December 14, 2018

Relax and read a good book over the winter break!

I hope everyone receives lots of new books to read over the break!

Six Flags reading logs have been provided to students who would like to earn a summer ticket. Read and log 360 minutes on the paper log and return to your teacher after the break. You can log those same minutes in Biblionasium to work towards the 600 minute goal for December too! The students who met the November goal had fun making bookmarks this week. Stay tuned to see what the December reward will be. 😉


November 2, 2018

Civic Footprint

Fourth Grade Classes have been learning about their “Civic Footprint” and how our government is organized. By learning about their Civic Footprint, they learn who represents them and gets them to think about their community. They can now identify key elected officials and understand who makes decisions to impact their community. We specifically researched the candidates running for our area’s school board post. I hope that they are excited to understand their roll as citizens in the election process and looking forward to reviewing the results after Tuesday’s elections!

October 7, 2018

Join the Super 600 Club!

Congratulations to those who completed the September Reading Challenge. These students will be adding stickers to a mosaic poster outside of the library. We have no idea what the picture will turn out to be!  The more students who complete the challenge each month, the faster the image will come into view. I cannot wait to see what it is!  Meanwhile, if students want to take a guess, they may submit their guess on a piece of paper and I will start hanging the guesses around the poster.

Four September Super 600 Readers!

The Challenge continues for October too!  Read 600 minutes and qualify to help add stickers to our mosaic. The more we read, the more we can work together to build this image. I hope everyone can join the Super 600 Club of readers!