September 17th – 21st

It was great seeing all of you at the Fall Festival Friday evening. Although it was terribly hot, it certainly didn’t stop all of the kiddos from having a great time. Ms. Kim, Ms. Marchelle and Mrs. Munroe got dunked a bunch of times! 🙂 From the amount of families I saw, the festival had a very nice turnout! Thank you for supporting our school!

On the Academic Agenda this Week:

Math:   We will begin the week with review of Fact Families, and continue working on Addition & Subtraction within 10, as well as using a Ten Frame.


Reader’ Workshop:     Our practice of looking for chunks in words with Chunky Monkey continues. I will begin DRA testing with individual students as I prepare for report cards and conferences in a few weeks.


Phonics:   We will continue looking at ending blends in words


Grammar:    Our mentor sentence this week will cover plural nouns.


Writer’s Workshop:     Students shared their latest narrative writing pieces during Author’s Chair on Friday. I was very proud of the transition words they incorporated within them.


Social Studies:   Our study of Landforms continues.



Fall Break is next week! Although everyone is looking forward to a nice, relaxing time off, please don’t forget to include daily reading into the routine.  Congratulations to Audrey, Lukas and Logan for being our Top Home Readers this month. They were rewarded with a special pumpkin cookie from Panera Bread and a certificate for their hard work. 🙂  Who will be next?? Keep logging in those books!

Our lunch time will change this Thursday, Sept. 20th as First Grade swaps lunch times with another grade level for a field trip. Please make a note of the new time in the event you plan to join your child for lunch that day.

The new time is:  11:22 – 11:52


Enrichment Rotation this Week:

Monday:        Music

Tuesday:      Art

Wednesday:   Math Lab

Thursday:    STEM Lab

Friday:       P.E.            Wear your tennis shoes to school


Busy Learners at Work this Week:


Punctuation Pirates!


Punctuation Practice


                               Author’s Chair





                   The Desk Fairy Pays a Visit


            Top Home Readers!





Have a GREAT week and a Restful & Fun Filled Fall Break ! 🙂








September 10th – 14th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 🙂 The students were probably tired from 3 days of testing this past week, but what a wonderful job they all did showing patience, good listening and stamina along the way! Thank you for your support from home on making sure they had ample sleep the night before, a good breakfast and a great attitude about taking this very important test. 🙂

On the Academic Agenda this Week:

Math:   We will linger a bit the beginning of the week on Teen Numbers and Making a Ten, before moving into strategies for addition the remainder of the week.


Reader’s Workshop:   This week our next decoding strategy friend, Chunky Monkey will be making his appearance as he teaches students the importance of looking for chunks in words. Example:  hand 

We will also begin discussions of Story Elements within stories with practice on Characters, Character Traits and Setting


Writer’s Workshop:     Our narrative pieces continue, as well as practice using Transition Words to make our writing flow from Beginning to End.


Phonics:    Our study this week will focus on ending S Blends. Examples:    nest   ask    wasp


Social Studies:    We will begin our study of Landforms this week.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION:      Don’t Forget… This Friday night (September 14th) is our Fall Festival from 6:00 – 8:00.   What a great time to bring the family out for an evening of fun. There will be face painting, food, games and music! I will be there, and I hope to see you too. 🙂


THANK YOU… A huge thank you to all the families who so generously sent in snacks for the class during testing this past week. The students were very appreciative of them!


Enrichment Rotation this Week:

Monday:       Art

Tuesday:     Math Lab

Wednesday:      STEM Lab

Thursday:      P.E.        Wear your tennis shoes to school

Friday:       P.E.      Wear your tennis shoes to school


Have a Wonderful Week!   I will see you again here next week on the Blog! 🙂


September 4th – 8th

I hope everyone had a restful Labor Day holiday! Just a reminder that we will be testing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. It is important that your child have a restful sleep the night before, and a good breakfast the morning of.

On the Academic Agenda:

Math:   Our study and practice of numbers to 120 continues. Our focus this week will be Teen Numbers.


Reader’s Workshop:   We will continue to practice sentence structure. Students will learn how to determine if a sentence is complete or incomplete, as well as finding the appropriate ending punctuation.


Writer’s Workshop:   We are currently working on building the  Mighty Middle of our narrative pieces.


