Field Trip TOMORROW!

Reminder: We will be visiting the Tellus Museum tomorrow. Please make sure your child wears their class t-shirt. This is very important for tomorrow’s field trip! Also, we won’t be eating lunch until we return from the Museum, so please pack your child a large snack that they will eat before we depart at 9:00am. Thank you!!

Book Fair News from Mrs. Alexander

Tonight is East Side’s Book Fair Family Night from 6:00pm-8:00pm! Please join us for a surprise Mystery Reader…. I wonder who it is???? Ah! The Book Fair accepts cash and credit cards (no checks).

If you aren’t able to make it to the Book Fair, you can also shop online at East Side’s Book Fair page. It is open through the Thanksgiving break & has a much wider selection than we have at the actual book fair!

Nov. 20th-24th

Happy Sunday! We had such a nice week in third grade last week. Our Veteran’s Day Parade turned out wonderfully- so thank you for dressing your child in red, white and blue, and for bringing in small flags!

Announcements for the week ahead:

-The Book Fair begins tomorrow! Our class will go downstairs and visit the Book Fair TOMORROW, Monday, November 13th from 8:35am-8:55am. You are more than welcome to meet our class in the media center tomorrow at 8:30am to shop with your child! If you can’t make it, you can certainly bring in cash with your child, and I can help them shop! The Book Fair’s hours are posted below, as you can visit anytime this week before or after school!

Monday- 7:30am – 6:00pm

Tuesday- 7:30am – 2:30pm THEN Family Night from 6:00pm – 8:00pm!!

Wednesday- 7:30am – 2:30pm

Thursday- 7:30am – 2:30pm

We also have a class Book Fair “Wish List” online for books to be donated to our classroom. I got the students’ input of some of their favorite picture books that we don’t have in the classroom. Students LOVE storytime on the carpet with a good picture book! It happens to be one of my favorite times with them as well! They also have a small stand at the Book Fair with our class’s wish list items in a envelope, if you would like to purchase AT the Book Fair.

-Our Tellus Museum field trip is this coming Thursday, Nov 16th. Please make sure your child wears their class t-shirt on this day! Also, please make sure they bring a larger snack that they will eat before we leave for the field trip at 9am. We will be returning later, so the students will be eating lunch much later than usual. If you are chaperoning on this field trip, please meet us at Tellus between 10am-10:15am. This is a third grade favorite field trip!!!!

-Homework for this week will consist of 20-30 minutes of reading, Weekly Reading Menu, a word problems practice, and the IXL log. A quick note about homework.. Please make sure your child is reading a nonfiction book each night for their homework. I tell them that after they complete their “job” with their nonfiction book (Weekly Reading Menu questions), they can certainly switch to their fiction chapter book that I know they love! I would also like to ask parents to make sure your child is answering thoroughly to all Weekly Reading Menu questions. I have conferenced and written notes on many childrens’ homework packets, where I feel they aren’t giving me their “all”. If possible, please check in with your child during the week and ask them about their responses on their sheets, to make sure they are giving thoughtful responses. I understand the Weekly Reading Menu is NOT a child’s favorite thing to do, but we make it fun in the classroom, and I truly believe it helps reinforce answering reading questions in writing. That is a third grade weakness overall, and I am really trying to push the students forming thoughtful and detailed sentences. Thank you for your help with this!!

-Our amazing Room Mom’s have set up a Shutterfly sign-up page for Thanksgiving Basket donations for Fair Oaks Elementary. Every year, East Side provides Thanksgiving dinners to over 100 Fair Oaks families. This is a great opportunity to teach children about gratitude and giving back. Please check our class Shutterfly page for items to bring in! Please bring items in by Wednesday!

-Our class is continuing to collect Box Tops! Please collect as many at home, count the total and send in a Ziploc baggy to school! We have so many already!

Units of Study for the week ahead:

Reading- We will be working with Narrative Nonfiction texts (biographies) and learning how to summarize narrative nonfiction and all about their text features. Thank you for bringing in articles last week. We are using them to continue practicing “cross text synthesis”, where the students use information from two articles on the same topic to gather information on that topic.

Writing- We are continuing to use our research on our “expert topics”. We are working towards the editing and revising phase, as we continue to “fast write” our subtopics.

Social Studies- European Explorers during the “Age of Discovery”. We finished Christopher Columbus last week and began Henry Hudson, then will work on John Cabot.

Orton Gillingham- We are continuing with our “rabbit” and “reptile” word patterns!

Math- We are continuing our multiplication and division word problem practice and will learn strategies for solving Multiplication words problems with “multiples of 10” strategies. We will have a quick check up on this

Specials for the Week Ahead:

Monday- Guidance

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Math Lab

Thursday- No Specials.. Tellus Museum Field Trip!!

