Happy Aloha Friday,

On Monday, please turn in all permission slips for the Performing Arts.  You can do the money portion at a later date.

Mock spelling papers came home today. We did a nice job overall.

In the back of the student’s binders you will find a Dolch Sight Word list & a Second Grade Word List.  Please keep these both  in the binders all year long. Your child should know how to say these words (DOLCH) and spell these words by the end of 2nd grade.  They are also known as priority words, which are the most common words found in books/texts, at the age appropriate level.

In reading we are studying elements (character, setting, problem, solution).  We read a book called, Those Darn Squirrels.  (hysterical, BTW)

Writing= a good beginning, middle, and end.

Math- skip counting by 5’s, 10’s (the journals came home today for you to peek through)  Please return them on Monday. This week and next we will learn how to write a number 4 different ways (standard, expanded, word, and base ten)  Along with MUCH, MUCH more!!

Spelling/Phonics=next week= LONG vowel sounds.

Homework will begin next week.  I will attach a note on how that will work.

Social Studies= map skills and “My Georgia”




If you have not yet signed into Dojo, please do so.  If you have misplaced the direction page that went home last week, please email me and I will shoot a new one out to you.  I have begun “experimenting” with it this week.  Check out your child’s points!

We could still use candy, fun pencils, treasures to cash in this Friday.  We also still need playground equipment such as a dodgeball (or two)…

If you have not done so yet, please return the Performing Arts permission slips ASAP.  You can certainly wait on the payment portion, but send in the permission/signature portion to me.  Teachers do NOT handle money.  We send the children to the “black box” to drop their money in the school safe.

I did assign math homework last night.  It is due today.  If your child did not complete it, no worries, just turn it in on Friday.  We have been practicing Secret Number in class, but they do need your help with the clues–going from general to specific (see directions on homework worksheet).

We have done many evaluations last week and this week.  We are starting to plug in subjects into the correct time blocks.

More soon…


Information/ Water Bottles

Good morning!

Ask your child about our Morning Meetings and our new chant.  We are having a great time learning names and saying hello in different languages.

Are you checking the blog?  I fill it out almost daily.  This is where I will post important information as well as homework.

Today, your child will have a spelling list in his homework section of the binder.  Please do not toss this list.  We will use it every day in class.  I will give a MOCK test on Friday.  This will not count as a grade, but rather be used as a learning tool.


Water bottles ARE allowed in class, however, no refills here at school please. (We try to protect the academic day)  Water bottles are especially welcome in this Georgia, August heat.

We have plenty of restroom/drink breaks throughout the day.  We have our new filtered water system/fountains that PTSA bought a few years back.

We, as a 2nd grade team, try so hard to get our students in the habit of visiting the restroom (& drink) before heading home.  We hope the students are getting used to the schedules & know appropriate times of the day to use the restroom. It takes some time,  some getting used to, since there are so many practices/procedures in place.

We try to protect the last part of the day– dismissal time– since it is the busiest time.  It would be best if your child went to the restroom before dismissal but not during.  IF there is an emergency—of course…absolutely, your child can get a drink or use the restroom.


Class Dojo and passwords are coming home today.  Please sign up and add this APP to your phone.  You be able to track your child’s daily behavior.  Each password is unique to your child so only YOU can view YOUR child’s progress.

BINDERS are also coming home daily.  Please empty the “Leave at Home” section together with your child.

Cobb County paperwork is due this Friday please.

Candy is still needed for cash in.  Playground equipment is also welcomed!



*Water bottles are a welcomed addition to the classroom especially in these hot summer months. However, please  no refills here at school.  WE try to protect curriculum time as much as possible. We have plenty of restroom/water breaks in which they can drink from our new filtered fountains (THANK YOU to PTSA)  WATER only please.

This week we continue to implement and refine policies and procedures. I am also busy evaluating your children & will share scores, etc. with you at conference time.

If you would like to volunteer at Frey, parents are now required to watch a video in the front office.

I could still use parents to:

Make a large, black stick figure swimmer silhouette

Bake for the class this week (Friday= everything PRE-cut please) as a treat for great hallway behavior (we are getting noticed)

Type names (pool/swimming theme) silver for the hallway

Send in playground equipment

Send in candy (for cash-in treats) This will be on on-going wish/need


We are off to an awesome start of the school year!


THANK you parents!

What a great first two days we have had in second grade!

  • Ask your child about “Clark the Shark”
  • Music played while we transition
  •  Silent Speed Ball

Next week: evaluations, more procedures, and more tweeking…


Can you help us out?

  1. Someone to outline a stick figure swimmer silhouette for a wall in our classroom. (You can use our black paper here and my computer/doc u cam)
  2.  A parent who wouldn’t mind baking a first week (next Friday) celebration cupcake(s) or ??
  3.  Someone to type a class directory
  4.  A recess “bag.”  (band-aids, sticky notes, pen, ??) in a pouch of some sort…
  5.  Find and type names for our hallway clips

You probably have more questions regarding the above…just email me.

We could use donations of playground equipment and candy!

The help I have received already has been fantastic.


Mrs. Asher


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Splash into 2nd Grade

Mark your calendars for July 29th when class lists will go live in ParentVUE. Please remember that blue postcards will NOT be mailed out this year prior to the Frey Kickoff and Open House on July 30th. Parents will need to check ParentVUE on the 29th for homeroom assignments. If you have not already done so, please visit the office to obtain your ParentVUE login information this week. See you soon!