ECE: Week 4: Week of 1/21

ECE 1 students preparing items for Haitian orphanages


It’s hard to believe we are in our 4th week of school! It’s been awesome, and I love the enthusiasm everyone is bringing to class! Here’s what’s coming up:



ECE1: We have begun to look at issues that impact children. We are learning about dysfunctional and functional families and what positively and negatively impacts a child’s growth and development.

ECE1 week 4 2017-unms4e


ECE2:  We are learning about students with special needs and how to best teach these students.

ece2 week 4 2017-1c47n1q


Here is the Open House PowerPoint I will share, in case anyone missed it:


Open House 2017-1vq92m6


We will play this Jeopardy game to review special education laws: (copy and paste address)


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