Polar Express on Friday

Hi everyone,

We are still in need of many donations for our upcoming Polar Express with our book buddies on Friday. If you are able, I still need the following by Thursday:

  • A pack of 20ish individual bags of hot chocolate
  • A bag of mini marshmellows
  • A pack of 40-50 mini Styrofoam cups (12 oz)
  • A bag of miniature candy canes

Please let me know ASAP if you are able to donate any of the above items! We would GREATLY appreciate it. I am getting everything else we need for the craft/activity. Thank you to Mrs. Bueno for already donating some hot chocolate! Happy Tuesday 🙂

-Tess Field

December 10th-14th

I would like to say a HUGE “THANK YOU” to Mrs. Coleman for joining our class for Breakfast with a Book. Our students had the best time enjoying latkes, jelly donuts, and learning about the many traditions of Hanukkah. Your child also learned many new Hebrew words, and even got to play many rounds of Dreidel 🙂 See pictures below, it was so much fun!


I would also like to say “THANK YOU” to Mrs. Souza and Mr. Liu for joining our class for a fun movie on Friday, so all the staff in the building were able to enjoy a nice holiday luncheon. December is such a crazy time of the year in a school, and it was so nice to have “real” time we are able to spend with our fellow co-workers. Thank you both for allowing me to have this opportunity!

I hope your child told you about our visitor that joined our class Friday morning! If not, be sure to ask them about “Buddy” (aka our “kindness elf”). During the time he will spend with us, he has challenged our class to random acts of kindness. We spent a good amount of time on Friday talking about random acts of kindness, and how we can always help people around us in everyday situations! I believe that as my job as your child’s teacher, is not only to teach them academics, but also to prepare them for some of life’s most important lessons. As their teacher, we will be talking about how to be independent, responsible, kind, how to create friendships, etc. For the remaining 10 days before holiday break, we will be working on “kindness” in our classroom. Throughout the next few weeks, your child will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and to find places for “random acts of kindness”. Please use this as a valuable life lesson at home as well, and talk to your child about the importance of “kindness” and the impact they can have on someone’s life.  We will be having these conversations daily in the classroom. This will also be apart of your child’s homework packet this week!!

For our STEM project & American Indian classroom transformation project, we need the following donations to make this project happen: cleaned out milk jugs, Pringles cans, wrapping paper tubes, and paper towel tubes!

Announcements for the week ahead…

Homework for this week will include: Weekly Reading Menu (have your child complete on their biography for their project), Random Acts of Kindness challenge board, studying their social studies study guide, and to work on their Biography Timeline Project that is due December 14th.

On Friday, we will be having a Polar Express celebration with our kindergarten book buddies, and we may even have a surprise mystery reader (shhh!). Our class is in charge of bringing the hot chocolate packets with mini marshmellows. If you can donate a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate with the mini marshmellows, or a bag of mini marshmellows, please email me and let me know! I would greatly appreciate! I will be getting all the other materials we need! You can send these in as early as Monday! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please send them in a Ziploc baggie with your child’s name on them and the amount of Box Tops on it, as well!

If you saw our Halloween centers, then you already know our room moms have planned and organized wonderful winter centers! They need your help to make it a success! On Friday, they sent out a Shutterfly sign-up page asking for volunteers to join the fun holiday centers in our classroom on Tuesday, December 18th, from 12:45-2:00. Please sign-up if you are able to join- it will be SO much fun and is a great opportunity to spend time with your child in the classroom!

I will be submitting our December Scholastic Book Order Tuesday, December 11th, to ensure it arrives before we leave for winter break. Feel free to order items off the website as a gift. You can send me a quick email, and I will keep your books in the classroom until we can arrange a time for you to get them without your child knowing. I have had many parents in the past ask if this is an option, so I am definitely happy to do so if you are interested!

A social studies study guide was sent home last Wednesday on the American Indian regions and a map of the United States rivers and mountains. We will be having this assessment on Friday, December 14th. Please ensure your child is studying DAILY, as this is a fairly large assessment!

The units of study for the week ahead:

Reading Workshop: As we are wrapping up our nonfiction unit, we will continue practicing and assessing our nonfiction strategies within our reading. We will also be doing a novel study on The Chocolate Touch.

Writing Workshop: Tomorrow, we will begin the editing and revising phase of publishing our nonfiction writing. Towards the middle/end of the week, we will be working on publishing our nonfiction writing books!

