Week 3 Economics: 10/16 – 10/20


  • Monday-
    • Complete the section reviews for chapter 4.  Main ideas and terms only.  This is due at the beginning of class Monday.
    • Mutual fund search activity following the test.
      • You have $10,000.  Find 4 mutual funds you’d like to invest in and list which ones. Just search the web and start finding out what’s out there. Summarize why you invested in each.  Use Dave’s Investing Advice to choose 4 categories of funds.
      • You can use any fund finder or company you’d like.  Here’s a simple one.
      • Fill this out by tomorrow at the beginning of class. https://goo.gl/forms/1HSH0eLCdmtb3Gct1
    • Economics-Ch 5 Notes-Use this PowerPoint to begin filling in the blanks at your pace.
  • Tuesday-
    • Economics Ch 6 Notes
    • Economovie-Student connections with a favorite film.
  • Wednesday-
    • Stossell-Price Floors & Ceilings-Lab work.
    • Price Floors & Ceilings-Crash Course
    • Price Floors-ACDC
    • Create 4 slides in Google Slides highlighting a book or movie that illustrates Microeconomics.  You should include
      • A title slide with your name, a picture from/of book or movie
      • You should then include 12 terms from the Ch 4/5/6 reviews and how they apply in the movie.  This is a group edit.  Don’t mess up other people’s.  We’ll present these tomorrow in class.  They should be updated before class begins.
      • Click here to get to the PowerPoint.  You’ll have to use Google to get in.
      • 2nd period click here
    • Test Review-USATestPrep signup
    • Excellent site for test and http://www.econedlink.org/virtual-economics/?topic=Microeconomics
    • Go to USA Test Prep-http://www.usatestprep.com/Member-Login
    • School code is harrisonga
    • Login is: newton91
    • Create your own account if you don’t have one and go to the ECONOMICS small test.  See how you do!
    • Select the 1st Coach Crump you come to.  Select my class.
    • You should have a series of assignments set up under my class. Right now there is one assignment.  You need to have the first assignment done by Friday when class begins.
    • If you don’t have a password/login see the media specialists.
  • Thursday-
    • Present your Microeconomics movie afterwards.
  • Friday-
    • DR. Ch. 3
    • When done begin USATestPrep Unit 1 and Unit 2 reviews.  This is a series of questions that will help you review the first few weeks.  These should be completed before class on Monday.  Go to our class on USATestPrep and the assignments are in order.

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