Thursday October 18, 2018





Math 6: Students took guided notes on order of operations as well as looked at some examples to guide them through the homework. Please take your time with the homework and show all of your work on a separate sheet of paper. This is important when looking back if you need to find your favorite mistakes. The solution to the third example in class is attached to the bottom of the guided notes attachment . I will do a quick learning check tomorrow. I have graded your cumulative test over unit 1 and 2 and put them in the gradebook. I will use the information/data from this to incorporate our areas of weakness into warm-ups, homework, and other practice to continue building our skills.

Homework: Practice B order of operations odd numbers only. Show all work on a separate sheet of paper.

Attached: MSG fill in pages with examples and solutions

2018 Fill in notes and examples of order of operations-1vji6ln


Practice B order of operations- do odd numbers only

Order of Operations Review-1r38g4h

Math 67: Students started on their quiz today. Due to short classes they will be given tomorrow to finish.

Homework: No homework:

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Mrs. Flint

Wednesday October 17, 2018


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Math 6: Students received their unit 2 test back today and made corrections to assess their favorite mistakes. If  you would like more time to ask questions about unit 2 please come in early tomorrow at 8:15. I will rearrange so I can be here if you would like to use the time.

Homework: No homework

Math 67: Students went over study guide questions as well as played jeopardy for review. Complete the study guide tonight and continue to check your answers on the blog.  Quiz tomorrow, you will have tomorrow and Friday to take it since it is a short class period.

Homework: complete the study guide

Attached: the study guide is attached to yesterday’s blog along with the answer key. Problem number 7 the answer is .3. I think I put a solution to a different problem on that one.

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Mrs. Flint

Tuesday October 16, 2018


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Is this correct??? Real life picture. I saw this while out  shopping one day.- Mrs. Flint

Math 6: Students were given time to finish the cumulative test and then work on interactives to review concepts from Unit 2 as well as exponents and order of operations from unit 3. Tomorrow Ss will complete test corrections and then move into order of operations.

Homework: Watch and complete links below

Attached: Links to watch and complete

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

Math 67: Students learned how to create the function rule when given x and y values using the common difference of the y values. Students took guided notes and worked examples in their MSG.

Homework: complete numbers 1-15 from the study guide

Attached: fill in notes from MSG

2018 Determining table values fill in-1ib5um7

2018 function as a value of its position examples-13xdryb

Study guide

2017 2018 Math 67 Unit 4 Quiz 1 Study Guide (002)-w7yzgl

Study guide answer key

Math 6 unit 4 study guide answers-21e2qef– all answers are here except numbers 26-28. We will go over these tomorrow together.

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Mrs. Flint

Monday October 15, 2018


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Math 6: Students took their cumulative assessment today on unit 1 and unit 2. They prepared for this by completing Gotta Love Math. It was 20 multiple choice questions. Since we had a short schedule today they will have time tomorrow if they need it to finish.

Homework: Review on ratios- 2 links one is a video and one is a web lesson

Practice with exponents


Attached: Ratio video

Second link with ratio web lesson

Practice with exponents


Math 67: Students took guided notes on function tables in their MSG. I will attach the guided notes. Homework tonight is in the math book.

Homework: Math book page 381-382

Attached: MSG fill in notes on function tables

2018 fill in notes on function tables-2dfymjn

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Enjoy your early release week .. make sure to complete your assignments.

Mrs. Flint


Friday October 12, 2018

How can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000? (only use addition)

number 8 math riddle

Read more:



Math 6: Students will have a basic skills assessment on unit 1 and unit 2 to keep  skills fresh in their minds as well as assess our areas of strengths and challenges.  Your performance task “Gotta Love Math” has been preparing you for this as it covers unit 1 and unit 2 material. Gotta love math is due Monday the 15th . You have had week to complete this task so I cannot take any late work on this assignment. If you want to study further review your unit 1 and unit 2 study guides. These are on the blog if you can’t find them in your notebook. It will be multiple choice and consist of 20 problems. Students will have two days to complete this since we have a shortened conference schedule next week.