Friday- P.E.

One more week until Thanksgiving break! I will miss my favorite third graders over this week long break, but I know you guys will have the best family time! 🙂

Have a great week,



Lunch Plans Today

East Side is having our Science Fair today, which takes place in the cafeteria. Because of this, we will be eating sack lunches in the classroom. For this reason, we cannot have lunch visitors today, as we are eating in the classroom. I wanted to go ahead and let you know in case anyone was planning to come and eat lunch with your child… Sorry for this inconvenience! Thanks!

Veteran’s Day Mini Flags Needed

On Friday, November 10th, we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day at East Side! Each class will go outside to watch the Veteran’s Day parade. If you would like to purchase a small miniature American flag for your child to hold during the parade, please feel free to bring one in! East Side has over 100 Veteran’s attending Friday morning for the parade, so we are trying to be as patriotic as possible! 🙂 We will also color American flags Friday morning, if your child isn’t able to bring in a small flag. Also, please encourage your child to wear patriotic clothing (red, white and blue) on Friday! 🙂

Nov. 6th – 10th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! A huge “thank you” to Mrs. James for coming to our classroom Friday morning for Breakfast with a Book, and to Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Horton and Mrs. Tabeling for joining us on Friday for Adventures in Art on “cave art”! The students loved it!

Also, another HUGE “thank you” to everyone who joined us for Fall Centers on Tuesday, and to everyone who donated donations or their time. I would like to extend my appreciation to our amazing room moms who went ab0ve and beyond on our Fall Centers. We had so many great stations that I’m sure your kids told you all about. Thank you Mrs. Tabeling, Mrs. Stannard, and Mrs. Snyder!!

A few Announcements for the week ahead…

** NO SCHOOL this Tuesday, November 7th, as it is a teacher workday. Enjoy your day!

** The homework this week will include at least 20 minutes of nightly reading, our nonfiction Weekly Reading Menu, a grammar practice on verb tenses, and a log for 10-15 minutes of DAILY IXL practice.

** If you haven’t already returned your Tellus Museum permission form, please do so ASAP, as this field trip is next Thursday, the 16th!

** Our class is visiting the Book Fair on Monday, November 13th. The PTA is requesting sign-ups for Book Fair volunteers! If you want to volunteer when our class goes so you can help your child shop, we are first thing Monday morning at 8:35 🙂 See the information below on volunteer information from PTA!

East Side PTA’s fall book fair is coming to the Learning Commons (formerly the media center) Nov. 13-17. The theme this year is Wild West! Saddle Up and Read! We need volunteers to help set up, act as cashiers, bring goodies and break down after the event. The Learning Commons will keep a portion of the sales to buy additional resources for our students. Please help out by signing up for a shift here.…

** We are collecting Box Tops in our classroom to turn into PTA! The class with the most Box Tops can win a class party! We already have a lot collected, but please keep them coming! If you eat anything with a “Box Top” on it, please take a second to tear it off, and put it in a baggie to send to school with your child. 

** The school Science Fair is this Thursday, November 9th. If your child is participating in the Science Fair and would like to submit a project entry, please visit the PTA website for additional information.

PTA Announcements…

**Order Your East Side Yearbook Today- Your child’s yearbook celebrates a year of fabulous memories at East Side Elementary. To order, log in to the PTA website. If you don’t have an account, log in here and create one. You must include your child’s name along with the teacher’s name when setting up your account in order to see the option to purchase a yearbook when you go to the shop tab. Once on the site, go to “Shop” and select “Yearbook.” You will see an “Order Here!” option in the middle of the page. Yearbooks will be distributed in May. For questions, please email [email protected].

**Make a Difference This Thanksgiving- Each year, the PTA’s Community Outreach Committee runs a food drive to provide Thanksgiving dinners to more than 100 needy families at our sister school, Fair Oaks Elementary. In coming days, your classroom representatives will be reaching out to ask for donations of Thanksgiving dinner items such as chicken broth, gravy, cranberry sauce and Kroger gift cards. Kids should bring the items to their teachers until Nov. 15. This is a great opportunity to teach children about gratitude and giving back. If you have any questions, or want to pitch in, email [email protected].

** East Side Elementary is proud to support the Kiwanis Circle K Club of Kennesaw State University and Georgia Highlands Paulding Campus to promote the America Reads program this year.  America Reads Initiative is a federal program that allows KSU and GHC work study students to tutor elementary and middle school students in Paulding and surrounding counties who are in need.  Please consider donating a gently used or new book, but please don’t put your child’s name in it.  A note of encouragement about the joys of reading that is slipped between the pages of a book is most welcome.  The book drive will run until November 30th.  Boxes are placed by the cafeteria and gym doors.

