May 2, 2019

Hello ELA scholars!

We are finishing out the year with two units. One is a novel study covering George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which we are listening to one chapter a day. The other is a poetry unit where scholars are taking notes on various types of poetry and then creating their own version of the poem listed. We’re excited to see their creativity shine! Homework is posted on the Homework page located on the bar above. Remember that we need to end the year strong!

April 22- 26

Good morning ELA family!

Just an update about what is happening in 6th grade ELA this week. This is the big week! The 6th grade GA Milestones ELA test will be this Wednesday and Thursday! Please be sure that scholars are present and on time both days as testing will begin shortly after 9:00 a.m. This is the time for them to show what they know! So excited to see the results of their labors this year!

Due to testing this week there will be no tutoring this week. We will be busy getting tests ready so we won’t be able to see students.

Also, progress reports will go home on Friday. All work that can be made up is located on the Homework Page of this blog. It is password protected and the password will be sent home in an email on Monday. Your scholar has also been instructed to write this password in his/her agenda.

March 25-29

Good morning Tapp Family, another great week has begun. This week students will continue to work on identifying a central idea about the text and supporting it with evidence from the text to convey meaning in a multi-paragraph essay. Students have been provided with a model to refer back to when they need help. This is great practice for the upcoming Georgia Milestones test which is right around the corner. Students will also have a review of figurative language. Students will learn how to interpret figures of speech in context. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a figurative language project this week where they will be able to display their creative side and demonstrate their knowledge. Spotlight sentences and reading comprehension worksheets were passed out today in class and are due on Friday. Greek and Latin Roots work is due this Friday and quiz will follow. Have a fantastic week.

March 11-15

Good afternoon Tapp Family. Let me start off today by reminding everyone that today is an early release day and students will get out at 1:30. This gives them plenty of time to go home to study and complete assignments. This week classes will be in the computer lab typing our argumentative letters on Monday and Tuesday. In writing these letters they will be provided with a checklist of required  parts and a model for  how the letter should look when completed. Wednesday, which is early release day students will get to have a bit of fun playing a review game on comma usage. Thursday students will have Greek and Latin Roots quiz for unit 6. Friday will be a vocabulary test over unit 3 vocabulary. With the quarter ending on Friday please encourage your child to study for the quizzes tonight, and get any missing assignments turned in ASAP. Missing assignments can be found on the blog under homework. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Week of February 25

Good afternoon Tapp Family. We are glad to have everyone back safe and sound. We are jumping back into the swing of things this week with Greek and Latin Roots Unit 6. This week the words have to deal with time and place. Students should make sure that they are studying these words and completing the worksheet that was provided to them today in class. They can work on this at home.  Sentence Spotlight packets were passed out today as well during class. In these packets students are to take a provided sentence and break it down into parts of speech and tell us what they notice about it. Students should be able to identify what type of sentence it is, does it have imagery, figurative language, and other interesting things about it. This packet also contains an exit ticket sheet that they will fill out everyday and reading comprehension questions that go along with Springboard lessons from text book. This packet is kept in the classroom and should be done in class. Students will continue to work on writing arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. Reading comprehension worksheet is due on Friday 3/1/19.

January 14

Good afternoon Tapp family. We are in our second week of the quarter and off to a running start. Students are actively engaged this week in station work. Within groups, students are rotating through different activities. This week students will finish their book tasting worksheet, Greek and Latin Roots packet, and SpringBoard  lessons to turn in by Friday. A reading comprehension worksheet is due on Friday as well. Greek and Latin Roots assessment will be given later this week so please make sure your child has been studying their words. Today students were given back vocabulary pretest so they can look over the words they missed, and study for their next assessment that can be counted as a grade. Please encourage your students to login into clever so that they can use SpringBoard/Zink  to study unit 3 vocabulary. Students should also login to USA Testprep  to complete online assessments for class this week. Tutoring this week on Tuesday morning 8:15-9:00, Tuesday afternoon 4:30-5:15, Wednesday morning 8:15-9:00, and Thursday morning 8:15-8:50. If your child is missing or has lost an assignment please remind them to go to the blog and check in the homework section. If it is posted they should be able to find it and print it out. As always if you any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime. Have an awesome week everyone.

Week of January 7th

Good afternoon Tapp Family. We are so excited to start off the second half of the school year. The 6th Grade ELA Team has lots of wonderful lessons and activities planned for our scholars. To start off the week students have been provided with the new Unit 3 vocabulary for them to study. Reading comprehension work has been given out and is due on Friday the 11th.  Students are rotating through stations; this where they are doing computer work independently, small group vocabulary instruction with teacher, guided instruction with SpringBoard Text, and Greek and Latin Root Words. Don’t forget we offer tutoring for any student that needs extra help. Tutoring for ELA is on Tuesday mornings with any of the three ELA teachers (Ms. Baskett, Ms. Haskins, Mrs. Kinsella).  Ms.  Baskett offers tutoring on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, Ms. Haskins offers tutoring on Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons as well. Now that we are in the second half of the year it’s time stock up on necessary school supplies for your child to be successful in class  such as:





Glue Sticks

Have a wonderful week everyone, and lets make this second half of the year the best half of the year.

Week of December 10

Students need to finish the Walk Two Moons figurative language worksheet.  They should also review the Walk Two Moons study guide to prepare for the test.  Homework week 13 due tomorrow. 

Students are finishing up with the novel Walk Two Moons.  If they have not finished the double entry journals and commentary for each chapter, they still have time to turn it in.

Use the study guide to study for the test.  Refer to the front of the study guide for Thursday and back for Friday.  Today in class we went over EVERY answer.