Week of September 17-Mythology

Wednesday- Students read and completed a plot line for “Echo and Narcissus.”  Review the plot line at home.
HOMEWORK-packet due Friday.

Tuesday-Students took notes on foreshadowing and completed foreshadowing activity on “Daedalus and Icarus.” 

HOMEWORK packet due Friday.

Monday Students read “Daedalus and Icarus” page 62-64 Springboard.
If the plot diagram is not complete, complete for homework.

HOMEWORK packet for the week was passed out today. If you lose your copy between now and Friday, print it out.


Week of September 10

Tuesday-Computer Lab Students listened to the short story “The Dot” and took a quiz in Whooo’s Reading.
Spelling Classroom– Complete the first two exercises from teacher created lists- Hear It! Say It! Write It! and Word Introduction.  Then complete Writing Sentences

HOMEWORK- Finish “The Dot” quiz on Whoo’s Reading and Spelling Classroom exercises by Thursday.  Greek/Latin Roots 3 due Thursday and test Friday.

Monday– Story Mountain for “Thank You Ma’am”
Student received Greek/Latin roots Unit 3.  Work is due on Thursday.  Test will be on Friday.
HOMEWORK- Greek/Latin Roots Unit 3 due Thursday


Update: Spelling Classroom is no longer working. You will need to write sentences on your test tomorrow or bring them in to staple to your test.

September 4-7

Take notes on elements of Plot
Using the “story mountain”  fill out  for “Thank You Ma’am”
HOMEWORK 5 packet due Friday
Students went to the computer lab and became familiar with the online textbook, Whooo’s Reading, Quill, and Typing Club.  Finish diagnostic test for Quill.


Homework 5 due Friday
reek/Latin Roots 3 Study words
Finish Quill diagnostic test 

Week of August 20


Week 3 passages and grammar due 8/24/18.
Greek and Latin Roots Unit 2 words came home today. The test will be 8/31/18.

Please refer to the Reading Counts page on this website for the due date for Book #2.  This is where you will find all information for Reading Counts.  If you have not taken Book Quiz 1.  Do so as soon as possible!

If you are in Mrs. Kinsella/Ms. Baskett’s ELA class, finish THEME worksheet for tomorrow. 


Welcome Back!

The 6th Grade ELA team welcomes you a fun and exciting year. Our over-arching theme is change which we will explore through reading a variety of texts and writing. The supplies needed for our class are as follows: at least one composition book (no spiral notebooks) and one section of your binder to organize your handouts and keep a supply of loose leaf paper.