ECE: Week 9: 10/2

Our first FCCLA Meeting will be THIS THURSDAY at 3:30. Looking forward to seeing all of our new members!!!

Both classes will begin studying the teaching of students with special needs. We will learn the laws that ensure all students get equal access to education and strategies to help these students learn.

Here’s the plan:

ECE1:      ece1-week-9-2017

ECE2:      ECE2-Week-9-2017-1dy1b07


Try this quiz to see how knowledgeable you are about Special Education laws:


We will watch this video in class. What are the 3 biggest challenges that you see for a special needs teacher?

ECE: Week 8: 9/18/17


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Stay Strong, Fall Break is almost here!!!


Here’s what’s coming up:


ECE1: The hurricane set us back a few days. I had hopes to finish our Egg Baby project before Fall Break; however, they will have to be due on the Tuesday after Fall Break. If you are behind on assignments, it would be to your benefit to work on things before we return.



ECE2: 3rd period will be implement Fall lessons with an emphasis on sequencing. We continue to study nutrition and how it impacts young children. The Super Foods presentations have been awesome!


ECE Week 7: Week of 9/11

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Let’s NEVER Forget!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

ECE1:   We finished our Egg Baby social experiment. Many babies did not survive the week… so sad…

We will now begin to learn how different cultures approach child rearing and education.



ECE2:   We begin our Super Foods presentations on Monday. We continue our nutrition unit.



Check out this video on Choose My Plate dietary guidelines:





ECE Week 6: Week of 9/4

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Here’s what’s coming up:

ECE1: Egg babies!!! Make sure you are being responsible and taking great care of your babies! We will design rooms and create budgets for our bundles of joy.




ECE2: Great job on your community workers lessons with Ms. Garcia’s class! We begin to plan our Super Foods lessons. You will prepare and implement a lesson on your Super Food.



Week 16: 5/8

Wow, it’s hard to believe there’s just a few weeks left in the semester. We have much to do!!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:


This week we will develop lesson plans for special needs students. We will create these lessons and our special needs students will come to our class and rotate through our activities.


We will also begin to study how poverty effects young children.


Issues parents/ babies face in poverty


 Research different aspects of poverty


 Create PowerPoint and class lesson on these issues


 Present PowerPoint


Present PowerPoint

Here is a chart on poverty in America:




We will begin to study diseases and how they effect children.


Topic: Diabetes: We will learn about issues facing Type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients.


We will create a menu for a diabetic child


We will prepare a meal suitable for a diabetic child.


Asthma: We will look at statistics/ treatments and impact this disease has on school age children


Types of cancer that impact children: We will look at statistics/ treatments and impact this disease has on school age children

Check out this video about a child with cancer:


Welcome Back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I am so excited for 2017 Spring Semester. This week we will be getting to know each other and learning classroom rules and procedures. Everyone will receive a syllabus and required paperwork.




ECE1 Syllabus: ECE1 Syllabus

ECE2 Syllabus: ECE2 Syllabus

Internship: internship portfolio



Here is a little about myself:

This is my sixth year at Harrison and my 25th year in Cobb County. (Time flies when you are having fun!!) I taught elementary school for 19 years, PE at Harrison, and now I am teaching Early Childhood Education classes. I also coach JV soccer at Harrison. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity. I love what I do and want to inspire Harrison’s students to work hard, learn much and make a difference in the world.

On a personal note, I have been married for 29 years to Chris Tanner and have two “kids”. My daughter, Audrey, graduated from Harrison last year and is attending the University of North Alabama to play soccer. My son, Andrew, is a senior at Emmanuel College where he plays soccer. We are a big soccer family and love the outdoors: fishing, kayaking, hiking…

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Mrs. Tanner: Sophomore: Belaire High School: Baton Rouge, LA

Final Post of Fall Semester!


We will begin to review for the final exam. You will complete this packet in class. It is due on Friday. I will check them and give them to you on Monday to study for final:




We will begin to review for the final exam. You will complete this packet in class. It is due on Friday. I will check them and give them to you on Monday to study for final:



RISE Finals:


Exam/Reflection– 20% of you grade (final exam) (NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED): Due on/before deadline. You report to your school on our exam days for their celebrations. I am happy to edit/review your work prior to the due date.

Focus on one to three students during the semester. Your final exam will be a reflection, writing about your teaching relationship with this one student or this small group of students.


  • Your daily activities
  • The student struggles and accomplishments
  • Particular lesson(s) or activity with which you helped the student(s)
  • How you helped facilitate the lesson or activity
  • Teacher instructional strategies: small groups, collaboration, cooperative groups, etc.
  • Your use of technology with the student(s)
  • Did the student(s) find success with the lesson? How do you know?
  • Additional comments, reflections


You will need to turn in your portfolios on or before your final exam day.