February 12th-16th

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I would like to thank you all, again, for everything you did during Teacher Appreciation Week! I appreciate all of you and the support you have given me this year!


**This week is National School Counselor Week! The dress-up days are as follows:

Monday (12th) Dress like your favorite movie star

Tuesday (13th) Dress like your favorite super career attire

Wednesday (14th) Dress in your favorite super color

Thursday (15th) Dress in your favorite super sports attire

Friday (16th) Wear your favorite super star ES eagle t-shirt/class shirt

**I hope you received the Valentines Exchange letter that came home in your child’s Monday folder last week! Your child may begin bringing in their Valentines beginning tomorrow. We will exchange on Wednesday (2/14). Please make sure your child has a Valentine addressed to all 23 students. On the letter that I sent home, I wrote the names of all 23 students in our class, so your child can address them. If you need another letter, please send me an email or ask your child to ask me for another one. Also, as a reminder, your child does not need to bring in a Valentine box, as we are decorating bags for the exchange in the classroom.

**Your child should have brought home a Colonies study guide on Thursday. Please remember we will have a test on this on Tuesday (2/13). Please ensure your child is studying and prepared!

**Please ensure you read all papers that are coming home in tomorrow’s Monday folders. There are a few extremely important letters coming home regarding the upcoming Milestones Assessment.

**Special Requests- We are looking for some small/inexpensiive wind-up toys (possibly from Fast Food Kid’s Meals) for our next grade-level STEM day on March 9th. These toys will be taken apart and reconstructed, therefore will not be able to be returned. Thank you!

**Homework for this week will include Weekly Reading Menu and math practice.

Upcoming Units of Study for the week ahead:

Reading Workshop: This week we will finish Because of Winn-Dixie and wrap up our second bend of our Character Studies Unit. Students will focus on author’s craft and theme. We will wrap up the week with an assessment.

Writing Workshop: This week our focus will be on choosing words that sound right and evoke emotion. Students will be encouraged to really think about their audience when writing their persuasive speeches.

Orton Gillingham: This week we will learn another vowel team, “ou” and “ow”.

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the early British Colonies. Students will have a test on Tuesday, February 13th.

Math: We will continue with a review of measurement and line plots on Monday, and will assess Monday afternoon. The rest of the week we will be focusing on word problem strategies.


Monday- P.E.

Tuesday- Computer

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Science Lab


Have the best week,

Tess Field


WOW- I am blown away by the gift basket from the class today filled with school supplies and other fun stuff for the classroom. I truly am so blessed to have each and every one of your students in my room. All of you have been more than amazing to me this year, and your continuous support means the world to me. I truly believe I have the absolute best class on the planet!!!! Thank you again!!

Also, I sent home a Colonies study guide today. Their test will be on Tuesday (1/13). Please have your child study!

February 5th-9th

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing and restful weekend. WOW- everyone’s dioramas look AMAZING! We got through 3 diorama presentations on Friday, and we will continue with them tomorrow and throughout this week!

A huge “thank you” to Mr. Miller for coming for “Breakfast with a Book” on Friday! The students had a great time listening to the stories (and the Marietta Donuts were a great “plus” too!!).


– Jane O’Connor, author of the popular series “Fancy Nancy”, will be visiting East Side Elementary this Thursday to speak to our 3rd graders! If you would like a book to be autographed to your child, please visit https://www.foxtalebookshoppe.com/east-side-elementary-school/ to place your order!  If you order a book online, please send me a quick e-mail telling me you purchased a book! To celebrate Mrs. O’Connor coming, students are encouraged to dress up fancy on Thursday!

– Homework for this week will include their Character unit “Weekly Reading Menu”, math practice, and grammar practice. Please make sure your child is reading at LEAST 30 minutes nightly. Studies show that a child needs to read an hour daily to maintain their reading level. Thank you!