Units of Study for the Week Ahead…

Reading- Identifying key details in a text, and concentrating on key details versus unimportant details in a nonfiction text.

Writing- Writing chapters using different structures, and using our information and research to help guide our writing. Your child NEEDS to bring in printed information on their topic throughout this week, if they haven’t already.

Social Studies- European Explorers during the “Age of Discovery”

Orton Gillingham/Grammar- We will begin the week by learning about Verb Tenses (past, present, future), and towards the end of the week begin our study on “rabbit” words. A “rabbit” word is when you have a word with two short vowels followed by consonants. The word “rabbit” for instance is VCCV (rab \ bit) with two short vowels in between the consonants.

Math- We will be working on One-Step Multiplication Word Problems. As we work on higher level word problems for multiplication, please feel free to work on fluency drills E.1-E.8 AND F.1-F.13 on IXL!! This would greatly help them!

Specials for the Week Ahead:

Monday- Computer

Tuesday- NO SCHOOL

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- Science Lab

Have a WONDERFUL week!


IOWA and CogAT Scores

November 3rd:

HAPPY FRIDAY! IOWA and CogAT scores are coming home today! Yippee! Please check your child’s Communication Folder for the scores in a white envelope.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Oct. 30th-Nov. 3rd

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 🙂 We enjoyed Breakfast with a Book on Friday with JT’s mom, Mrs. Stimac! The students loved hearing Halloween stories and enjoying muffins, cinnamon rolls and yogurt! We also completed a M&M sort with our kindergarten Book Buddies on Friday. We loved seeing third graders and kindergartners sorting M&M’s dressed as Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and others for Superhero Day!

We have a busy upcoming week! Congratulations to Maggie Tabeling for being voted by her classmates for this month’s Student of the Month!

Are you on Twitter? Please follow our class Twitter page at @MrsTessField for classroom pictures of your child, classroom “happenings” and to see what other fun activities we are doing daily!

A few Announcements for the week ahead…

** In tomorrow’s Monday folders, you will find a permission form and payment envelope coming home for our field trip to Tellus Museum! This field trip is a third grade favorite, that supports our studies on rock and minerals and fossils! Please sign and send back at your earliest convenience.

** I will be submitting this month’s Scholastic Book Orders on Tuesday, October 31st by 3pm!

** For this week’s homework packet, in lieu of the “Weekly Reading Menu”, a different log will come home, where your child will spend 20-30 minutes on the website Raz Kids, the app “Epic!”, and some time on IXL! Our Foundation renewed our IXL!! YAY! After your child completed tasks on this website, you will sign, agreeing that they completed the assignment. On the homework packet, I will list the log-in information for each website, but I am also including it below.

IXL Login:

East Side has its own IXL page, you can get to it using the IXL graphic in our quick links menu of our school webpage.  The username is the student number and the password is 3850 for all students.  (If you are using the app, you must use the student number followed by @eses, then the password.) You will need to click on “Third Grade Skills”. Please consider bookmarking this page on your computer!

Epic App Login:    Image result for epic reading app

This is a reading resource app that is free for teachers! Under my account, I have set each child up with their own avatar. Because this is only free to teachers, I am giving my login information, if you want to download the app at home and use. The students were OBSESSED over it last week. They can set “book preferences”, you can enter their reading level, and they have tons and tons of books they can choose to read from (both fiction and non-fiction). After they read the books, they can answer comprehension questions.  If you have access to this app, I HIGHLY suggest downloading this for your student in my class. We will use it daily in the classroom, so it is a wonderful way to reinforce comprehension and fluency skills. This app also reads aloud to the student, if you want it to! It’s awesome!

Login- [email protected]

Password- eastside

Once your student has logged into the Epic app using the information above, they will find their name and avatar and READ! 🙂

Raz Kids Login:

Raz Kids for East Side is back up and running!!!! YAY! I placed your child’s login information for Raz Kids in the front cover of their agenda. Each child will enter my teacher code ( tfield0 ), they will then find their lunch number, and enter the picture password pasted in their agenda. Just like Epic, this reading resource is an amazing comprehension and fluency resource. We are using it daily in the classroom as apart of our Reading Workshop independent reading time. Our Foundation worked very hard for us to get this resource!

** In addition to this week’s homework, please ensure your child is studying for their Fossils assessment that will be on Thursday, November 2nd. A study guide went home in your child’s homework folder this past Friday! We enjoyed completing two fossils experiment in the class, to further understand how fossils are made, and the steps to a fossil creation.

** This Tuesday, October 31st we will have our Halloween Centers in class! Our wonderful room mom’s have spent a lot of time planning our centers and organizing everything. Thank you to everyone that bought donations for the celebration. Feel free to send those in this week before Tuesday!