Orton-Gillingham: Suffix patterns and rules.

Social Studies: We will complete our study on the American Indians and the U.S. rivers and mountain ranges. I sent a study guide home last Wednesday over this material. We will test on the American Indians, rivers and mountains on Friday, Dec. 14th.

Math: We will continue our unit on Area, using the Distributive Property of Multiplication to aid us. 

Specials for the week ahead…

Monday- P.E.

Tuesday- Computer Lab

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Maker Space

Have a great week,

Tess Field

Dec. 3rd-7th

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! A HUGE “thank you” to Mrs. Bueno for coming for Breakfast with a Book on Friday. The students LOVED their Chick-Fil-A biscuits & yummy juiceboxes!

Announcements for this week..

Homework for this week will include: Weekly Reading Menu (have your child complete on their biography for their project), math homework, and to work on their Biography Timeline Project that is due Monday, December 17th.

As the year goes on, I love to give students a two week project to complete on their reading, to change up their reading homework and to get them really excited about it! This week, your child will get their first project. Your child should read a biography chapter book (the “Who Was” books are great for this!). If you don’t have a biography book on level for your child at home, please let me know and I can send them to the media center to check one out. In this week’s homework packet, directions for the project and a rubric will be sent home for you to read. Your student has until Monday, December 17th to read their biography book and to find the 10 most important events in their life. They will use this information to create a large timeline of that person’s life! I want them to have FUN with this, but also to concentrate on completing an accurate and thoughtful project at the end. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

This Friday, December 7th, East Side Administration is hosting a holiday lunch for all staff in the building. They have requested that each teacher ask two parents in the room to come in while we enjoy a movie in the classroom. We are still looking for one parent volunteer! If you are able to come to the classroom on Friday from 11:15-1:00, please sign-up on Shutterfly. I would GREATLY appreciate it 🙂

Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please send them in a Ziploc baggie with your child’s name on them and the amount of Box Tops on it, as well!

If you saw our Halloween centers, then you already know our room moms have planned and organized wonderful winter centers! They need your help to make it a success! This week, please be on a lookout for a Shutterfly sign-up page for volunteer slots for December 18th.

Please see a note below from the third grade team 🙂

Parents,     As you know, this quarter we have been learning about American Indians with a focus on how the region they lived in impacted their way of life. On December 18th and 19th, as a culminating activity, third grade students will host a walk-through museum. Each third grade classroom will represent a different region, and students will teach their fellow third graders about the types of food, clothing, shelter, and games the American Indians had in this region.

         In order to prepare for this, students will complete STEM activities to create their props for this project. We would love your help with this. Starting Monday, December 3rd – Friday, December 14th, we will be collecting the following items: cleaned milk jugs and Pringles cans, wrapping paper tubes, and paper towel tubes (no toilet paper tubes please- we have plenty!).

         Thank you so much for your help. This is going to be such an exciting hands-on opportunity for students to showcase all they have learned.

Upcoming Units of Study for the week ahead..

Reading Workshop: This week we will focus on narrative nonfiction as well as how to adjust when we encounter a hybrid nonfiction text.

Writing Workshop: Students will begin the publishing phase of their writing! The students have worked so hard on their informational books this quarter!

Social Studies: This week, we will continue our unit on American Indians and learn about the major American rivers and two mountain ranges (Mississippi River, Ohio River, Rio Grande River, Colorado River, Hudson River, St. Lawrence River, Rocky Mountains, and Appalachian Mountains).

Orton-Gillingham: We will focus on Subject-Verb Agreement and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement.

Math: We finished up our unit on Multiples of 10, and I will continue to pull small groups who need a little more time with this skill. We will then be moving on to finding the area of rectangles by multiplying the side lengths together. As you can tell, we are continuing to build upon our multiplication skills each week as we move forward in third grade. As much practice on multiplication fact fluency that you can do at home would be incredibly helpful to your child. We are practicing in class, too 🙂

Specials for this week…

Monday- Maker Space

Tuesday- STEM Lab

Wednesday- P.E.

Thursday- Guidance

Friday- Art

Have a wonderful week!!!


November 26th-30th

I hope everyone had a wonderful week full of family time, relaxation and yummy food!! I can’t believe it is almost December! I can already feel how fast this year is going, and I don’t like it! I cannot wait to see my third grade friends in the morning!!

