re having a special dress down day on Friday. Wear clothing that represents your country or culture. We can’t wait to celebrate with you. There is no charge for this dress down day!

Snowflake Fun!

Kindergarten has been so busy watching for some snowflakes.  We even created some fun learning activities to help us with our snow excitement!  It all started when Tharunika shared a special project about the water cycle.  Then after we explored the water cycle, we learned that if it rains and it is below 32 degrees the rain drops will change into snowflakes.

Snowflake Number Hunt was such a fun activity!  A number of snow flakes were taped on the students’ back.  Then the students had to find the number they needed and record it on their charts.  A lot of laughter and fun trying to identify the the snowflake numbers!



Then of course if you are learning about the  water cycle and snow, YOU must have a snowball fight!  Sight words were written on pieces of white paper and rolled up into snowballs.  Students were able to throw these snowballs at each other until a bell rang.  They were to stop throwing snowballs, open up their snowball and read their sight word.  We did several rounds of snowball fights!  This was a super fun way to practice sight words that can also be done at home.



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