ECE: Week 5: Week of 8/28

In case you missed it:

This is one of my favorite weeks in ECE1: BABIES!!! and ECE2: Healthy Eating!!! Here’s what’s coming up:

ECE1: You will need to have all of your supplies for Egg Babies here by Thursday 8/31


ECE2: We continue to look at the American diet and how it impacts children.


Check out this video on suggestions for feeding a baby healthy foods and be ready: you are going to plan meals for an entire week for a 12 month old!

ECE: Week 4: Week of 8/21

It’s hard to believe we are in our 4th week of school! It’s been awesome, and I love the enthusiasm everyone is bringing to class! Here’s what’s coming up:



ECE1: We have begun to look at issues taht impact children. We are learning about dysfunctional and functional families and what positively and negatively impacts a child’s growth and development.

ECE1 week 4 2017-unms4e


ECE2:  We are learning about students with special needs and how to best teach these students.

ece2 week 4 2017-1c47n1q


Here is the Open House PowerPoint I will share, in case anyone missed it:


Open House 2017-1vq92m6


We will play this Jeopardy game to review special education laws: (copy and paste address)


ECE: Week 3: Week of 8/14

Don’t forget our PTA Open House is Thursday, August 24!

FCCLA sign ups will begin this week. Our first meeting will be 8/31!!! Looking forward to doing great things!

Here’s what’s coming up next week:

ECE1: We will continue to work on our career paths: ECE1 week 3

ECE2: Don’t forget to bring in your ingredients for our cooking lab. Here’s the plan: ECE 2 week 3


ECE1 students, check out this video about choosing a career:

ECE: Week 2: Week of 8/7

Well, we’re off to a great start. ECE2 had their first cooking assignment and there were no huge catastrophes. ECE1 is getting to know their inner selves and deciding career paths that might interest them. Here’s what’s coming up:


ECE1: Weekly-Lesson-Plans-ECE1-Week-2-1-12pnqi9

ECE2: ECE2-Week2 2016


Check out this great video about the importance of early childhood education. If you write a brief description of it and turn it in to me, you will receive 10 bonus points!!! (Due no later than 8/20)