Tiger Reading Challenge

The Tiger Reading Challenge is a school-wide reading program that challenges students to read each month. Students who complete challenges will have their names submitted for special prize drawings and have the ability to earn a Tiger Reading Medal at the end of the year.  Complete each challenge and you will earn it!

The reading program is being completed through Biblionasium, a social book club for kids. This site allows them to keep track of their reading, rate, review, and discover books to read. It is a safe alternative to “Goodreads” for kids. I hope that you will enjoy exploring the site with your child.

Flyers were sent home in September and classes were introduced to Biblionasium! The site is easily accessed through the Cobb Digital Library. I hope that you will enjoy not having to keep up with a paper log or worry about missing a deadline for submitting it. Keep up with your monthly challenge online and you will never be late!

If you are completing your homework each night, then you will easily reach these challenge goals!

Remember, if you complete the Tiger Reading Challenge each month, you will earn a Tiger Reading Medal at the end of the year.  Good Luck!

Email Ms. Crosby if you have any questions.
[email protected]

To access Biblionasium from home, log into the Cobb Digital Library using the same login credentials as your Office 365 account:

Username: [email protected]
Password: Computer password

The Biblionasium/Destiny login is:

Username: student number f
Password: Computer password

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    • Thank you Emmy! I had fun too! Yes, thoroughly enjoyed my gift…you are sweet! I hope that you join a middle school reading bowl team next year!

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