Phonics:  We will cover ending blends


Science:    We wrap up our study of weather, and begin discussions of Landforms



Enrichment Rotation this Week –

Tuesday:          P.E.      Wear your tennis shoes to school

Wednesday:    P.E.    Wear your tennis shoes to school

Thursday:        Music

Friday:              Art


Place Value Practice




Building Reading Stamina





Have a great week! 🙂 I will see you again here next time on the blog! 🙂






August 27th – 31st

What a wonderfully, busy week we had! Make sure to scroll down to the end of this post to see all the great things that were happening with our busy learners! 🙂

On the Academic Agenda this Week:

Math:   This week our focus will continue with Place Value, as we explore representation of ones and tens with numbers to 120. We will do some expansion by discussing expanded form of those numbers, as well as word representation.  Examples:     40 = 4 tens and 0 ones           48 = 40 + 8  or 20 + 20 + 8


Reader’s Workshop:     We continue to work on our reading stamina. I am so proud of our little learners are learning how to shop for “Good Fit” books to place in their reading buckets. I am also quite proud of how the students are applying the decoding strategies learned so far. This past week, “Stretchy Snake” made his appearance in guided reading groups. This week our focus will be on sentences. Students will learn what makes a sentence complete or incomplete, along with the importance of capitalization and correct punctuation.


Writer’s Workshop:  Students shared another narrative writing piece on Friday during Author’s Chair. What creative writers we have! 🙂  This week we will spend time discussing the “Mighty Middle” of our stories.


Phonics / Grammar:     The study of words with blends continues this week with S blends, such as:   sc,  sk, sn, etc.  In our grammar lessons, we will be learning more about verbs.


Science: Our study of weather instruments, as well as how water can change continues. Students are recording daily weather into a journal.



Don’t forget… Wednesday is an Early Release day. Please make arrangements at the bus stop. Wednesday is also Picture Day. If you are planning to purchase a package, please return the envelope beforehand.

THANK YOU…   to the Costello Family for the generous donations to the classroom. The Playdoh and sticky notes will be most helpful! 🙂     Thank you for the yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies, Metzger Family. They certainly helped on a day where I needed an extra little pick me up . 🙂     Thank you, Koppleman Family for the book donations for our classroom library. The students love the new book additions! 🙂


Enrichment Rotation this Week:

Monday:      P.E.         Wear your tennis shoes to school

Tuesday:      P.E.        Wear your tennis shoes to school

Wednesday:         Music

Thursday:           Art

Friday:             Math Lab


Our Busy Learners at Work this Week:

Stretching those sounds with Stretchy Snake           






We are Writers!




Have a great week! I will see you again here next week on the blog!   🙂








August 20th – 24th

On the Academic Agenda This Week:

Math:     We will continue to work on numbers to 120 with an emphasis on place value

Reader’s Workshop:   Students will be introduced to our new decoding Beanie Baby friend, “Stretchy Snake”  This friend guides students to stretch sounds as they encounter an unknown word. Our guided reading groups are established and progressing very nicely. 🙂

Phonics / Grammar:     Our focus this week in phonics will be on words with R Blends. Our grammar lesson continues to focus on nouns.

Writer’s Workshop:    Students shared their first narrative piece with the class during Author’s Chair. They also met with their writing buddies for the first time after discussing the importance of writing revisions, or what we like to call “Tweaking our Writing”  This week our focus will be learning how to “Write Across the Pages” using Transition words, as well as discussions on what makes a great “Mighty Middle”

Science:    Although we continue to work on our Global Address, this week we will begin to discuss different types of weather, and begin to explore various types of weather instruments.


Enrichment Rotation this Week:

Monday:     P.E.       Wear your tennis shoes to school

Tuesday:     Music

Wednesday:      Art

Thursday:      Math Lab

Friday;     STEM Lab



  •   Homework is due on Friday
  •   Please provide a daily snack… placing a few extra snacks at the bottom of your child’s backpack   really helps on those forgotten snack days.
  • Our Library checkout day in the Media Center is Tuesday. Please make sure books are turned in beforehand.
  • Don’t forget about the Home Reader folder. Daily reading at home extends the practice from school to home each day. 🙂  Our goal is to build strong readers who apply decoding strategies and fluency right now.
  • We are looking for Treasure Box donations! If you have extra McDonalds and Chick fil A toys, as well as any other small trinkets for our treasure box, we would love to add them.

Thank you for reading our Weekly Blog! I will see you again here next week! 🙂 Have a great week!


August 13th – 17th

I would like to begin this post, by thanking all of the parents who came out Thursday night for our Parent Open House. We had over half of our class represented in attendance. 🙂  Hopefully, you gained important information from the presentation in regards to homework, expectations, etc. Remember that we have conferences coming up in October, so I will have much to share about your child at that time. I can tell you that we have a great little class of learners who have done an excellent job jumping into First Grade. I very much appreciate your support. 🙂

Our Academic Agenda This Week:

Math:   This week our focus will be numbers to 120. In our practice, students will write their numbers to 120 in sequence, and count on from the number given. Example:  The number given is 68. The student is able to count / write the numbers thereafter. The opposite is also taught:  If given the number 68, the student can give the numbers before that number.