Today : Students looked at exponents and how to write in exponential form as well as a product of the same factor. Guided notes were taken and put in their MSG as students made connections to simplifying expressions. Students started off with a brain pop which can be accessed at anytime. Please refer to the additional resources at the top of the page if you need the username and log on.

Homework: Practice pages are in the math book on page 351. Please complete numbers 1-10.

Attached: MSG fill in pages- I will attach at the end of the day after we have completed them.

Lesson 3-1 Exponents

Lesson 3-1 Exponents 2018-101sni4



Exponents Tim and Moby 2018-15ccu1c


Math 67: Students learned and practiced how to write and solve equations. They took guided notes in their MSG as well as practiced with whiteboards to assess their understanding.  Homework is attached to the blog as well as the solutions. They are on the same page. While you are working please check as you go to assess your level of understanding.

Homework: Write and solve equations.

Attached: Homework with solutions




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Thursday October 11, 2018


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Math 6: Students finished unit 2 test. When finished they worked on unit 2 task sheet to keep their skills fresh. Homework is task 1, 2, and 3 on unit 2 task sheet. Check your solutions as you go.

Homework: Complete task 1, 2, and 3 on unit 2 task sheet.

Attached: Task review sheets are located at the top of the blog under the tab “task review sheets”. The answer key is located there as well.

Math 67: Students reviewed all operations with equations by going on a scavenger hunt. Students received an introduction to writing  equations given word problems and will review with guided notes tomorrow.

Homework: Math book pg. 365 numbers 21-35

Have a good night!

Mrs. Flint

Wednesday October 10, 2018

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Math 6: Students took a test on unit 2. Most were not able to finish so they will be given time tomorrow. Don’t forget tomorrow is a half day for you guys!! Yay you!

Homework: No homework

Math 67: Students took a cumulative quarter 1 assessment and then checked their homework from last night.

Homework: No homework

Have a great night!!

Mrs. Flint

Tuesday October 9, 2018

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Math 6: Students worked on Gotta Love Math which is due on Monday October 15th. This will be a test grade for next 9 weeks. Please have it completed by Monday the 15th. Late work will not be accepted since you have a week to complete. Unit 2 test tomorrow. Review session is tomorrow at 8:15 am.

Homework: Work on tasks 3, 4 and 5 on gotta love math if you haven’t finished it already. The whole project of Gotta love math is due Monday October 15th.

Test tomorrow… review session 8:15 am tomorrow morning.

Math 67: Students received unit 3 test back and worked on corrections. Students also looked at equations using inverse operations with multiplication and division.

Homework: Math book pages 355 numbers 18-26 and numbers 29 and 34

Page 365 numbers 12-20

Have a great night!!

Mrs. Flint

Monday October 8, 2018

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Mrs. Flint will be at a STEM academy session today over at Kennesaw State University so you will have a substitute teacher. She was  student teacher last year and is also a math teacher. She is great and her name is Mrs. Evans. Be on your best behavior and make me proud!!

Math 6: Students will begin “Gotta Love Math” today as they visit each station to get the information necessary to complete the task. This task is due Monday October 15th and will count as your first test grade in the new grading period. You will have Monday and Tuesday to work on it in class and then it will be homework on subsequent nights. After collecting the information in class on Monday you will need to complete part 1 and 2 for homework. Unit 2 test will be Wednesday October 10th.

Homework: complete part 1 and 2 of gotta love math

Attached: gotta love math

2018 Gotta love math-ws975g

Math 67: Students will follow the links in order to learn about one step equations with addition and subtraction. Put your earbuds in when listening to the videos and doing the interactives. Do NOT go out of order when viewing the links.

click this link first:

Click this link second:

click this link third

click this link fourth

Homework: Practice sheet

Attached: Homework sheet numbers 1-20

Handout pg. 67-21saopo

Have a great night! I will see you Tuesday!!

Mrs. Flint