Welcome Back!

We are up and running in the Library Media Center! ¬†Classes started visiting today for orientations and all students should have library books to read by the end of next week. Fourth and Fifth-grade classes have had fun working through a “Goosechase” scavenger hunt to re-familiarize themselves with the library operation. Pardon some of the blurry shots here – the kids were moving fast, having fun, and some of the shots were taken from my laptop.

I will send home a flyer later this month or early in September outlining all of the resources available to students. This will include how to log into our databases, retrieve e-books, and more. Be sure to read carefully about upcoming changes to our Tiger Reading Program too. We have some exciting changes to how reading will be documented each month that will be more engaging for our students. But do not wait until next month to get into the habit of reading with your child. Read EVERY DAY!