End of Year Fun!

Our last week week of kindergarten was filled with a lot of fun and excitement. Friendships built to remember!


Bubbles, autographs, writing stories with chalk, popsicles and airplanes!  What a great ending to our Kindergarten Year!



Peek at the Week

May 13-15: End of the Year writing assessments.  Students have been working all year on how to write a Narrative story, Informative writing piece and writing about their Opinion. 

May 15:  All Library Books are due to be turned in.

May 14:  Academic Awards @ 9:10-9:45, in our classroom.  (Reminder to please not bring siblings to the awards.)

May 17:  Kindergarten Picnic;  Patriotic Theme students are asked to wear red, white or blue.

May 20:  Bubbles, Chalk and Autographs:  Students are asked to wear their Red Teasley Kindergarten Shirt.  We will have an activity that will allow friends to sign (autograph) each others shirt.  Students’ who last name begins with A-H are invited to bring a snack to share.  We have 18 students.  Please remember we have peanut allergies.

May 21:  Clean out classroom!  Students’ who last name begins with I-Z are invited to bring a snack to share.  We have 18 students.  Please remember we have peanut allergies.  Early Release.

May 22:  Movie and Popcorn Day.  Early Release.

Please DO NOT BRING ANYTHING TO SCHOOL ON THIS DAY!!! Students bring absolutely NOTHING with them to school on the last day of school, not even backpacks! Everything will be sent home on Tuesday!  Lunches must be in a throw away bag. NO LUNCHBOXES!


Butterflies and Ladybugs!

As we continue working with the IB theme Sharing Our Planet, we started creating an interest in the creepy crawly things that are all around us.  A big thank you to Pike’s Nursery for giving us some lady bugs to look at, and then set free.  These ladybugs created quite a bit of excitement when some of them escaped from their cage.  Next we learned about butterflies and their life cycle.  We were quite surprised to learn that butterflies live only 11-14 days.  We learned that a butterfly tongue is called  a Proboscis and it works like a straw to help the butterfly drink nectar.  It was a fun experience to make butterfly hats and drink our own special nectar from a straw.



Kindergarten Awards

We will be having Kindergarten Awards on May 14 at 9:10 am.  Parents are invited to come to the classroom to celebrate our students.  Due to the large number of parents and students who will be present, we request that siblings do not attend. 

Smith Gilbert Gardens Field Trip

What a day!  We had a great time spending the whole day outdoors learning all about nature.  We learned about how insects spread pollen on the legs and how worms help us create a compost.  We saw some Koi fish in a pond.  The rose garden was a favorite among many of us.  Last we had a picnic lunch sitting on the grass in the field.  Then off back to school with little time to spare for dismissal.

The very best part of the trip was all the parents that took the time to meet us at the gardens!  Having you all there helped make our day very special.


Field Day Fun

We have our Kindergarten Field Day on May 8th.  It is an extra special fun day.  Kids are to wear their red field day shirt and shorts and tennis shoes.  Please put on sunscreen before they come to school.  They may wear a hat, however they will have to be responsible for keeping track of it.

Field day schedule is K/1 will be on Wednesday May 8th, 2/3 will be on Thursday May 9th and 4/5 will be on Friday May 10th.   Please let Coach Sonny or Coach Hermansky know if you are able to work a fun, exciting  field day station.


Movement in Music

Today we had a blast sharing how we like to move to music!  Each student also had the opportunity to play a glockenspiel, a percussion instrument that is like a xylophone.  A xylophone has wooden keys while a glockenspiel has metal keys.  Ask your child how we remember to hold the mallets!

Many students  are still assessing this week.  We are expected to be silent in the hallways and bathrooms, so not to disturb any groups that may be testing.   Thank you in advance for your support in reminding them about this expectation.  

This Week Activities

  • M/I  Reading Assessment
  • 4/24  Book Check out and Story with Ms. Crosby
  • 4/25  Field Trip.  Please have your child wear their RED classroom shirt.  No Lunch Boxes, please back lunches in throw away bags.  Please do not pack food in plastic containers.  Everything will need to be thrown away before getting back on the bus.  
  • 4/26  Word Wall Ball!  Dress up like a Princess or a Prince

This week we are learning:                                                                                                                                    

IB Unit- Sharing Our Planet: Earth Day, Animals and Animal Habitats                                           

Learning Attributes:  Risk Taker, Problem Solver, Critical Thinker


  • We are going to compare fiction and non fiction books about Animals.
  •  Researching Animal Habitats,  with a focus on protecting our environments
  • Phonics: Continuing the study of suffixes : review -s,-es add -ed,-ing
  • Sight words: (list D)


  • Drawing, labeling, stretching out words to be able to write the beginning, ending, and middle sounds. Students should be correctly spelling sight words.
  • Every Monday we do a  personal narrative writing piece. Informational writing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Opinion Writing on Thursday.  Student choice writing on Fridays.  Writing Topics will reflect our learning about habitats and Earth Day.


  • Addition and subtraction within 10-20
  • Working with Word Problems:  Strategies we are using are picture drawing, number lines, and ten frames

Plant Exploration

Our plant theme was so exciting.  We first learned about the life cycle of the plant.  Then we investigated the parts of a flower.  We discovered how important the roots are to a growing flower and how the root system drinks up water and sends the water to the other parts.  We did an experiment using jars, water, food  coloring, and two different kinds of plants, daisies and celery.

We learned that plants are living things and have needs for survival:  air, water, sun shine and space.  We discovered that even though there hundreds of different kinds of plants, they all have the same needs.

Planting Seeds

Now we just had to wait for them to sprout!