Week of April 24

All CVA Physical Science assignments are due this FRIDAY 4/28/2017.

The EOC is scheduled for May 2/3, 2017.


Harrison Summer Academy Flyer-227zrvu

EOC Help

Spring Semester Schedule

1st – Science/ CVA – Room 113

Advisement – Room  120 / Hoya Block – Room 120

2nd – Consult/IEP Mtg Period – Support Services offices (Suite 202)

3rd – Consult/IEP Mtg Period – Support Services offices (Suite 202)

4th – Consult/IEP Mtg Period – Support Services offices (Suite 202)


CVA Science –  PARENTS! Please continue to review your students status in class.

All assignments are due this FRIDAY 4/28/2017. The EOC is scheduled for May 3, 2017.

**If your student is behind, he or she should be spending at least 45 minutes a night working from home until caught up. Several of the CVA instructors will be allowing students to turn in completed missing assignments over spring break. Students should finish the assignments, email their instructor what they have completed, and submit.

All students are registered for CVA course. Parents can access the course info. (with student login or the parent page at  cvap.studentfirstname.studentlastname)

Cobb Virtual Academy

Students should be working on assignments at Home! Several students continue to struggle to maintain focus and keep a steady work completion rate. Please discuss this with your student. This is a self-paced course. Assignments can be accessed 24/7. You do not want to run out of time in May!

Study Skills Help


Hoya Block – Bring your notebooks for review! It’s time to strap up your boots and get super focused on your academic classes.

Do I need a Class Notebook for my academic courses! Yes, you need them and here is a little help in setting one up.

If you want you want your student to be engaged, to be more responsible for their own learning, and become a better note taker, then Interactive Student Note-books may be the answer. These are notebooks that are unique for each student. The notebook can help students organize notes, review important information, keep up with handouts, and make generalizations when learning by referring to sections that support their learning. The notebook has been call an “organizational anchor” for students.

Interactive Notebook

****NEW this week ! Some things parents and teachers can do to help  the student based on behaviors.  Study Help



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