Units of Study for the Week Ahead…

Reading- Reading for Significance, as we monitor our comprehension as we read. We will also be working on setting clear non-fiction reading goals.

Writing- Informational Writing Techniques and re-organizing our Table of Contents! Be sure to ask your child about their “expert writing topic” 🙂 They need to bring in printed information on their topic throughout this week, if they haven’t already.

Science- A Fossils study guide went home Friday. The students will test on Thursday, November 2nd.

Social Studies- European Explorers during the “Age of Discovery”

Orton Gillingham- Last week, we had our dictation on “long and short vowels”. This week, we will begin learning about the “floss rule” and moving towards “rabbit” words!

Math- We will test over the Commutative and Associative Properties and will work towards the Distributive Property. Towards the middle/end of the week, we will be working on One-Step Multiplication Word Problems. As we work on higher level word problems for multiplication, please feel free to work on fluency drills E.1-E.8 AND F.1-F.13 on IXL!! This would greatly help them!

Specials for the Week Ahead:

Monday- Guidance

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Math Lab

Thursday- Art

Friday- P.E.

Have a great week, and please send me pictures of your child dressed up for Halloween!! 🙂


October 23rd-27th

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I have loved this cool, fall weather this weekend! A huge “thank you” to Mrs. Johnson (Lynnsey’s mom) for coming in for Breakfast with a Book! The students had so much fun hearing their favorite stories and eating homemade Chex Mix- yum!


Announcements for this week…

** I will submit Scholastic Book Orders on Tuesday, October 31st.

** This week is Red Ribbon Week! Please see the schedule below where the specials are located, to see what your child can dress up as each day. Tomorrow is School Spirit Wear day! Have your child wear their favorite East Side shirt!

** We are so fortunate here at East Side and have more than enough supplies for our STEM projects. We want the students at Brumby Elementary to experience STEM without limitations. This month each grade level team will be in charge of collecting specific items for Brumby’s STEM. Please send in the following items through October 31st! Thank you in advance for your support!!! Items 3rd grade is collecting are: various sizes of metal washers, bobby pins, boxes (bar soap, toothpaste, baking soda), lifesavers candies.

** We have a wonderful East Side volunteer who has spent time organizing all of our grade-level STEM closets. She has also spent time organizing our school’s Lost and Found. If you have time and you know your child is missing something, please take time to visit our new and improved Lost and Found to search through the items.

** If you haven’t already, please return the Music Recorder payment and permission form ASAP. Our third graders will begin playing recorders soon!

** Just a reminder that Book Boxes are due on Friday, October 27th! Please e-mail me if you have any questions regarding this project. Your child’s homework this week will be shortened due to this project!

Upcoming Study of Units for the week ahead:

Reading- We will continue our non-fiction unit by working on “grasping the main idea in a non-fiction text” and teaching others about our nonfiction topics.

Writing- This week, we will continue our nonfiction “expert” topics, and will learn different writing strategies to use for nonfiction writing (pros and cons, comparing and contrasting, boxes and bullets, etc).

Orton Gillingham- We will review our open and closed syllables, and move towards our “floss” rule. When a /f/, /l/ /s/ (or /z/) is heard after a short vowel at the end of a one-syllable word, it is spelled with a double “ff”, “ll”, “ss” or “zz”.

Science- We are beginning our fossils unit!

Math- Properties of Multiplication. We have learned the Commutative Property, and will now be learning about the Associative Property of Multiplication and the Distributive Property of Multiplication.

Specials for the week ahead:

Monday- P.E. (School Spirit Day- wear East Side spirit wear!)

Tuesday- Computer Lab (Peace out to bullies- wear peace sign or tye-dye clothing)

Wednesday- Music (Team Up Against Bullying- wear your favorite team shirt!)

Thursday- P.E. (Use your head & make good choices- crazy hair or crazy hat day!)

Friday- Science Lab (Promote good character- dress up as your favorite superhero!)


Have a wonderful week! 🙂


Warm Fuzzy Celebration Tomorrow!

We have FINALLY filled our first bucket of “warm fuzzies”. Each day, the class earns “warm fuzzies” for praise, compliments, role model behavior, and being a good classmate. Once we filled our warm fuzzy bucket on Monday, we voted on a classroom celebration. The class chose electronic day! Tomorrow, Friday, October 20th, your child may bring a small electronic device to school, and we will enjoy a little time to play games with each other!!! Please remind your child their electronic device has to remain in their backpack until they step in the classroom. They cannot use these devices on the bus.

The students are so excited to celebrate such wonderful behavior, teamwork and hard work on our academics throughout the past 11 weeks! I could not be more proud of each student. They have worked SO hard.