Tower of Books Challenge

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Dear Families,

We have been researching and developing ideas about growth mindset. One fact we learned is that people with a growth mindset look at challenges as a chance to grow their brain and get smarter. Your kiddos have been challenged to participate in the Tower of Books Challenge (thank you Mrs. Musial for the resource). Participation is optional; however, I would really love for each student to branch out and read different genres and categories of texts. The students have been given a folder that will be kept in their binders. The directions, categories, and a genre resource can be found on the folder. The students will not write anything on the folder. Miss Bennett, Mrs. Cassese, and I will be checking the boxes and giving students the books to glue to their towers. The students must read a whole book to qualify as a challenge book. They will be completing a book evaluation and responding to questions to work on our speaking and listening standards as well as our writing with text evidence standard prior to receiving their colored book strip. I hope this challenge leads to a love of reading for both the students and their families! Happy Reading!

Thanksgiving Feast

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Dear Families,

Mark your calendars for our annual Thanksgiving Feast! Third grade will have their feast on Wednesday, November 15th! Our individual times are below. To help expedite the line at the cashier, please consider prepaying rather than paying in the line on Wednesday. We are thankful for our students and their families and look forward to seeing those who are able to join us!

Mrs. Barnhart’s Feast Time is 11:20-12:00

Mrs. Massey’s Feast Time is 11:30-12:10

Please note that we will have sack lunches on Tuesday and Thursday of next week to accommodate feasts for other grade levels. Sack lunches will be the only option, so please bring a lunch from home if you prefer. Also, we will be eating in our classrooms on these days. Thank you!

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Congratulations to our AIM HIGH Leaders of the Month

Mrs. Barnhart’s Class Leaders:

Erin Murphy & Carter Mappes

Mrs. Massey’s Class Leaders:

Adi Cireddu & Johan Chang

Thank you for AIMing HIGH with attitude, ideas, management, helpfulness, influence, gratitude, and hope! We appreciate your growth mindset and leadership skills in our classrooms each day!

Curriculum Corner


Monday: Weekly Math, “Great People in U.S. History,” & Word Work Week 8 activities

Tuesday: Weekly Math, “Great People in U.S. History,” & Word Work Week 8 activities

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Our Tellus field trip is today! Don’t forget to wear a Frey or house shirt! Bring a sack lunch in a disposable container! Bring spending money if your parent says it is okay! Bring your best behavior! We look forward to a great day!

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Don’t forget that Tuesday is a teacher workday! Students will be out while teachers attend learning conferences! We hope you enjoy your day off! See you on Wednesday! Don’t forget that your reading passage and Work Work assignments are both due when you come back!

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Thank you so much for the volunteers that were able to come out to Frey Day on a Saturday! We worked hard, and it shows! Our school campus looks fantastic! Thank you for helping to create a school in which students can take pride! We appreciate you!


Curriculum Corner


Monday: Weekly Math, “The Deep Blue Sea,” & Word Work Week 7 activities

Tuesday: Weekly Math, “Great People in U.S. History,” & Word Work Week 7 activities

Wednesday: Weekly Math, “Great People in U.S. History,” Study Word Work Words for test

Thursday: Weekly Math, “Great People in U.S. History,” & Word Work Week 8 words and activities

Friday: “Great People in U.S. History ” & Word Work Week 8 words and activities

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The fourth annual Frey Day on a Saturday clean-up day will be November 4th from 8:00-11:30 A.M. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We hope to have an abundance of volunteers to help beautify our school campus. Please click the link below to sign-up. Thank you for AIMing HIGH!

Curriculum Corner


Monday: Weekly Math, “Why Do Feet Fall Asleep,” & Word Work Week 6 activities

Tuesday: Weekly Math, “The Deep Blue Sea,” & Word Work Week 6 activities

Wednesday: Weekly Math, “The Deep Blue Sea,” Study Word Work Words for test

Thursday: Weekly Math, “The Deep Blue Sea,” & Word Work Week 7 words and activities

Friday: “The Deep Blue Sea” & Word Work Week 7 words and activities

ELA: This week we are finishing up our article on Growth Mindset as well as beginning research on famous Americans that embody a growth mindset using books and online encyclopedias. We will visit the Learning Commons for a lesson on Cobb Digital Library and appropriate search engines for research. Students will be writing an informational piece using their research next week. In grammar, we are working on differentiating between action, helping, and linking verbs. Lastly, we are reviewing how to properly capitalize book titles in preparation of the 20 Book Tower Challenge which will begin on November 1 (more about that next week).

MATH: We are learning about the properties of multiplication this week. Students will learn the zero, identity, commutative, and associative properties of multiplication. These properties will strengthen their understanding of multiplication and give them strategies for solving larger multiplication facts and problems.

Commutative Property:

Associative Property:

SOCIAL STUDIES: In social studies, students will learn about European exploration. They will learn about 6 different explorers and their purpose for exploration, obstacles, and accomplishments. They will also describe examples of cooperation and conflict with the American Indians.

Parent Video (European Exploration):

Thank You

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Dear Families,

Thank you so much for attending parent/teacher conferences last week! We appreciate your time and support as always! We look forward to our continued partnership as we work as a team for the success of our kiddos!

Thank you also to our counselors, Ms. Jones and Mr. Wilson, for planning a great Career Week. The parent volunteer presenters highlighted their careers and encouraged our kids to AIM HIGH and pledge to be drug free. Thank you again!

Thank you so much to the Hospitality Committee for spoiling the teachers with yummy treats and eats last week. Your acts of kindness during a hectic week were the perfect pick-me-up!

CCRPI Survey


Please take a moment and fill out this quick survey to let the state know how we are doing.  Your feedback is an important part of our CCRPI score. Thank you!

Marianne Massey and Melissa Barnhart

Building Words Week 5 Chart

Here is the completed version (Thanks Mrs. Willis) just in case students are still having difficulty knowing what to write or how to fill in the chart. This is the information that students will need to fill in on the blank chart on Thursday for their spelling and vocabulary test. Thank you in advance for your support!

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Please remember that your child should complete the above chart, the word sort page, and the word spoke page to turn in on Wednesday, October 18th! I only had a handful with completed assignments last week. Several students hadn’t attempted any of the pages. The students have been reminded that homework is part of their job and responsibility as a student. We also give them six days to complete the Word Work activities to allow for extracurricular activities and family time in addition to school work. These skills are not just for the week. These skills are incorporated into our curriculum because they will help students read, write, and spell from now into adulthood. Please help reiterate the importance of learning and practicing how words are built by encouraging your child to complete his or her homework. Accountability is key to fostering motivated, engaged, and successful students. Thanks so much!

~Mrs. Massey