Announcements for the week ahead..

–Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please collect as many at home, count the total and send in a Ziploc baggy to school! We have so many already!

-I will be submitting our class’s Scholastic Book Order THIS Friday, November 30th. As the holiday season begins, feel free to order items off the website as a gift. You can send me a quick email, and I will keep your books in the classroom until we can arrange a time for you to get them without your child knowing. I have had many parents in the past ask if this is an option, so I am definitely happy to do so if you are interested!

-Homework for this week will consist of the Nonfiction Weekly Reading Menu, a Subject/Verb Agreement practice, math practice and IXL log. Please remember that the Weekly Reading Menu should be completed on a nonfiction text!

Units of Study for the week ahead…

Reading- We will continue our study on our nonfiction unit, while seeking the underlying ideas in true stories. We are also continuing to read Narrative Nonfiction (biographies) during our independent reading time.

Writing- As we continue our nonfiction expert writing unit, we are working towards editing and revising our subtopics and chapters. We are working SO hard on “digging through” our research to include in our writing.

Social Studies- We will continue our study on the Native Americans and will assess all 6 regions and the natural resources they had on Friday, November 30th.

Grammar/Orton Gillingham- We will begin our week learning about Subject/Verb Agreement and Irregular Verbs. 

Math- We will begin the week by reviewing our strategies for two step multiplication and division word problems, and will be assessing towards the end of the week. We will also be moving on and learning about multiples of 10 and the best strategies for solving these problems.

I cannot wait to see all of my favorite third graders tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon before the week begins!

  • Tess Field

November 12th – 16th

Happy Sunday! We had such a nice week in third grade last week. Our Veteran’s Day Parade turned out wonderfully- so thank you for dressing your child in red, white and blue. A HUGE “thank you” to Mr. Griffith for joining us for Breakfast with a Book on Friday, and to Mr. Coleman for joining us last Monday! Students LOVE Breakfast with a Book!!

Announcements for the week ahead:

-The Book Fair begins tomorrow! Our class will go downstairs and visit the Book Fair TOMORROW, Monday, November 12th from 1:35pm-2:00. You are more than welcome to meet our class in the media center tomorrow at 1:35 (right before dismissal 🙂 ) to shop with your child! If you can’t make it, you can certainly bring in cash with your child, and I can help them shop! The Book Fair’s hours are posted below, as you can visit anytime this week before or after school!

Monday- 8:00am – 4:00pm

Tuesday- 8:00am – 2:00pm THEN Family Night from 6:30pm – 8:00pm!!

Wednesday- 8:00am – 6:00pm

Thursday- 8:00am – 4:00pm

Friday- 8:00am – 12:00pm

We also have a class Book Fair “Wish List” bucket at the Book Fair of books to be donated to our classroom. I got the students’ input of some of their favorite picture books that we don’t have in the classroom. Students LOVE storytime on the carpet with a good picture book! It happens to be one of my favorite times with them as well! 

-Our Tellus Museum field trip is this coming Thursday, Nov 15th. Please make sure your child wears their class t-shirt on this day! Also, please make sure they bring a larger snack that they will eat before we leave for the field trip at 9am. We will be returning later, so the students will be eating lunch much later than usual. If you are chaperoning on this field trip, please meet us at Tellus between 10am-10:15am. This is a third grade favorite field trip!!!!

-Homework for this week will consist of 20-30 minutes of reading, Weekly Reading Menu, a word problems practice, and the IXL log. A quick note about homework.. Please make sure your child is reading a nonfiction book each night for their homework. I tell them that after they complete their “job” with their nonfiction book (Weekly Reading Menu questions), they can certainly switch to their fiction chapter book that I know they love! I have conferenced and written notes on many childrens’ homework packets, where I feel they aren’t giving me their “all”. If possible, please check in with your child during the week and ask them about their responses on their sheets, to make sure they are giving thoughtful responses. I am really trying to push the students to form thoughtful and detailed sentences. Thank you for your help with this!!

-Our amazing Room Mom’s have set up a Shutterfly sign-up page for Thanksgiving Basket donations for Fair Oaks Elementary. Every year, East Side provides Thanksgiving dinners to over 100 Fair Oaks families. This is a great opportunity to teach children about gratitude and giving back. Please check our class Shutterfly page for items to bring in! Please bring items in by Wednesday!

