Week 17: 12/5

Here’s what’s going on this week:




Monday:  We will take notes on educational theorists: educational-theorists


Tuesday: Educational theorist scavenger hunt educational-theorist-scavenger-hunt


Wednesday: We will begin to look at daycare in America. We will use this sheet to find the top 5 daycares in our area: top-5-daycare-centers


Thursday: Design a daycare: We will go to media center to create our daycares


Friday: Create poster/ flyer and “sales-pitch” for daycare



We will take notes on communicable diseases: communicable-diseases


We will begin to research the different communicable diseases that effect children and create an ABC book of Communicable diseases. abc-book-for-children

Wednesday:  Continue to work on ABC book of communicable diseases

Thursday: Communicable Disease quiz

Friday: Watch Outbreak: outbreakname

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