Week of Nov. 5

Nov. 6 is a student holiday.


If you need to find me during the school day, my Fall Schedule is as follows

1st – 417 – Physical Science and Study Skills

2nd – 417 – Study Skills

3rd – 202 – Planning

4th – 202 – Student Consultations/Academic Coaching



Cobb Virtual Academy

Students have begun work on their next to last module of the semester! Students should continue working on Physical Science modules. Get ahead and Stay ahead. Please login and download or print the assignment rubric.

Syllabus is here http://www.cobblearning.net/taylor2015/2018/07/31/syllabus-cva-and-study-skills-courses/


Study Skills

Make sure to bring your academic work to class so that we can work through any difficulties you may be having. We will do a grade checks mid week each week along with notebook checks periodically. If you need help choosing an organization system that works for you, please ask me or read the link below. The interactive notebook is one of my favorite systems.

Do I need a Class Notebook for my academic courses! Yes, you need them and here is a little help in setting one up.

If you want you want your student to be engaged, to be more responsible for their own learning, and become a better note taker, then Interactive Student Note-books may be the answer. These are notebooks that are unique for each student. The notebook can help students organize notes, review important information, keep up with handouts, and make generalizations when learning by referring to sections that support their learning. The notebook has been call an “organizational anchor” for students.

Interactive Notebook

Some things parents and teachers can do to help  the student based on behaviors.  Study Help




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