Reader’s Workshop:    I will begin the week with discussions about our procedures during guided reading groups with the teacher. All Daily 5 stations will be explained, as well as introductions made to our first two decoding Beanie Baby friends, Lips the Fish and Eagle Eyes. In our groups, we will work on specific skills such as discussing characters, setting and fluency. Our discussions this past week focused on building Reading Stamina and Finding a Good Fit Book.


Writer’s Workshop:    As we work on personal narratives, the students have learned how to use a graphic organizer to collect their thoughts, and how to incorporate those thoughts into a writing piece. Students were introduced to our writing friends Pre-writing Puppy and Drafting Duck. This week we will begin to discuss Bold Beginnings in our writing.


Phonics / Grammar:   Our focus this week for phonics will be on L Blend Words. Our focus in grammar through our Mentor Sentence will be Nouns.


Social Studies:    Our study of Global Address continues. Students have learned about street address, city, state, county, country, continent and planet. Please review these with your child. All students should know their street address right away.



Homework begins this week:    Our homework sheet was discussed and presented during Parent Open House. One side addresses Reading & Language Arts skills, while the other side focuses on Math skills. I assign an addition math homework sheet for practice of the current skill we are working on in class. This week’s focus will be Graphing & Data Collection. All homework is issued on Monday and returned by Friday.


Home Readers went home on Friday. All students selected their own books. Please record titles in their reading journals. Students need to return them at least once a week, but daily checkouts are great too.


Our Book Check Out Day is Tuesday. Please have media center books returned by then each week


Scout Night is this Wednesday at 6:00 in the cafeteria. I hope you will consider this for your child as a great opportunity for meeting new friends, and learning about team building.


Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack each day. I always suggest placing a few extras at the bottom of your child’s backpack for the days you forget.


Enrichment Rotation this Week:

Monday –    P.E.    Wear your tennis shoes to school

Tuesday–      Art

Wednesday–     Math Lab

Thursday–        STEM Lab

Friday–        P.E.      Wear Your Tennis Shoes to School


Our Busy Learners at Work:


Collecting Data in Math








Sharing All About Me Bags


Have a Great week! I will see you next week here on the Blog! 🙂









August 6th – 10th

What a wonderful first week we had! We spent the short week getting to know one another,  and talking about school and classroom rules /procedures through discussions and activities. We had a bit of a challenge with rain for outdoor recess, but we made the best of it with lots of indoor games and activities.
This week we will be:

  •  Learning about “Good Fit” books. Students will shop for books to place in their book buckets this week.
  •   Working on their first narrative piece of writing. We begin with “Small Moments” or “Watermelon Writing”.
  •   Learning about “Me on the Map” in social studies
  •  Collecting data in math through various activities
  •   Learning about ” L Blends” in phonics


Our Enrichment Schedule this Week

Monday:     Art

Tuesday:     Math Lab

Wednesday:  STEM Lab

Thursday:    P.E.       Wear your Tennis Shoes to School

Friday:        P.E.         Wear your Tennis Shoes to School



  • Don’t forget… our Open House for Parents will be this Thursday evening starting @ 6:30. If you cannot make the first session, the 2nd session will begin @ 7:15. I encourage all parents to attend. This session will be informative about homework, testing dates, procedures for the year, etc.  First grade parents will meet in the media center. I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂
  • I am missing a few Clinic cards to give to the nurse. If you haven’t sent that in, please do so ASAP.
  • Be on the look out for your child’s home reader folder to come home later in the week. Instructions will be found in the inside pocket.

I will post pictures from our first week of school next week. Thank you for reading the blog! I will see you here again next week!  🙂

Welcome Back ! :)

I hope you have had a TERRIFIC summer!    I am so excited to get another school year started, and having the opportunity to meet YOU! 🙂 Don’t forget… Meet and Greet is Monday, July 30th. Depending on your last name, your time is:

A – L       9:00 – 9:45

M – Z      10:00 – 10:45

Please bring your school supplies if at all possible to Meet & Greet. This way I can carefully organize everything prior to the first day. It is most helpful to me 🙂 I will provide grocery bags with your child’s name to drop them into. The only items that should be marked are pencil boxes for storage. I will label everything else accordingly.

