23 Days Left–Let the Craziness Begin!

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Dear Families,

With testing behind us, we are sprinting toward the finish line of third grade, and we can hardly believe it! Because this is such a busy time of year, please be sure to check our class blog, emails, and your child’s agenda to stay up-to-date on each week’s curriculum and classroom news!

ELA: While we are all thrilled that testing is complete, we still have teaching and learning to do! We will be working on our end of the year Developmental Reading Assessments, writing fictional narratives to adapt well known fairy tales, and researching and reading texts about water and water pollution around the world. We will also finish up learning about simple, compound, and complex sentences to enhance our writing. Please encourage your child to give his or her best effort as the reading assessment and writing we are doing will accompany your child to fourth grade. These assignments will give the fourth grade teachers a sneak peek of your child’s academics, and we want the teachers to have an accurate depiction of what your child can do!

MATH: The students are using math skills to create a meal plan for a day at Disney. They are using different operations to calculate a full day of meals for their family while keeping within their budget. This assignment also reinforces goods and services curriculum. What a great way to incorporate third grade skills in real world applications!

SCIENCE: We are celebrating Earth Day on Friday! The students will be rotating to each classroom to complete a math activity. At the conclusion of each activity, the students will receive a clue to solve a mystery. Who is polluting the Earth? Bring your best math and sleuthing skills on Friday to find out! We are also watching “The Lorax” to reinforce the importance of taking care of the environment. An orange permission slip will go home in your child’s binder on Monday! Please sign and return those as soon as possible! Thank you for helping us make learning meaningful for our kiddos!

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4/26     STEM Lab (wear STEM, Frey, or House shirt on Thursday)

4/27     Earth Day Rotation & Movie (students only event), Progress Reports, & “Under the Sea” school dance

5/2       Tug of War during Specials (students only event)

5/4       STEM Lab (wear STEM, Frey, or House shirt on Thursday)

5/8       Volunteer Brunch

5/11      Variety Show at 6pm

5/14      AAA Olympics–Academic & STEM, Yearbooks, & Sack Lunches (students only event)

5/15      AAA Olympics–Field Day 9-11:30, Sack Lunches, Ice Cream Social and Class Awards at 12:00 (all parents welcome for any and all events)

*Please note we will be sending home a May calendar on April 30th with ALL events and descriptions of events for the remainder of the year.*


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Due to Milestones testing, there will be no homework for the next two weeks! Practice and review as needed. Relax and get a good night’s rest!

Testing Reminders

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Click here for the testing schedule. Testing will begin at 8:00. Please make every effort to be on time each day of testing. Once testing has begun, students cannot be permitted to enter the classroom until a scheduled break between sections. Tardiness means that your child has to make up the test in the afternoon in a different setting. We want each student to feel comfortable and minimize stress.

Students should dress comfortably and bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case they get cold. Our temperatures in our classrooms are as fickle as the weather in Georgia!

Just BREATHE! We know you can do it, kiddos!

~Mrs. Barnhart, Ms. Bennett, and Mrs. Massey

April 9-20 Happenings

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During the two weeks of testing, we will have an alternate lunch and specials schedule.

Massey Lunch: 10:55-11:19

Barnhart Lunch: 10:57-11:21

Specials will be from 11:30-12:15 each day. Please be sure that your child is wearing tennis shoes on his or her PE days. Thank you!

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*Please return report card envelopes and self-addressed stamped white envelopes if you have not done so already. We are still missing a few.

*Don’t forget to send in your snack/pencil donations on Monday, April 9th! Thank you for your support! We appreciate your kindness and generosity!

Milestones Resource

 GA DOE Milestone Study Guide

This a a lengthy document, but it is filled with excellent examples and explanations of questions similar to those on the GA Milestones for both ELA and Math. Click the link above and print what you need. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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To help guide you to pertinent pages regarding ELA content in the study guide linked above, I have listed page numbers for your convenience! I hope this helps!

Overview of Types of Questions on the Milestones can be found on pages 6-7

Literary (fictional) Reading Information can be found on pages 24-26

Informational Reading Information can be found on pages 32-35

Opinion Reading Information can be found on pages 36-39

Sample Scoring Rubrics for Writing can be found on pages 56-58

Narrative Writing Rubrics can be found on pages 61-63

Informational Writing Rubrics can be found on pages 64-65

Opinion Writing Rubrics can be found on pages 66-67

It’s Almost Time to Shine

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Dear Students,

Your chance to shine is almost here! The Milestones are around the corner, and your teachers want you to just remember to BREATHE. We know that you have worked hard in preparation of the “big game” all year long! Know that we are cheering you on for every question and on every day! Remember to have a GROWTH MINDSET and DO NOT QUIT UNTIL YOU ARE PROUD!

MILESTONES coming soon . . . beginning April 10th!

Mrs. Massey & Mrs. Barnhart

Report Cards & Blank Envelopes

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Report cards will be distributed on Wednesday of this week. Please keep the report card for your records; however, please sign and return the report card envelope at your earlier convenience.

Additionally, the final report card for the year will be mailed after the completion of the school year. We are sending home a blank envelope for you to address and affix two stamps. Please note that report cards will be held in the office if a self addressed, stamped envelope is not provided prior to the last day of school. Thank you for your support!

Picture Day

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Class Pictures will be taken this Friday (March 23rd).

All students will be in the class picture, so please dress accordingly. Individual pictures will also be taken for those who wish to purchase them. Picture envelopes for class and/or individual pictures will be going home Monday in your child’s binder. Please do not send envelopes and/or money until Friday. Thanks so much!

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Join us today in our STEM-tastic Campaign by helping to raise funds for continued resources in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction at Frey.  YOU are the Frey Foundation, and your students need your support! Visit the Foundation link on our website to learn more, and please share the link below with any businesses and/or individuals that might wish to give a tax-free donation on behalf of your student and his or her teacher!


Listed below are some ways that previous donations to our Frey Foundation directly impact your student this year:

–mind bender games for indoor recess and early finisher activities

–USA Test Prep access

–enrichment activities such as logic puzzles and analogies

–bi-monthly STEM lab experiences with Mrs. Johnson

–STEM Night materials for make and take lava lamps

–new iPads for creation apps, math apps, and research purposes

–extra laptops for research and publishing purposes

–after school enrichment programs from chess to robotics to art

Donations to the Frey STEMtastic Campaign help to create experiences that are engaging to students and help to enrich the curriculum here at Frey! Every donation is a win for our school! As always, thank you so much for your support! We APPRECIATE you!!

~Mrs. Barnhart & Mrs. Massey