ECE: Week 8: 9/18/17


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Stay Strong, Fall Break is almost here!!!


Here’s what’s coming up:


ECE1: The hurricane set us back a few days. I had hopes to finish our Egg Baby project before Fall Break; however, they will have to be due on the Tuesday after Fall Break. If you are behind on assignments, it would be to your benefit to work on things before we return.



ECE2: 3rd period will be implement Fall lessons with an emphasis on sequencing. We continue to study nutrition and how it impacts young children. The Super Foods presentations have been awesome!


ECE Week 7: Week of 9/11

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Let’s NEVER Forget!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

ECE1:   We finished our Egg Baby social experiment. Many babies did not survive the week… so sad…

We will now begin to learn how different cultures approach child rearing and education.



ECE2:   We begin our Super Foods presentations on Monday. We continue our nutrition unit.



Check out this video on Choose My Plate dietary guidelines:





ECE Week 6: Week of 9/4

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Here’s what’s coming up:

ECE1: Egg babies!!! Make sure you are being responsible and taking great care of your babies! We will design rooms and create budgets for our bundles of joy.




ECE2: Great job on your community workers lessons with Ms. Garcia’s class! We begin to plan our Super Foods lessons. You will prepare and implement a lesson on your Super Food.