Greetings students and welcome to the wonderful world of Audio Video Technology and Film. As many of you may know, AVTF is a very sought after class here at Sprayberry High School. Each of ¬†you should feel privileged to have this opportunity to explore the vast world of the media, while tapping into that creative side that lies within us all. During the upcoming year, you will learn about the brief history of television production; you’ll be introduced to the principles, practices, and work ethics of a media professional; and you will be primed for further instruction and possible employment in the industry. The media is the most powerful thing in the modern world. Television, film, books, publishing and music permeate every aspect of our lives and now you will have the opportunity to have that very same impact on our entire school. Each of you is expected to do your part in ensuring the success of our program. You will create your own music videos, public service announcements, video resumes, commercials, and be involved in various other productions. All you need is the inspiration, commitment, and ambition to achieve your goals. I promise to do all that I can to guarantee your success. Welcome to my class!

– Mr. Bembury



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