-Please read your child’s letter home from Friday, and write back. We are starting cursive soon, so feel free to write in cursive to them, as soon they will be writing in cursive to YOU! 🙂

-We started book clubs last week!! So exciting! I still need to meet with one book club, as I ordered their books online and am waiting for them to come in. This is such a fun and exciting time during our Reading Workshop, and is a great way to get students talking about their stories. Please be sure to ask your child about their book club, as they will be SO excited to tell you!!

-Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please tear box tops off at home, and send in a plastic baggy with your child’s name, my name, and the number of Box Tops in the bag! Thank you!

Upcoming Units of Study for the week ahead:

Reading Workshop: This week, we will focus on supporting/secondary characters, and the role they play in stories, as well as the role illustrations play in a story. Your child will be working with their book clubs during class, as well.

Writing Workshop: This week, our focus will be on providing clear examples to support our opinion writing. Students will be encouraged to “show” their audience an example through personal experiences and descriptive words.

Social Studies: We will start our week off by learning about the British and Thirteen Colonies! We will also continue with student diorama presentations on their science habitats and regions!

Orton-Gillingham: Students will work on “vowel teams” ai and ay, and we will begin to learn about the vowel teams “ou” and “ow”.

Math: We will begin our unit on measurement. Students will learn how to measure objects to the nearest inch, 1/2 inch, and 1/4 inch. They will also learn how to plot data on a line plot.


Monday: Science Lab

Tuesday: Guidance

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Math Lab (dress FANCY for our author’s visit!)

Friday: Art

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Please reach out to me for any questions you may have!! 🙂

-Tess Field

Picture Day- TOMORROW

Just a friendly reminder- tomorrow, Thurs. February 1st, is School Picture Day! Unfortunately, we will be taking our pictures straight from lunch, so please keep that in mind! If you have picture order forms, please have your child turn them into me in the morning. Thank you all 🙂

January 29th- February 2nd

Hi everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend. We had a great first FULL week back to school! I hope you all enjoyed our “Bring on the Snow” performance! The students worked so hard and we thought they did an outstanding job with just one rehearsal day (ah- snow!)


– Picture Day will be this Thursday, February 1st. We will also take our class picture that day. Order forms will be sent home in Monday folders this week. 

– Jane O’Connor, author of the popular series “Fancy Nancy”, will be visiting East Side Elementary on February 8th to speak to our 3rd graders! If you would like a book to be autographed to your child, please visit https://www.foxtalebookshoppe.com/east-side-elementary-school/ to place your order! All books will be delivered when Mrs. O’Connor visits, and she will autograph them there! If you order a book online, please send me a quick e-mail telling me you purchased a book!

– Please remember your child’s Georgia Regions Diorama project is due this Friday, February 2nd. If you have any questions regarding this project, please email me!

-Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please tear box tops off at home, and send in a plastic baggy with your child’s name, my name, and the number of Box Tops in the bag! Thank you!

Upcoming Units of Study for the week ahead:

Reading Workshop: This week, we will begin with a quick check to see where the students are with character traits. Then, we will begin our second bend, where we will follow a character’s journey, as we continue to use Because of Winn-Dixie as our anchor text. Students will learn about plotting a story on a story mountain. 

Writing Workshop: This week, we will continue working on our first persuasive speeches about something we see wrong in the world. They will work to provide examples to support their reasons in their writing, and we will also be writing to address our audience as needed.

Science: This week, we will finish up our Georgia Regions- we have 3 more to go! A study guide will be sent home this week, and we will test on these regions on Tuesday, February 6th.

Orton-Gillingham: This week, we will focus on Syllable Division and start our first vowel teams- “ai” and “ay”!

Math: This week, we will wrap up our unit on fractions. We will focus on placing and recognizing fractions on a number line and comparing fractions using models and manipulatives. We will have a test on fractions this Friday.


Monday: Art

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Computer Lab

Thursday: Music

Friday: P.E.

Have a wonderful week! As always, please email me for any questions/concerns!

-Tess Field

Bestselling author, Jane O’Connor, is coming to East Side!