-Our class is out of hand sanitizer. If anyone would like to donate a large container of hand sanitizer, we would be SO incredibly appreciative. It is cold and flu season, so I am very particular about making them use hand cleaner before we eat and throughout different times of the day 🙂

-This Friday is Atlanta Falcons day! If your child has any Atlanta Falcons gear, make sure they wear it on Friday!! 🙂

-Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please collect as many at home, count the total and send in a Ziploc baggy to school! We have so many already!

Units of Study for the week ahead:

Reading- We will be working with Narrative Nonfiction texts (biographies) and learning how to summarize narrative nonfiction and all about their text features. Thank you for bringing in articles last week. We are using them to continue practicing “cross text synthesis”, where the students use information from two articles on the same topic to gather information on that topic.

Writing- We are continuing to use our research on our “expert topics”. We are working towards the editing and revising phase, as we continue to “fast write” our subtopics.

Social Studies- We are continuing our new American Indian unit, learning about WHY American Indians settled in certain regions, and the natural resources in that region that were available to them. 

Orton Gillingham- We will be learning about irregular verbs.

Math- We are continuing our multiplication and division word problem practice.

Specials for the Week Ahead:

Monday- P.E.

Tuesday- Maker Space

Wednesday- STEM Lab

Thursday- No Specials.. Tellus Museum Field Trip!!

Friday- Guidance

One more week until Thanksgiving break! I will miss my favorite third graders over this week long break, but I know you guys will have the best family time! 

Have a great week,


November 5th-9th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! A huge “thank you” to Mrs. Zhang for coming to our classroom Friday morning for Breakfast with a Book, and to Mrs. Buettner for coming in for “copy parent” on Friday afternoon!

Also, another HUGE “thank you” to everyone who joined us for Fall Centers on Tuesday, and to everyone who donated their time. I would like to extend my appreciation to our amazing room moms who went ab0ve and beyond on our Fall Centers. We had so many great stations that I’m sure your kids told you all about. Thank you Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Souza!

A Few Announcements for the Week Ahead…

** NO SCHOOL this Tuesday, November 7th, as it is a teacher workday. Enjoy your day!

** Our amazing room mom’s have put a sign-up sheet on our class Shutterfly page for Thanksgiving basket donations. Every year, our school does a food drive to assist families in need at our sister school, Fair Oaks Elementary. This is one of my favorite events we do at our school, as it is truly an amazing time of the year to teach the students/your child how families near us are not as fortunate as we are. I will talk to the class about this amazing thing we are doing to help others, so please sign up to donate something for the Thanksgiving basket, to help put a Thanksgiving meal on the table for a less fortunate family. Thank you!!!! We have the baskets already in the classroom, so feel free to bring in the food donations anytime between now and November 14th. THANK YOU!!

** The homework this week will include at least 20 minutes of nightly reading, our nonfiction Weekly Reading Menu, a grammar practice on verbs, and daily math homework. I would also like your child to spend time on IXL this week. I will attach a log for 10-15 minutes of daily IXL practice!

** If you haven’t already returned your Tellus Museum permission form, please do so ASAP, as this field trip is next Thursday, the 15th!

** Our class is visiting the Book Fair on Monday, November 12th. The PTA is requesting sign-ups for Book Fair volunteers! If you want to volunteer when our class goes so you can help your child shop, we are visiting Monday afternoon (Nov. 12th) at 1:35pm. You may also meet us in the library then if you would like to help your child shop!

** We are collecting Box Tops in our classroom to turn into PTA! The class with the most Box Tops can win a class party! We already have a lot collected, but please keep them coming! If you eat anything with a “Box Top” on it, please take a second to tear it off, and put it in a baggie to send to school with your child. 

Units of Study for the Week Ahead…

Reading- We will be identifying key details in a text, and concentrating on key details versus unimportant details in a nonfiction text.

Writing- We will be working on writing chapters using different structures, and using our information and research to help guide our writing. Your child NEEDS to bring in printed information on their topic throughout this week, if they haven’t already.

Science- Your child will have their Fossils test on Wednesday, November 7th. Please ensure they have been studying at home and feel prepared.

Social Studies- We will begin studying the American Indians and why they occupied the area of land they did.

Orton Gillingham/Grammar- We will begin the week by learning about the “drop E rule”. The rule for this spelling pattern is: “if E sees a vowel, E runs away. If E sees a consonant, the E will stay!”. We will then transfer into 1-1-1 Doubling Rule. The rule for this is: 1 syllable words ending in 1 consonant after 1 vowel double the final consonant before a vowel suffix.

