January 7, 2018

Tiger Reading Challenge Refresh and PASS

We are truly starting over in 2018!  The Tiger Reading Challenge got off to a rocky start this year with a new platform (Biblionasium) and then a big change to our login process mid-semester. So, because of the learning curve and then a login curve ball, we are starting over the Tiger Reading Challenge medal count! Students will need to meet all challenges from January through April to earn their Tiger reading medal. (KUDOS to those of you who were able to keep up with the chaos from September through November – you are ROCKSTARS!) The January Challenge has been issued. Kindergarten and First grade students need to read  and log 100 minutes into Biblionasium. Second and Third graders need to read and log 200 minutes and Fourth and Fifth need 300 minutes. This challenge is easy and I know that EVERYONE should meet this goal.

Here are the steps for logging into Biblionasium:
1. Click on the Biblionasium link located in the column to the right, under “Helpful Links”.
2. Click to log in with Destiny (this is our library catalog hosted by Follett).
3. Your Follett account credentials are your student number and computer password.
4. Bingo!  You should be logged in.  Check that your name is correct.  HINT: To log minutes, you must first put a book on your bookshelf. If you need help, please see Ms. Crosby.

And now introducing PASS – our district’s partnership with the Cobb County Public Library System!

We are really excited to announce this addition of resources available to students. In a nutshell, each Cobb County student may use their student number as a library card to check out materials and use online resources. Take advantage of the digital resources especially audio books! What a wonderful way to hear more great stories. Download the letter to read more about what is offered through this exciting new partnership. 

To log into the PASS resources, students will use their student number and then a PIN which is their two digit birth month and two digit birth day. (Example, February 4th PIN would be 0204 and October 15th PIN would be 1031.)

The PASS website is: www.cobbcat.org/librarypass

You can also access the PASS website through the Cobb Digital Library/MackinVIA.
The CDL login is: [email protected] and your computer password.

I know, this is A LOT of different logins and passwords to remember! The best way to help your student is to encourage him or her to know their student number (also called lunch number/ student ID) and their password when logging into computers. This information will be increasingly important during their time as a Cobb student. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Read, read, and read some more!
Amy Crosby
[email protected]


October 18, 2017

Cobb Digital Library Home Access Update

The Cobb Digital Library login has changed! The login credentials are now the same as your child’s Office 365 login.

www.mackinvia.com AND O365:
Username: [email protected]
Password: Computer / Network password

The Biblionasium/Destiny login credentials have NOT changed. Students will still use their student number and computer / network password to access these databases.

October 8, 2017

Book Fair and October Reading Challenge

The Book Fair is coming!  It will be held in the Media Center Monday through Friday during conference week (Oct. 16-20).  The hours are as follows:

Monday:       7:15 – 2:00
Tuesday:       7:15 – 2:00
Wednesday: 7:15 – 2:00
Thursday:     7:15 – 2:00
Friday:          7:15 – 12:00

You also have the option of shopping online at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/teasleyelementary
Online shopping will be available through October 24, 2017.

The October Tiger Reading Challenge has been issued.
Kindergarten and First Grade: read 200 minutes
Second and Third Grades: read 400 minutes
Fourth and Fifth Grades: read 600 minutes

Good Luck!