This month we are focusing on the Learner Profile traits of Inquirer and Knowledgeable.

For Inquirer, we are focusing on lessons we can learn from the book Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty.  This is a fabulous book that shows how the curiosity of a little girl guided her into becoming a scientist.  It is an example of how the joy and process of inquiry can be something continued throughout your lifetime.  We would like to encourage this trait in our students and make sure they continue to love learning long after they graduate.


We are also focusing on being Knowledgeable.  The power of this trait is exemplified through the book One Hen by Katie Milway.  It is the story of a boy in a poor village in Ghana who was given a small loan with which he bought a hen.  He then gained knowledge of how to care for it, how to farm and how to grow his money.  Years later, he was the largest chicken farm in the country and he had provided for future generations and his community.  It is based off the true story of Dr. Kwabena Darko who then created a trust to be able to give loans to those who cannot get them from traditional banks.  You can learn more about the story at

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