Math- We will be working on One-Step Multiplication Word Problems. As we work on higher level word problems for multiplication, please feel free to work on fluency drills E.1-E.8 AND F.1-F.13 on IXL!! This would greatly help them!

Specials for the Week Ahead:

Monday- Art

Tuesday- NO SCHOOL

Wednesday- P.E.

Thursday- Computer Lab

Friday- Music


Have a WONDERFUL week!


Fossils Test- Wed. 11/7

Today, your child is bringing home a Fossils Study Guide in their Communication/Homework folder. They will test over fossils on Wednesday, November 7th. I wanted to go ahead and send it home today, as we do not have school on Tuesday, and I wanted your child to have plenty of time to prepare for this assessment. Please make sure they take this out of their backpack this afternoon and at least look at it once over the weekend! 🙂

October 29th-November 2nd

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! We had a fun Friday building Spider Oreo’s with our Book Buddies, and also ended our afternoon with a fun STEM activity where the students had to create a filtration device to see which type of soil would be best to plant in!

We have a busy upcoming week! Congratulations to Matt Perez for being voted by her classmates for this month’s Student of the Month!

Are you on Twitter? Please follow our class Twitter page at @MrsTessField for classroom pictures of your child, classroom “happenings” and to see what other fun activities we are doing daily!

A few Announcements for the week ahead…

** I will be submitting this month’s Scholastic Book Orders on Tuesday, October 31st by 3pm!

** This Wednesday, October 31st we will have our Halloween Centers in class! Our wonderful room mom’s have spent a lot of time planning our centers and organizing everything. Thank you to everyone that has signed up to come in and help. We have two more volunteer slots. Please sign-up on Shutterly if you are able to help!

** For this week’s homework packet, in lieu of the “Weekly Reading Menu”, a different log will come home, where your child will spend 20-30 minutes on the website Raz Kids and some time on IXL! Our Foundation renewed our IXL!! YAY! After your child completed tasks on this website, you will sign, agreeing that they completed the assignment. On the homework packet, I will list the log-in information for each website, but I am also including it below.

IXL Login:

East Side has its own IXL page, you can get to it using the IXL graphic in our quick links menu of our school webpage.  The username is the student number and the password is 3850 for all students.  (If you are using the app, you must use the student number followed by @eses, then the password.) You will need to click on “Third Grade Skills”. Please consider bookmarking this page on your computer!

Raz Kids Login: www.raz-kids.com

Raz Kids for East Side is back up and running!!!! YAY! I will place your child’s login information for Raz Kids in the front cover of their agenda on Monday. Each child will enter my teacher code ( tfield0 ), they will then find their lunch number, and enter the picture password pasted in their agenda. Just like Epic, this reading resource is an amazing comprehension and fluency resource. We are using it daily in the classroom as apart of our Reading Workshop independent reading time. Our Foundation worked very hard for us to get this resource!

Units of Study for the Week Ahead

Reading- Reading for Significance, as we monitor our comprehension as we read. We will also be working on setting clear non-fiction reading goals.

Writing- Informational Writing Techniques and re-organizing our Table of Contents! Be sure to ask your child about their “expert writing topic”. They need to bring in printed information on their topic throughout this week, if they haven’t already.

Science- We will continue learning about fossils!

Orton Gillingham- Last week, we worked on the functions of verbs and this week, we will focus on the tenses of verbs (present, past and future).

Math- We will be working on division as “equal sharing”. As we begin to work on higher level word problems for multiplication, please feel free to work on fluency drills E.1-E.8 AND F.1-F.13 on IXL!! This would greatly help them!

Specials for the Week Ahead:

Monday- P.E.

Tuesday- Maker Space

Wednesday- STEM Lab

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Guidance

Have a great week, and please send me pictures of your child dressed up for Halloween!! 



October 22nd-26th

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I have loved this cool, fall weather this weekend! A huge “thank you” to Mrs. Ferguson (Alec’s grandmother) for coming in for Breakfast with a Book! The students had so much fun hearing their favorite stories and pumpkin muffins and cinnamon apples- yum!    

