Sora is an online reading platform for young students. Through Sora, users can check out and read books online or download them onto devices to read or listen to offline. Sora accounts can also be connected to the Cobb County Public Library database of e-Books!  Check it out!

Happy Reading!
~ Ms. Crosby

To access SORA:

  • Download the app or visit to log in. 
  • Click to find any Cobb County School or search for Teasley – you will sign in as the Cobb County School District.
  • Log in with Active Directory using your O365 login which is Firstname.Lastname for username and then your computer password (most students are “read” or “123”). 
  • Use the Explore tab to browse the books, borrow, and begin reading!
  • Link the SORA app to the Cobb County Public Library for even more titles!

Sora Login Steps