Attire for the upcoming 8th Grade Concert

Students and parents the spring concert for year long guitar is just around the corner! (Tuesday April 24 @7:00)

I prefer to keep the dress causal and inexpensive for the concerts however it is also important that we present ourselves as an ensemble.

The required attire for the show is as follows:

solid black T-shirt with NO lettering logos ect….(either v-neck or crew is fine)

blue jeans without rips and tears

a nice pair of sneakers (please no athletic shoes)

Thanks and feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns!

Fall / Winter Concert Reminders!

Year long guitar parents and students,

Students have been working hard all quarter and progressing in their guitar techniques. I am excited for them to be able to showcase some of the things they have accomplished thus far

This is just a friendly reminder that our winter concert will be taking place in just one week, on December 7th. The concert starts at 7:00pm and call time for students is 6:30.

If you would like your student to stay at Lovinggood until they concert starts to help me get everything prepared they are more than welcome to stay. I will provide pizza to those who will stay and help. If any parents would like to send in any 2 liter drinks, cups, plates, chips, that would be greatly appreciated. Just send me an email and let me know how you would like to help.

As far as concert attire is concerned I’m asking students to wear the following:

  • A sweater which can be either tacky or nice
  • Nice jeans without rips or tears
  • Closed toe sneakers (preferably not athletic shoes)

Also don’t forget to add our spring performance to your calendar it will be April 24th @7:00!

Hope to see you there!

Taylor Bowden

This week in guitar

Students if you are in a 9 week class. Your Mid-term test will be this Thursday. It will cover the things we have learned in class so far you can look over your notes to review. Also we will start playing pass off assessments this week so make sure you are using your time wisely in class and are practicing!!

Next Week Year Long Guitar

Be prepared to finish the chorale pass offs next week MONDAY and TUESDAY. You need to have played any 4 of them to get full credit.

Also 8th grade I will check your ability to play the power chord progression for hit the road Jack next week so be practicing this weekend! You can find the music on the 8th grade songbook page.

This week in guitar class (conference week)

Classes will be short so let’s try and be as productive as possible.

Year long guitar: You will have your last 3 pass off opportunities for the chorales this week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Pass off list #2 will be due by the end of the day next Tuesday.

8th grade 9 week guitar: parts of the guitar quiz on Tuesday.

6th and 7th grade guitar: parts of the guitar quiz on Thursday.

2nd quarter guitar students this is what you need!

You need to get a folder, binder, or section in a binder you already have to keep your handouts in for guitar class. I will check to see that you have something. This should be brought with you to class everyday.

This week we learned the parts of the guitar next week all classes will have a quiz on recognizing the parts we took notes on.