Week 18: 4/23

ECE1: We will continue to work on our daycare centers. On Friday we will present these daycares to a panel of “parents”.


Create philosophy for daycare


Create budget for daycare


Create schedule and example activities


Write and practice presentations




ECE2: We will work with Ms. Garcia’s class this week and create physical education lessons to implement with her class.

Monday: Research strategies for teaching gross motor skills

Tuesday: Create lesson plans for Ms. Garcia’s class lesson-plan-sheet

Cooking: Food pyramid graph: BRING INGREDIENTS

Wednesday: Create activities for PE lessons pe-in-special-education

Thursday: Teach lessons to Ms. Garcia’s class

Friday: Cooking: Saftey in the kitchen lesson: BRING INGREDIENTS

ECE: Week 13: 3/25/18

It’s going to be a great week! Here’s what’s coming up:

Interns: We continue our EOPA review during Hoya Block.

Try these activities: (Copy and paste in browser)





ECE1:  We will learn about various educational theorists and their impact on the classroom:

ECE1wk 13LP-139azdn


Take a look at this video with students from  the Ron Clark Academy using song and movement to bring their math lessons to life:


ECE2:  ECE2Week13LP-15kt7in


We will look at food and meal planning:


ECE: Week 11: 2/11

It’s going to be a great week! We continue to learn about students with special needs in both classes. ECE1 will also begin to learn about the physical, social and emotional growth of toddlers. ECE 2 will learn about safe food handling and will begin to plan Fall activities for Ms. Garcia’s class.

ECE1: ECE1-Week-11-Lesson-plans–10czwiz

ECE2: ECE2-Week-11-Lesson-plan-11k10as


ECE2: Check out this video on safe food handling:

ECE: Week 9: 2/25

We will have an FCCLA Meeting THIS THURSDAY at 3:30. Looking forward to seeing all of our members!!!

Both classes will begin studying the teaching of students with special needs. We will learn the laws that ensure all students get equal access to education and strategies to help these students learn.

Here’s the plan:

ECE1:      ece1-week-9-2017

ECE2:      ECE2-Week-9-2017-1dy1b07


Try this quiz to see how knowledgeable you are about Special Education laws:



We will watch this video in class. What are the 3 biggest challenges that you see for a special needs teacher?

ECE: Week 8: 2/18


 baby laughing falling asian spring break GIF
Stay Strong, Winter Break is almost here!!!


Here’s what’s coming up:


ECE1: Tying up loose ends: We will do our baby budgets and baby care rotations.



ECE2: 3rd period will be implement Winter lessons with an emphasis on sequencing. We continue to study nutrition and how it impacts young children. The Super Foods presentations have been awesome!


ECE Week 7: Week of 2/11

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

ECE1:   We finished our Egg Baby social experiment. Many babies did not survive the week… so sad…

We will now begin to learn how different cultures approach child rearing and education.



ECE2:   We begin our Super Foods presentations on Monday. We continue our nutrition unit.



Check out this video on Choose My Plate dietary guidelines: