March 7, 2018

March Challenge

The March Reading Challenge has been issued! Kindergarten, First, and Second grades need to read 200 minutes while Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades need to complete 400 minutes.  Keep track of your minutes and enter them once a week to stay on top of logging them into Biblionasium! Come the Library Media Center if you need help. Good Luck.

Congratulations to these kiddos who completed the February challenge!  Keep up the work!

February 6, 2018

February Challenge has been issued! Good Luck!

The February Reading Challenge has been issued.

Kindergarten and First: Read 100 minutes
Second read: 200 minutes
Third read: 300 minutes
Fourth read: 400 minutes
Fifth read: 500 minutes

Don’t forget that you will have loads of time to read over the February break!  You can do it!
If you are having trouble logging into Biblionasium, please email Ms. Crosby ([email protected])

Login Credentials:
Username: student number
Password: computer password


February 4, 2018

January Results and February Challenge Coming Soon!

Results are in from the January Challenge and here are the students who met their goals:

Keep it up!

The February challenge is coming this week. Biblionasium is running an update for our school and I want to let that complete before setting a new goal.  Keep reading and keep a note of the minutes that you have so far and then input them when the new challenge is issued.

Good Luck!