Bestselling author, Jane O’Connor is coming to East Side Elementary! Jane will make a presentation to the third grade team on Thursday, February 8th! If you would like to purchase a book to be autographed to your child, please contact: FoxTale Book Shoppe, 105 E. Main St., #138, Woodstock, GA 30188; 770-516-9989, www.foxtalebookshoppe.com . Fox Tale Book Shoppe has added a link to their website for you to purchase books to be autographed (exclusively for East Side):


At this time, East Side cannot accept cash sales for her books, and all books need to be purchased through FoxTale Book Shoppe, and the books will be brought to East Side on February 8th. If you purchase a book online, please let me know.

Homework this week

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone for coming to the 3rd grade play last night. It went SO well. The students have been working so hard!

As you may have seen, for your child’s homework this week and next week, they will be creating a diorama project. Along with this project, they will also complete their normal Weekly Reading Menu. Directions for the diorama project were sent home in your child’s Homework Folder. Below, I have included pictures of examples for my students in the past. (This year, the ocean region is not a choice).

Along with the directions, I included a quick description of animal and plant examples that your child can include for the region they chose. Please e-mail me with any questions!


January 22nd-26th

Wow- what a crazy week! I hope you all stayed warm and enjoyed some unexpected time off!

As a reminder, our 3rd grade music performance is still on for Monday night at 6:00pm. Students should be in their classroom between 5:40-5:45pm. As a reminder, all students (other than speaking parts) will wear their class t-shirt with jeans on Monday night. Students with speaking parts should bring their costumes to school Monday morning for our dress rehearsal. We will also perform Tuesday morning at 8:00am for the school, so please make sure students have their costumes then, as well. Thank you for your patience! I can’t wait to see you there!

Please join us for our schoolwide STEM night Tuesday, January 23rd from 6:00-7:30! It will be a fun event for the whole family!

Our week’s Reading, Writing, Science and Math focus from last week will be pushed to this week due to our snow days.

Specials for the week ahead:

Monday- P.E.

Tuesday- Science Lab

Wednesday- Guidance

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Math Lab

See you all tomorrow evening and Tuesday evening!



January 16-19th

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their nice, long weekend.

Our class is continuing to collect Box-Tops. Please collect them at home and send in a plastic baggie with your child’s name and “Field” written on the baggie!

Please make plans to join us for our 3rd grade performance of “Bring on the Snow” on January 22nd at 6:00PM. Students need to be in our classroom at 5:40 that evening. Students with a speaking part needs to wear their costumes, and all other students will wear their class t-shirt and jeans. If you can’t make it to the evening performance, we will be performing for the school on January 23rd at 8:00am. So, students need to dress for the performance at school that day. Thanks!

Please join us for our annual Family STEM Night this January 23rd from 6:00-7:30pm! Cheer your child on as they make paperclips fly, build roller coasters, play with robots, and much more! Mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this fun-filled STEM Night! **Please note: this is not a drop-off event**

Homework: This week, your child is to read for at least 30 minutes each night. It is no longer 20-30 minutes. At this point in the year, your child should be able to easily read 30 minutes at home nightly. Research shows that in order for a child to maintain their reading level they need to read at least 1 hour each day. 

Units of Study for the week ahead:

Reading Workshop: As a class, we are reading Because of Winn-Dixie, and are studying the main character Opal. We will grow theories about our characters and their traits based on the evidence they read in the text.

Writing Workshop: We will continue our opinion writing and will practice writing persuasive speeches, while focusing on problems they see in their world/in our community.

Orton Gillingham: This week we will continue working with suffixes, and writing comparative and superlative adjectives.

Science: We will be focusing on adaptations of plants and animals, and how those adaptations support survival in Georgia’s regions.

Math: We are continuing our fractions unit. This week, we will be recognizing fractions from pictures, and learning about fractions on a number line.

Specials for the week ahead:

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- P.E.

Thursday- Computer Lab

Friday- Music

Have a wonderful week!