Week of Oct. 31

This week in my world:

In Physics This week: Mrs. Smith’s Blog

Waves this week. Lots of fun stuff! Energy Remediation quiz Tuesday!

Also visit Mr. Shields blog for more Physics fun and help.

Study Skills Help


Hoya Block – Bring your notebooks for review! It’s time to strap up your boots and get super focused on your academic classes.


Where to find me Fall Semester

1st Block – Out and about the building or in room 202

Advisement (M/T/F) /Hoya Block (W/Th) – room 120

2nd Block – room 320 with Mrs. Smith

3rd Block – Planning room 202

4th Block – Consult/Instructional Coaching

Class Notebooks! Yes, you need them and here is a little help in setting one up.

If you want you want your student to be engaged, to be more responsible for their own learning, and become a better note taker, then Interactive Student Note-books may be the answer. These are notebooks that are unique for each student. The notebook can help students organize notes, review important information, keep up with handouts, and make generalizations when learning by referring to sections that support their learning. The notebook has been call an “organizational anchor” for students.

Interactive Notebook

****NEW this week ! Some things parents and teachers can do to help  the student based on behaviors.  Study Help



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