Announcements for this week…

** Please return the Tellus Museum field trip permission forms ASAP!

** Our room moms have spent so much time planning our Fall Centers activities that will happen in our class on October 31st from 12:45-2:00. They have requested 5 volunteers to help assist with the activities in the room. This is such a fun time to spend with your child! We still need additional volunteers to assist, so please sign-up on Shutterfly to help with the Fall Centers if you are able!

** I have placed a sign-up sheet on Shutterfly for Tellus Museum chaperones! Please sign up if you would like to meet our class there. This is such a FUN field trip! 🙂

** I will submit Scholastic Book Orders on Wednesday, October 31st.

** This week is Red Ribbon Week! Please see the schedule below where the specials are located, to see what your child can dress up as each day. Tomorrow is “Wear Red” day, so please have your child wear RED! 🙂

Upcoming Study of Units for the week ahead:

Reading- We will continue our non-fiction unit by working on “grasping the main idea in a non-fiction text” and teaching others about our nonfiction topics.

Writing- This week, we will continue our nonfiction “expert” topics, and will learn different writing strategies to use for nonfiction writing (pros and cons, comparing and contrasting, boxes and bullets, etc).

Orton Gillingham/Grammar– We will be learning about the functions of verbs in sentences and in our writing, and then moving on to the different tenses of verbs.

Science– We are beginning our fossils unit!

Math– Properties of Multiplication. We have learned the Commutative Property and the Associative Property of Multiplication and now will be learning the Distributive Property of Multiplication.


Specials for the week ahead:

Monday- Guidance (Wear something RED day!)

Tuesday- Art  (Use your head & make good choices- crazy hair or crazy hat & socks day!)

Wednesday- P.E. (School Spirit Day- wear East Side spirit wear!)

Thursday- Computer Lab (Team Up Against Bullying- wear your favorite team shirt!)

Friday- Music (Be Someone’s Hero- dress up as your favorite superhero!)


Have a great week!! 🙂


October 15th-19th

I hope everyone had a great weekend! A huge “thank you” to Mrs. Wang for joining us for Breakfast with a Book on Friday. 

Conference Week is here!  You should get a reminder email from SignUp Genius of your conference day/time.  If you have any questions or need to verify your conference information, please check out the SignUp Genius site or send me an email. I also sent home a reminder slip of your conference time last week. I am looking forward to talking to each of you and I know how quickly our 20 minute time will go by. Please make sure you arrive early for your conference, as the parking lot will be very crowded each day!

** Because of Conference Week, we will be dismissing school at 12:30 everyday this week.  Please be mindful that there is NO After School Enrichment next week, and please make sure your child knows how they will go home each day and brings a note with them to school of their dismissal plans!

** East Side’s PTA’s biggest event of the year, our Fall Festival is this coming Friday, October 19th from 5:30-9:30PM! We will have more rides, more games and more inflatables than ever before! Please visit the Fall Festival page for more details. You can login and purchase a wristband online until Tuesday! Wristbands will then be sold at school after Tuesday. I hope to see many of you there!

** Be on the look out for Mrs. Field’s Teacher Auction donation to our Foundation! Two lucky winners from our class will join Mrs. Field for a fun afternoon of Half Price Books shopping for your child, and a yummy treat from Starbucks afterwards! 🙂 You may bid online here, or bid AT the Fall Festival. As a teacher, it is so much fun to spend time with your students outside of the school. This is truly a fun memory your child will LOVE! 

** I will be submitting Scholastic Book Orders on Tuesday, October 31st. Most students reached a new reading level last week as we ended the first grading period, so this would be a great time to get new books on their new level! I am so proud of all of the hard work the students have done with reading this year! We have been working HARD! 

** Tomorrow, in Monday folders, your child will receive a new 2nd Quarter Progress Report. Just like the first one, please sign every Monday and return to school the following day. We will keep this sheet until December. Also in tomorrow’s folders, you will receive a payment form and envelope for your child’s recorders for music! Please fill out and bring back to school.

As we began our 2nd quarter last week, this week we are working on the following topics:

Reading- Comprehension skills for nonfiction texts. The students are so excited to begin our work for nonfiction reading!

Writing- Informational Writing. They are choosing a topic they know a lot about, and we will study this topic throughout the quarter.

Science- Weathering and Erosion

Math- Multiplication and Division within 1,000


Monday- Music

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Maker Space

Thursday- STEM Lab

Friday- P.E.


See you at your conference time!

Tess Field