I can’t wait to meet you! I will have a special smile, handshake and surprise waiting just for you!  🙂 See you Monday!          Love,  Ms. Stanley

Having fun on Jekyll Island!


May 21st – 23rd

As I begin to write this final blog post for the school year, I do it  bitter sweetly. What an amazing year we had! That is what I love so much about being a first grade teacher. The growth gained over a 10 month span of time is just incredible!  🙂 I am so proud of the accomplishments made by each and every student in my class! Not only have they learned the word perseverance, but have truly exhibited it. May each and every one of them go forth with self confidence, stamina, strong academic muscles and a pride that resonates a wonderful school year. I also thank you, parents for your support of the numerous endeavors outside of the classroom that would not have ever been possible without you at home. Thank you for helping to engineer great study habits at home, and a love for coming to school each and every day! 🙂 I wish all families a fabulous summer filled with rest and adventures. Please stop by to say hello next year! 🙂

Sincerely,    Ms. Stanley



I forgot to send a reminder notice home on Friday! Please do not forget that Monday is our annual Kick Ball Day. Not knowing how the weather will affect us, it is better to be prepared if all systems are go for the event. Students need to wear a cap / hat, have sunscreen applied, and bring a beach towel to sit on. Water bottles and popsicles have been provided. Thank you Abdel Nabi and Amirouche families for your generous contributions!


Don’t forget… I need all of my home readers back for the year. If you have not yet sent them in, please do so by Tuesday. Students will not be allowed backpacks on Wednesday.


THANK YOU… Our Market Day was a HUGE success! 🙂 The students had so much fun being a consumer for the Goods & Services they received. Make sure to scroll down further in this post to see photos taken during Field Day and Market Day. I was so impressed by all of the items produced from our class that day. We had everything from baked goods to crafty airplanes, cards and a musical CD. It will certainly be a day that will have great memories.


A special Thank You to Jana’s mom,  Caden’s mom and Alyssa’s mom for volunteering their time to help out in the Gift Shop! 🙂 Thank you so much, Mona ( Maryam’s mom) for being such a FABULOUS room mom this year! I so appreciate your hard work and organization. Every event this year was great!


Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd are Early Release days. Please make arrangements at the bus stop. Elementary students are released @ 12:30.


Last call for items in the Lost & Found, as well as medication in the clinic. If you are missing something, please have your child check.


Please refer to the note sent home on Friday about the special items students may bring on Monday & Tuesday.

Field Day Fun…









Market Day Fun…















What a great day! Wonderful memories of First Grade 🙂









May 14th – 18th

It is hard to believe this is our last full week of school! What a great school year we have had. I have loved watching my students grow in skills and maturity. It will be hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful little group I have so enjoyed working with. 🙂

On the Academic Agenda:


Math:   This week our focus will be on data collections through graphing. I will also finalize any last assessments for our report card.


Reader’s Workshop:    We will discuss our last Beanie Baby friends “Jabber the Reteller” and “Fix – It Bear” , as well as have some fun Reader’s Theatre.


Writer’s Workshop:   Students will complete their informational writing, and hopefully have time to begin on our final fantasy writing piece.


Economics:   We will conclude our study of Goods / Services & Consumers / Producers this week just in time for Market Day on Friday.



A very special THANK YOU to all of the parents who have responded with Market Day forms. There will be a reminder notice going home on Monday about sending in your item by Friday morning. Our class is hosting the gift shop. Snack shop items will be sent next door to Mrs. Lantis first thing Friday morning. If you are sending your food item in a dish and want it back, please mark your name on the bottom for a safe return. 🙂


Tuesday is First Grade Field Day!!!!      Please make sure that your child wears a hat or cap, as well as sunscreen, cool clothing and most importantly appropriate tennis shoes. We are having sack lunches that day.


Friday is the much anticipated Market Day!!!! The students are over the moon about it. Earning Cougar Cash has become very important to collect. Students are learning the importance of balancing their income to be prepared for all the shopping with goods and services that day. This is an exclusive event only for first grade, so it is one of the most memorable events of the year.


Workbooks and other items such as math journals and writing portfolio contents will begin coming home a few at a time this week.


I am still missing several mailer envelopes with 3 stamps. Without these, I will be unable to mail your child’s final report card.


Have a great week! I will see you one last time here on the blog next week! 🙂


Look Who Made the Morning News with her Friday Funny…



Our very own Jana! 🙂 It was funny! Thank you for sharing. Jana!


Keeping a Clean Desk Has its Rewards!!!

Another visit from our friend, The Desk Fairy! 🙂

Way to go Emily,  Jana,  Arlam,  Khalil,  Maryam  and  Caden   🙂